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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

Over the counter cold meds
My son is currently in drug court for alcohol and has been sober for a year now. He only has six more months in drug ct but now has a head cold. Are there any over the counter cold meds he can take? I did buy a saline nasal spray (Ayr nasal spray) as I haven't seen anything negative for that. Any help would be appreciated.

AskDocWeb: Avoiding medications that contain alcohol is a problem for many people in your son's situation so we put together the following list of meds that do NOT contain alcohol. It is sorted by "use" so that all the cough meds, etc. are grouped together.

Liquiprin Drops Elixir analgesic Norcliff Thayer
Chloraseptic Liquid anesthetic Richardson-Vicks
Maalox Suspension antacid Rorer
Mylanta Liquid antacid Stuart
Pepto-Bismol antacid Procter & Gamble
Proventil Syrup antiasthmatic Schering
Slo-Phyllin Syrup antiasthmatic Roer
Theolair Liquid antiasthmatic 3M Riker
Theolair-Plus Liquid antiasthmatic 3M Riker
Sumycin Syrup antibiotic Squibb
Mysoline Suspension anticonvulsant Wyeth-Ayerst
Sinequan Oral Concentrate antidepressant Roerig
Kaopecate anti-diarrheal Upjohn
Pepto-Bismol anti-diarrheal Procter & Gamble
Pepto-Bismol antigas Procter & Gamble
Periactin Syrup antihistamine Merck Sharp & Dohme
Sudafed Plus Liquid antihistamine Burroughs Wellcome
Triaminic Cold Syrup antihistamine Sandoz
Vicks Children?s Nyquil antihistamine Richardson-Vicks
Gly-Oxide anti-inflammatory Marion
Chloraseptic Liquid antiseptic Richardson-Vicks
Bentyl Syrup antispasmodic Lakeside
Stelazine anxiolytic SmithKline & French
Vistaril Oral Suspension anxiolytic Pfizer
Kwelcof Liquid cough suppressant B. F. Ascher & Co.
Naldecon CX Adult Liquid cough suppressant Bristol
Naldecon DX Adult Liquid cough suppressant Bristol
Nucofed Syrup cough suppressant Beecham
Scott-Tussin DM Cough and Coled Medicine cough suppressant Scot-Tussin
Triaminic Nite Light cough suppressant Sandoz
Triaminic-DM Cough Formula cough suppressant Sandoz
Triaminicol Multi-Symptom Cold Syrup cough suppressant Sandoz
Tussirex Sugar-Free; Alcohol-Free & Dye-Free cough suppressant Scot-Tussin
Vicks Children?s Nyquil cough suppressant Richardson-Vicks
Actifed Syrup decongestant Burroughs Wellcome
Naldecon DX Adult Liquid decongestant Bristol
Nucofed Syrup decongestant Beecham
Scott-Tussin DM Cough and Coled Medicine decongestant Scot-Tussin
Sudafed Plus Liquid decongestant Burroughs Wellcome
Triaminic Cold Syrup decongestant Sandoz
Triaminic Nite Light decongestant Sandoz
Triaminic-DM Cough Formula decongestant Sandoz
Triaminicol Multi-Symptom Cold Syrup decongestant Sandoz
Vicks Children?s Nyquil decongestant Richardson-Vicks
Naldecon CX Adult Liquid expectorant Bristol
Naldecon DX Adult Liquid expectorant Bristol
Naldecon Senior EX expectorant Bristol
Vicks Children?s Cough Syrup expectorant Richardson-Vicks
Colace Liquid lazative Mead Johnson
Chloraseptic Liquid mouthwash/gargle Richardson-Vicks

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