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If you’ve used Acyclovir, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Never need it
Date: 1/22/2009
I been taking acyclovir for about a year by a doctors mistake. I went to my pediatric and I told her is itching down on my general part and she told me it could be herpes so she send me to my gynecologist by then I was under age and I wasn’t the comfortable talking to my mother about this so she gived me a prescription on Acyclover just to help me. After my refilds were done and after I got 18 I went to the gynecologist and she send me to do a test in every std an aids and am negative in everything so I never had anything and I took Acyclover for nothing for around a year. When at first my first refills got done I just used to go to any other general doctor in the city and tell them I need a prescription to refill this medicine and they gived to me so that is how I end up drinking 2 acyclovir a day for a year. I really can believe they never make sure to have a blood test result on there hands to make sure if I had anything or not but in reality my question is what is the outcome of me taking acyclovir for around a year with out really needing to drinking? What are going to be the results?


AskDocWeb: Most likely there will be no effects at all after discontinuing.

Subj: Caffeine?
Date: 1/24/2009
I was diagnosed with shingles in November, the week of Thanksgiving. I was given valtrex and neurontin. A couple of weeks later I was diagnosed with the shingles breaking out again but on my stomach. They were on my back before. I was prescribed acyclovir, which I have been taking over a month. This past Friday my stomach became very red again and I am out of town. I spoke with my intern doctor and he increased the medication for 2 of the 400 mg to 3 a day until it became better. It did become better and I started taking 2 again. Then last night I started itching very bad once again and broke out in red places all over again. Three episodes that I have had with the itching and redness becoming worse is right after I drank coffee. Can caffeine cause this to happen?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it is possible to be allergic to caffeine. Caffeine allergy symptoms can range from a minor rash to life threatening seizures. Some of the symptoms associated with caffeine allergies include rash, itching, difficulty breathing, shock, tongue, and facial swelling. Understand that this could also be an adverse reaction to the herbicides and pesticides used to grow coffee beans. You might keep a diary of food consumed, physical and mental feelings each day to aid in discovering specific triggers for your reaction. There are many alternatives available to replace caffeine beverages.

Subj: To avoid hair loss
Date: 1/25/2009
Hi there, great forum I get a huge coldsore on my nose every 3 months, (oh how I wish they were on my lip rather than nose). I have been given acyclovir by the doctor 2 x a day 400mg, however I do not wish to lose my hair as people on the forum have put this as a side effect. Would it be better to take 3 x day when my coldsores occur to reduce the healing time even quicker rather than take 2 x a day to supress it and have these side effects?


AskDocWeb: If you are now losing more than about 100 hairs a day then you may want to discuss this possibility with your doctor.

Subj: Liver damage?
Date: 1/25/2009
Could “ACYCLOVER” Pills do Liver damage to a person with Hep.C?


AskDocWeb: We have found nothing to indicate that this product causes liver damage.

Subj: Shingles
Date: 1/29/2009
I am taking 800 mg five times daily for shingles. I was lucky to identify the condition first day when I noticed soreness of the skin half way around my waist (no blisters). This is day 3 and the soreness continues but no blisters (yet). Do I have a chance of avoiding the blister phase? Also, does “five times a day” mean taking it throughout the night? – My pharmacist said “no, by day is good enough”.


AskDocWeb: I hope you understand that the severity of an outbreak can vary from one time to the next. If the outbreak is mild then yes, there is a possibility that you may avoid the blister phase. Let’s hope for the best.

Subj: Shingles in one eye
Date: 1/30/2009
I have had shingles in one eye for over a year. I have been prescribed Acyclovir 800 mg x 5 times a day, then Valtrex for optic neuritis, lots a day with prednisone, then Acyclovir 500 mg b.i.d. and now 400 b.i.d.. My eye is better than the original agonizing infection, but it still hurts. (All of these Rxs have been prescribed by different people.) I have post herpetic neuralgia–just for the fun of it! What kind of physician can best prescribe or help me. I have arthritis and take mtx and use to take Humira. My eye is droopy and painful. I think every virologist in the area is concentrating on HIV–as they should. I have been to Casey Eye Institute for BSRC. They were not helpful–almost abrasive. Thanks (please edit this before putting in your feedback.)


AskDocWeb: Okay, the spelling has been corrected. If you are asking for an alternative to the virologist you might try an ophthalmologist.

Subj: Kidney stones
Date: 2/9/2009
My son has started to take acyclovir and now has kidney stones, could this have anything to do with taking acyclovir. He has never had kidney stones before and drinks lots of water. Thanks


AskDocWeb: This has not been reported with Acyclovir but in a small number of cases renal failure has been noted.

Subj: Depressed and tired
Date: 2/10/2009
Does acyclovir cause depression and if so what can I do? I have been taking this drug for a weak and I seem very depressed and tired.


AskDocWeb: Feeling tired (fatigue) is one of the possible side effects of Acyclovir. Depression is not listed as a side effect so talk to your doctor about that.

Subj: L lysine
Date: 2/10/2009
I have taken 800mg of acyclovir daily for the past 3 years for suppressive therapy. I took my last pill today. How long will it be until I have another outbreak if I decide to take 1000mg of L lysine for a while. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Sorry T, there is no way to know that. Several people have reported that taking L Lysine helps reduce outbreaks, especially when combined with an anti-viral drug. Lysine is an amino acid that your body uses to maintain the health of your skin.

Subj: Acyclovir works great
Date: 2/17/2009
I use acyclovir for my herpes and I must say it works great. I just wish herpes wasn’t spreadable.


Subj: Frequent cold sores
Date: 2/24/2009
I suffer from frequent cold sores. Usually multiple sores at one time on the mouth. I had been prescribed Valtrex which worked great but is expensive. I recently started getting cold sores in my mouth and throat. The doctor changed me to Acyclovir for outbreaks. What would the advantage be over Valtrex?


AskDocWeb: The advantage is that some people respond differently to these two drugs even though they are closely related. Hopefully your response to Acyclovir will be an improvement.

Subj: Hairloss from prolonged use
Date: 2/25/2009
How high is the percentage of people that suffer hairloss from a result of prolonged use of taking this product. I’m in acyclovir twice daily 800 mgs.


AskDocWeb: It is likely to be very small because there is not enough data to establish a percentage.

Subj: Acyclovir is helpful
Date: 3/5/2009
This information is not intended to be taken for medical information. Acyclovir is helpful to me when I am starting symptoms of mononnucleosis. It seems to decrease the fatigue. Maybe it’s psychological, but I’ve had it with and without and the acyclovir seems to at least decrease the severity of it. I am a now a firm believer in heavy metal testing and people that have posted on here recently with children might want to do some research and discuss it with their pediatricians.


Subj: Nightmares
Date: 3/7/2009
I have been given Acyclovir to treat facial shingles. Since I started taking it 3 days ago I have been plagued with nightmares. Is this virus related or medication related?


AskDocWeb: Nightmares are not listed as a side effect of Acyclovir.

Subj: Tiny white bumps
Date: 3/8/2009
I’ve been acyclovir for about 5 months now and I noticed that 3 months ago I started to have an outbreak like a rash white tiny bumps all the way across right at the bottom of my lip I guess you would called it the veener of the lip. They disappear and come back. Is this an allergic reaction? Please help.


AskDocWeb: Do the bumps appear within hours of taking Acyclovir? You would have to consult with a dermatologist to find out for sure. An allergic reaction can show up as nodules, pimples, blisters, and/or rash. And they can appear in a verity of shapes, sizes, and places.

Subj: Acyclovir didn’t work for me
Date: 3/9/2009
I took acyclovir for 5 days and it didn’t work for me.


Subj: When does acyclovir expire?
Date: 3/11/2009
I was diagnosed with herepes when I was 15 I am now 21. My docs have me on Acyclovir 200 mg 2 capsules twice a day “as needed”…. I don’t get them regular at all, actually I have been even wondering if I was misdiagnosed. But I usually take it when I feel wierd down there and I was wondering is it ok to still take acyclovir I got from my doc in 2007? When does acyclovir expire?


AskDocWeb: If you look closely at the container there is an expiration date stamped on it.

Subj: Heartburn?
Date: 3/12/2009
I have been on Acyclovir 200 mg x 2 daily for a month now. I have been getting heartburn, is this a side effect?


AskDocWeb: No, heartburn is not listed as a side effect of Acyclovir.

Subj: Shingles
Date: 3/13/2009
I am a 51-yr old woman, diagnosed with shingles for the first time. Started taking Acyclovir four days ago (800mgx5times/day), and first felt a great relief of symptoms, then today had terrible side effects. I could not get out of bed and felt completely drugged out for a couple of hours. Before this, my mood was very agitated. I called the doctor who said to take half the dosage. I feel better now but have a sore throat. Are these side effects safe or should I be concerned about continuing to use the drug?


AskDocWeb: Reducing the dosage should reduce most of the side effects but some may be unavoidable. Remember that these side effects have to be weighed against the known benefits so keep your doctor informed about your symptoms.

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