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Nexium Side Effects

If you've used Nexium, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Rash on both cheeks
Date: 4/10/2015
I went to the doctor for heartburn and she gave me nexium to take. After two days I began to have rashes on both of my cheeks so I stopped. It has been 4 days I believe and it still haven't gone away yet. It gets red at times especially when my body temperature goes up. How long does it take the rashes to go away? I'm worry it won't, I've never had this before on my cheeks and I really just want them gone.

AskDocWeb: How long it takes the rashes to go away depends on the cause. You will need to consult with your doctor to determine that. It may or may not be related.

Gaining and losing weight
Date: 5/3/2015
Nexium I used for gerd 40 mg. Worked great. But I gained 30 pounds! Used it for 8 months noticed sore hips and thighs when I walk and blurred vision. I quit it over a week ago and immediatly started to lose the extra weight like 7 pounds already. I'm so happy. I did start taking Otc Prilosec because gerd came back, and only 20mg seems to work good.

Date: 5/13/2015
i have Barretts, just been diagnosed on 1st Apr 2015 (no joke) :-) i get pains in my back, only with radiate up to my left shoulder, i was on 30mg of Lansoprazol, but they were not working, so i am on 40mg of Nexium once daily. tbh it's not working, and i get bleeding gums in the morning, and sometimes at night, i have been using a mouthwash but it doesnt do anything, i am thinking of asking my GI doc if i can increase to 80mg a day, strangely enough the symptoms of the pain are worse during the day, i'm ok at night laying down!? it's not excrutiating just annoying...

I've put on weight
Date: 5/14/2015
I've been on a 7 day course OF NEXIUM HP7, I'm on my last day thank the lord as I had all of the common side effects... Now, I feel like I've put on weight, not necessarily a lot but increased in body fat percentage.. I don't feel as toned especially in my love handle area... Would this be from the medication?

AskDocWeb: That's something that is often difficult to determine. Some of the weight gain you hear about from those who use proton pump inhibitors is likely due to being able to eat again without pain or discomfort. However, an increase in weight is listed as one of the possible side effects of Nexium although it is uncommon (0.1% to 1%).

How long does it take to leave my system
Date: 5/15/2015
Doc gave me Nexium for my gerd. As soon as I started it I immediately started feeling depressed, moody, tired, stomach aches... I am not a depressed person. On day 4 is when it hit me the worst!!! I started feeling nausea, diarrhea, fast heart beat, very very bad depressions, I was shaking, my muscles in my face were spasing, was hard to talk, I was having panic attacks, and was super tense and nervous.

It's now been 3 days since I took the Nexium (will never touch it again) and I'm still feeling depressed from it. I've been up and down. I also have barley eaten anything since. Please tell me this will go away. I don't want to be depressed anymore and I want to go back to my normal life. How long does it take to leave my system for good? I wasn't even on it very long. I did call my doc and told her about my side effects. I have a 4 year child and can't be like this anymore.

AskDocWeb: Compared to many drugs Nexium leaves the system pretty quick. After 12 hours there is not enough left to have any effect on the body. Please note that one of the reasons for discussing this with your doctor is that the underlying condition may still require treatment. Other ailments may also be discovered.

Morning blood pressure
Date: 6/25/2015
been taking Nexium and Prilosic for about 3 months now for Gerds. It has been working fine, except I am now getting very high morning blood pressure (179/95) Can this be cause by the Nexium. I know this condition is highly dangerous.

AskDocWeb: High blood pressure is listed as a rare possible side effect so it is something to discuss with your doctor.

Tragic Nexium story
Date: 7/27/2015
I am writing here to help others, although I realize that according to statistics of Nexium testing, I am a very low probability occurrence. I am 55yrs old, with no history of gastric issues. I don't smoke and don't drink, I run 5K every other day. Until recently my FP Dr suggested I see a GI Dr. to look into some mild epigastric pain. In the mean time I purchased Nexium otc and began to use it before big meals. The pain was so mild I really did not have a chance to evaluate it. The GI specialist recommended an upper GI endoscope and found an irritated esophagus (mild acid reflux), and he applied "stretching" during the endoscope. In recovery he explained I had mild irritation and after looking at the stomach an upper duodenum, things were found normal.

I was told to take Nexium 20mgX2 daily, for 3 months. I started it immediately that night per prescription Rx. Within the first few days after the procedure I started experiencing abdominal bloating and intestinal cramping. I thought it was due to the procedure (injected air) so I held out complaining until a week later I reschdld with my GI Dr. He said to wait a week longer. A week later the pain was severe, and occurred just after every meal. 2 weeks post the original endoscope, and after 3 weeks of being on Nexium, he started checking my blood levels. My Lipase was at 490, I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis. He told me to stay on the Nexium. But other tests were performed the following week, an Ultra-sound, an MRI and more blood tests. The scans were all negative, no gallstones, no tumors, no dilated or enlarged/blocked biliary ducts. He was at a loss to find anything wrong. Yet the abdominal pains were getting worse, and added to my symptoms were prickly back pains. Lesser symptoms of belching and pale soft stool (not diarrhea), occasional chest pains also developed.

I restricted my diet to yogurt, oatmeal, rice and well cooked veggies, and began taking probiotics daily. (I was never before a vegetarian.) Did not help. In the 4th week my lipase dropped to 355, 4 days later the Lipase level fell back into the normal range (it was monitored about every 4 to 5 days), without any specific treatment. But the intensity of abdominal pains got worse and I was bloating more. Although being bloated, I lost 15lbs in 4 weeks....most likely due to food avoidance.

Through all this I remained faithful and stayed on my Nexium. I was also given Glycopyrrolate, 1mg 2X/day during the 4th week, but it changed none of my symptoms. The only way I could sleep was by taking Tylenol before bed. My GI Dr. could not justify ERCP with normal liver and pancreatic enzyme levels. He asked me to wait for another week and continue to treat the abdominal pain with Tylenol. The pain was so strong I was waking up before the end of 4 hours with severe abdominal pain and back pain. During week 5 I was taking Tylenol more than 4X (>2mgs/day). In week 6 I was in such pain Tylenol no longer controlled it. My GI Dr. actually told me I should see another Dr. as he had no further treatment or explanations. I missed many days of work, wondering how I ever got this ill. Without proper nutrition and sleep I felt like hell.

During a delay to get a referral for another Dr. in week 7 I took myself to the ER because the back pain turned into stabbing sensations, and the area along the margin of my rib cage was so sensitive I could not lay down. There was sharp pains all thru my abdomen. I was given morphine in the hospital to allow me to sleep, I was given an IV for fluids as I was dehydrated. Again blood work in the ER revealed all normal enzyme levels and liver functions, no fever or bacterial infection. Since I had a history of High Lipase and a technical diagnosis of Pancreatitis, they called another GI Dr. to see me in the ER. Upon a physical exam he found a red rash on my lower back with small bumps, a similar one appeared the next day on my chest. On my fingers he found some small peeling blisters.

After looking at all my symptoms and ruling out Pancreatitis (Dr's have never found the actual cause and there is no scientific evidence in trials that it relates to Nexium), he said there was a good chance I had an allergy to Nexium. I was told to stop it. If I felt I needed relief an alternative drug was suggested for acid reflux, I have never used it to date. I was given a prescription for (Norco)hydrocodone and Tylenol to stop the abdominal and back pain. In week 9 I am only using this at night if I experience pain before bed. I was given diet restrictions and only told to eat small amounts of foods and increase my water intake. Most of the pain has subsided after 1 week of stopping Nexium, but not all.

LETS CLARFY a comment I see being made here that Nexium leaves your body in a few hours. That may be true, but the damage done by an allergic reaction to a drug may take weeks to go away. And it should be made clear, a negative side effect is not the same as an allergic reaction. Negative side effects are reported in trials, it is rare that an allergic reaction in an individual would ever be found......but not impossible.

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