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GenF20 Feedback

If you have experience with GenF20, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell someone about GenF20 HGH releaser? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Effects by age?
Will this have the same effects on say someone in there early 20's? Joe

AskDocWeb: The effects are likely to be slightly different across age groups because of differences in physical condition. For those in their early 20s the major benefit would come from combining GenF20 with some kind of physical improvement program, either bodybuilding for muscle strength and size or a weight loss program to reduce body fat, particularly in the abdomen and legs.

Urine test?
Will I come up dirty on a urine test by taking HGH?

AskDocWeb: If your urine test is testing for drugs of abuse then you can check this list. GenF20 is not a drug and does not show up on those drug tests. However, if you are dealing with a sports authority that is a different situation and you will have to check their list of banned substances.

12 year old boy?
My son is 12 and we had him xrayed last year. He's a little on the short side and the Dr. said that he has 11 year old bones. Which i'm assuming means he hasnt hit his growth spurt. Taking him to an endocronoligist in march. in the mean time, can he take Genf20 to see if his body will accept the stimulant?

AskDocWeb: To our knowledge Genf20 has not been tested in minors so the effects are unknown.

Sugar level shot up
I was very happy taking GenF20 for 6 months, more energy for sure, however my sugar level shot up so high that the doctor advised me that i was borderline diabetic and should stop taking GenF20. I have stopped and waiting for the results.

AskDocWeb: Thanks for posting Jesse. Please let us know if discontinuing GenF20 has any effect on your sugar level.

Add some inches?
Hi, I'm 19 and would turn a year older next month. I'm 5"6 and would like to add some inches. Would this be possible with GenF20?

AskDocWeb: It might help but only if your naturally occurring growth hormone is deficient. Let us know if you try it and if you do, give it 6 months before evaluating results.

Unwanted hair?
Date: 4/8/2013
Hi AskDocWeb, I am 49 Yrs old just want to ask if I take Gen F20 plus do you increase the growth of hair which I don't want because I am doing IPL treatment to remove the unwanted hair? Thanks

AskDocWeb: There are no reports of Gen F20 plus causing the growth of any unwanted hair.

Amplified mass xxx?
Date: 5/3/2006
Would this product of genf20 be bad to take with amplified mass xxx when trying to get big.

AskDocWeb: There are thousands of supplements on the market and unfortunately there is no agency to test combinations of these products to determine results. We suggest you contact each manufacturer and ask if a particular supplement will interact with their product.

Note: Amplified mass xxx is a supplement intended to help consumers gain weight.

Date: 5/7/2006
I would like to know if hgh supplements are safe to take with ssri's? more specifically - sertraline.

AskDocWeb: We haven't found any drug/herb interactions but that does not mean that none exits. Unlike drugs, herbs do not go through an approval process before being allowed on the market by the FDA. Because of this we recommend checking with your doctor before using any herbal product with a prescription drug. Also we have started research on drug/herb interactions here that lists warning for a number of herbs.

Date: 5/29/2006
I haven't seen anything on this site about this form of HGH and I love the unbiased reviews on here so I thought I'd add my review on the Secratatropin HGH pills. I had searched long and hard for an HGH pill after a close friend told me great things about taking Genf20. I am 28 years of age. Normally 185 pounds. 6'2. I've always been in great or decent shape since playing sports in high school.

Some people complained about Secratatropin only making their nails grow super fast or only their skin tighter but their sleep was awful. After one day of taking this I honestly noticed waking up with energy. I was surprised I didn't need coffee to get me moving and out of bed. I felt more motivated with this extra energy. During my workouts I felt I had more power, endurance, and stamina. After one month I noticed my skin was in fact tighter around the waste and my overall body. My muscles were more toned, lean, and veins more pronounced. My slowly receding hairline grew new hairs and my head hair became a little thicker and more full. My skin was super smooth and oddly enough received compliments on how nice my skin looked, by men and women. Oh and as far as sex drive, if there was increase, it was just a small amount.

I took this product every day for 3 months while exercising and eating healthy. I didnt truly realize how much benefit it gave me until I stopped taking it 2 months ago. After a month of not taking it my girlfriend even noticed my skin around my stomach was a little more loose and I lost some definition. Granted I wasn't working out nearly as much as I had been but I also noticed a big decrease in energy levels and motivation. Another thing I realized after I stopped taking it, was I had a much larger appetite. I don't know if the product is supposed to give you a reduced appetite, but I didnt eat as much as I normally do when I was taking it.

So here I am two months after cycling off of Secratatropin and I just took my first two Genf20 pills. I wanted to try another highly recommended HGH pill and Genf20 is about 70$ cheaper than Secratatropin is on Amazon. I will definitely post a comparison of the two in another three months. I really hope this has helped anyone skeptical.

Increase my height?
Date: 6/1/2006
I didnt still buy this product i just want to know whether this will help me in increasing my height because im 22yrs, and my height is 5.5, so will it work? please reply asap

AskDocWeb: We have seen no evidence that GenF20 will have any effect on your height.

Check the price of GenF20 Plus.

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