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False Positives Forum

This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

I had a possitive drug screen for phenobarbital I have never even taken that. What could cause this?

AskDocWeb: According to The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs Fiorinal is known to produce a false positive for phenobarbital in body fluid testing.

Horrible rude & accusing
April 2011 I had a breakdown due to being overprescribed to the max hormones. When taken to the ER I was thrusted a fingeer in my face by a Dr. Panke & told I tested positive for methamphetamine. I asked what I was prescribed those for? The Dr. was horrible horrible rude & accusing. I take hydrocodone & he pulled the script not even knowing me. A counselor said it was a f/p due to the nose spray. I have not been the same since. I don't even know street drugs or anything about them. I am a 53 yr old mother that raised 3 children by myself. Do I have any legal stand with these doctors that seriously make me feel like a teenage junkie? Please help me.

AskDocWeb: For legal help you would have to ask a Lawyer. The laws vary from state to state so be sure to identify your location.

UTI medicines?
Do any uti medicines such as sulfamax tri show up as false positives in urinaylsis?

AskDocWeb: Yes, of the most commonly prescribed medications for UTIs Ampicillin has shown false positive for cocaine (Reference: 29), Bactrim for benzodiazepines (Reference: 60, and Cipro and Levaquin for opiates (References: 25, 28, 32 and 57).

UTI medicines?
Do any uti medicines such as sulfamax tri show up as false positives in urinaylsis?

AskDocWeb: Yes, of the most commonly prescribed medications for UTIs Ampicillin has shown false positive for cocaine (Reference: 29), Bactrim for benzodiazepines (Reference: 60, and Cipro and Levaquin for opiates (References: 25, 28, 32 and 57).

Answers or suggestions?
I have not used since September 3. One December 4 I had a drug test and it came back clean, another test on Decwmber 11 which came back positive for Benzos and Cocaine and another test on December 11 that came back positive for Benzos and weed. I do not take any prescription drugs and I have not taken anything over that counter either. So if I haven't been taking any medicines or drugs what so ever then why am I showing up positive for different things one day and something else the next. Please give me and answers or suggestions???

AskDocWeb: Those who are subject to drug testing should, in our opinion, take the time to learn what products might cause problems with their test results. Here are some examples:

A simple over-the-counter antihistamine such as Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) could show up as a false positive for Benzos on a urine test.

A one-time use of a product containing hemp may show up on the test as weed.

Tea that is made from the cola plant, cola flour, and cola oil has shown up as cocaine.

The important point is that some percentage of urine tests produce false positive results and you need to know what to do if that happens to you. Find out what the procedure is for handling false positive (or non-negative) test results. In some situations a confirmation test is required but that's not always the case. You may have to request a confirmation test any may have to pay for it out of your own pocket. Even if you have to pay for the confirmation test just be glad that they allow you to do that. Some pain clinics are known to dismiss patients on the spot without confirming test results.

L carnitine
I was about to take l carnitine liquid to workout but have a drug test will this supplement show up positive on my test

AskDocWeb: Acetyl-L-carnitine is a molecule that occurs naturally in the brain. L carnitine may cause a false positive on some types of drug tests but not for any drugs of abuse on urine drug screens.

Generic Adderall?
The Nursing Board placed me a COC Drug testing program. I am on Amphetamine (Adderall) 20mg every day for ADHD. The First test Hair Stat came back negative. The 2nd and 3rd came back negative. I refilled my prescription with the Generic form D-Amphetamine Salt Combo 20mg from CorePharme for cost effectiveness. My next 2 urine drug screens came back positive for both Amphetamine and Methamphetamine and 97% d-methamphetamine isomers and 3% l-amphetamine isomers by confirmation GCMS for Methamphetamine illicit use. The Nursing Board suspended my License. The only change that occured during that time frame was I changed from Amphetamine (Adderall) to the generic Dextro-Amphetamine Salt Combo 20mg by CorePharme . I need documentation to prove that the positive result of Methamphetamine was due to changing from Brand Amphetamine (adderall) to the Generic D-Amphetamine Salt Combo 20mg.

AskDocWeb: We have read speculation that generic Adderall containing d-amphetamine will test positive for both meth and amphetamine but so far have been unable to find documentation to verify that possibility. Hopefully a reader will have something to contribute for Stacy.

Please note: According to an article in the Oxford Journals once methamphetamine is detected, a second GC-MS test is necessary to distinguish positive results from other causes.

Positive for amphetamines and methamphetamine
I am currently taking suboxone and adderall, both of which are prescribed legally by a doctor. I was recently asked to submit a drug test for dhr and the test said that I was positive for amphetamines and methamphetamine. I do not do any kind of illegal drugs and there is absolutely no way that meth could be in my system. The test was a 6 panel drug screen. Also, I am required to take regular drug screens for suboxone and had just taken a 12 panel test a week prior to the 6 panel test I took for dhr and I passed. What could explain this?

AskDocWeb: We are currently looking into the possibility that Adderall might cause this so you might want to check back later.

I am currently taking strattera for adult add. I am routinely tested in my work place for hair and urine analysis. Will strattera which is considered a non stimulant show up or test positive or false positive on a urine screen or hair follicle test.?

AskDocWeb: Since Strattera is not related to any of the drugs that they tested for it should not show up on a urine screen.

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