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  • Target your message to consumers concerned about their health.
  • Link your display ad directly to your URL or email address.
  • Schedule your display ad campaign to run in thirty-day increments.

Online Ad Rates (per month)

Banner Location & Size




Zone 1 - 468x60
Top right (rectangle)




Zone 1 - 468x90
Top right (rectangle)




Zone 2 - 120x600
Right Column (skyscraper)




Zone 2 - 125x600
Right Column (skyscraper)




Zone 2 - 160x600
Right Column (skyscraper)




Zone 3 - 728x60
Bottom Center (leaderboard)




Zone 3 - 728x90
Bottom Center (leaderboard)




Terms and Conditions
  • Banner advertising is open to businesses, organizations, and individuals who provide products and services that are related to the health of consumers.
  • All ads must be pre-approved. Publisher reserves the right to reject ads not suitable for our visitors. Use the form below to send your ad copy.
  • Orders must be prepaid. We accept check, money order or PayPal.
  • Full payment is required for campaigns that you discontinue after the campaign has begun.
  • Images are served from your server so that you can keep accurate track of impressions.
  • While we are not able to guarantee an exact number of impressions, we are happy to provide you with those statistics upon request.
  • Ads are posted immediately upon successful completion of payment.
Use the form below to send your ad for consideration. Please specify what zone you want, the size of your ad and how many months you want the ad to run.

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This is Zone 3: This space is used for leaderboard ads up to 728 by 90

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