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If you’ve used Acyclovir, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Allergic reaction to semen or Acyclovir?
Date: 12/31/2009
I was taking the 400mg blue acyclovir for a while, then went to the VA and was given the 800mg acyclovir and told to cut the pills in half. Since I have changed to the larger pills, my wife is complaining of itching and breaking out in hives on her face and back after having sex. Can acyclovir cause an allergic reaction from seman?


AskDocWeb: While extremely rare, some women report having an allergic reaction to sex. Certain proteins in semen may cause this seminal plasma hypersensitivity in women but no connection to Acyclovir has been established. Typically women who have this kind of reaction also suffer from more mainstream allergies like hay fever. There could be other reasons for a post-intercourse reaction. If you use condoms, she may be experiencing a latex allergy. If you don’t use condoms, you might try one to see if she has the same reaction. Lubricants or spermicides could also cause hives after sex.

Subj: Continuous use of Acyclovir cream?
Date: 1/2/2010
I have genital herpes with outbreaks about 6 times per year. I treated this by applying Acyclovir cream to the affected area, and this seemed to hasten healing within about 4 days. Six months ago I started to use the cream continuously and have not had any outbreak during this period. Just wondered whether there is any possible adverse side effect to this approach.


AskDocWeb: There are no adverse effects listed for the continuous use Acyclovir cream, although some experts recommend discontinuing once a year to allow for the reassessment of the recurrence rate.

Subj: What kind of herpes is this?
Date: 1/4/2010
I’ve been using acyclovir for almost 3 years straight now every single day. The first year I took 2 a day cuz the tingling in my lips would start and I would feel my skin around one area in my lips start disintegrating to turn into a sore. To counter it I would take 2 pills a day. It took a whole year for it to react to just one pill a day. I did that for another year 1 pill a day. But after 24 hours my lips would start disintegrating into a sore. I’m on my third year and I’m trying to lessen my dosage to 1 every 2 days and after 48 hours my lips start getting chapped and that same area starts forming into a sore. I’ve never heard any one else with this same problem where they have to take acyclovir every day to battle an ongoing problem with a herpes attack. My question is – what kind of herpes is this? Before I kissed the wrong girl and got this tingling feeling I got before this kind of serious attack happened – I had regular herpes where it would come and go and that was fine. But now it’s always there and I always have to take acyclovir. Is there anything else I can do but this same method I’ve been doing for years? Am I forever going to be taking acyclovir every day to battle this kind of herpes attack? It seems to be working that I have to take less and less but why does it take years? A lot of questions but I have no one else to relate to so I’m totally in the dark. Any detailed comments from a doctor would relieve my hopelessness.


AskDocWeb: For detailed comments you will have to talk to your doctor, and you will need to do that in order to request a type specific test to find out if you have HSV1 or HSV2. The name of the test is HerpesSelec, which is an IgG test for antibodies to gG1 and gG2. This test costs around $100.00 but an office visit will likely add to that cost. The results of the IgG test are presented in numerical form using units of EIA (Enzyme ImmunoAssay). If the result is less than 0.90 EIA units, that means virus was not detected. When the result ranges from 0.91 EIA units to 1.10 EIA units, the results are indeterminate and later testing is typically recommended. If the results are greater than 1.10 EIA units then the result is positive because the virus was detected. This range of results is used to indicate the presence or absence of both HSV 1 and HSV 2.

Subj: Yeast infection
Date: 1/5/2010
I have just recently taken Acyclovir for a genital herpes outbreak. I took 400mg 3x a day for 7 days. On the day after my last pill, my vaginal area began to feel dry and within two more days I was itching and dry. It was a yeast infection that had begun. I have taken this drug a few times years ago when I first got herpes and the same side effect happened. My doctors keep telling me that this drug does not cause that side effect. Could it be that the dosage was too high for my system? I am fearful of beginning my daily dose of 400mg for preventive assistance. Have others had yeast infection as side effect that you know of?


AskDocWeb: Although it is possible to get a yeast infection while taking Acyclovir, the manufacturer does not list that among the side effects. We put together a page about yeast infections, the causes, prevention, and tips for dealing with this unpleasant infection.

Subj: Leg pain
Date: 1/12/2010
Can you share any more information about leg pain as a side affect of Acyclovir?


AskDocWeb: Acyclovir seems to be well tolerated by most people, even in long-term use. There are only few reports of leg pain from long-term Acyclovir users.

Subj: I recommend acyclovir
Date: 1/17/2010
I am a gynaecologist in India, a lot of women are doing multiple jobs are fatigued and develop eruptions which respond to acyclovir although the blood test for HSV1 IGG & IGM and HSV 2 are negative. I recommend the use of acyclovir liberaly in 16 years of my practise I have not seen any side effects of the drug in pregnant women.


Subj: Daily muscle fatigue
Date: 1/28/2010
I’ve been on Acyclovir for 3 years. I have been wondering about long term affects w/ this med. I deal w/ muscle fatigue daily and am wondering if it’s a side affect of the meds or the disease(HSV2)?


AskDocWeb: Acyclovir does list muscle cramps, joint pain and leg pain as musculoskeletal side effects. HSV2 would not cause daily muscle fatigue. It is more likely to be your medication. You should mention this to the doctor who prescribed the Acyclovir so they can check you for other possible inflammatory processes and connective tissue disorders.

Subj: Ruining my sex
Date: 2/1/2010
Acyclovir worked good at first but now it dont work what should I do? Can someone please reply back because it is ruining my sex life please help!


AskDocWeb: It is not clear which is causing a problem with your sex life, the virus or the drug. Either way, if what you are doing isn’t working then it is time to check back with your doctor.

Subj: Acyclovir and the morning after pill
Date: 2/2/2010
I’ve been taking Acyclovir for two months. I recently had to take the morning after pill. Will Acyclovir effect the EMC?


AskDocWeb: There are no noted effects for Acyclovir on either birth control pills or the morning after pill.

Subj: Have a boyfriend
Date: 2/4/2010
I just start to use this medicine today, is my second brake out. I do have a boyfriend but he was not the one who passed to me. We now togeher and I would like to know if he has chance to get infected even if Im taking the medicine, and how long that the medicine take to processed in my system? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Acyclovir does not prevent the transmission of the virus to your partner so yes, there is a chance of infection.

Subj: Can Acyclovir cause a yeast infection?
Date: 2/22/2010
I have taken 1 a day for 4-7 days, as it has helped with my cold sores on my cheecks and around my lips, however after a week of taking this medication I have an yeast infection. Is this related to this medication? My experience with taking antibiotic = an Yeast infection. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Although it is possible to get a yeast infection while taking Acyclovir, it does not cause them. Acyclovir is not an antibiotic, it is an antiviral drug. You may find some help with yeast infections here, the causes, prevention, and tips for dealing with this unpleasant infection.

Subj: Acyclovir and arthritis
Date: 2/22/2010
I have recurrent HSV and diagnose of osteoarthritis in all my joints. However, joint stiffness and lower back pain disappear whenever taking 1-2g of acyclovir. Connection of HSV or other viruses with some form of (osteo?) arthritis?


AskDocWeb: According to an article in Clinical Rheumatology (ISSN 0770-3198, 2002, vol. 21, no5, pp. 415-417), there may be a connection. The article reports on a patient who had recurrent erythema multiforme associated with recurrent polyarthritis that responded to oral acyclovir suppression therapy. Erythema multiforme is a skin condition frequently associated with the herpes simplex virus. Arthritis associated with recurrent erythema multiforme reportedly responds well to oral acyclovir.

Subj: Fever and sore throat
Date: 2/26/2010
Does Acyclovir can be given to a patient that has a fever and a sore throat? Or it’s just for patients that has herpes?


AskDocWeb: A fever and sore throat are possible symptoms of herpes infections. Of course these can also be caused by many different viral and bacterial infections. If the herpes virus causes these symptoms then Acyclovir may be helpful so talk to your doctor.

Subj: Drinking while on several medications
Date: 2/27/2010
My doc put me on a prophylactic dose of acyclovir, 400mg 2x/day. Then I got a minor upper respiratory infection (not uncommon for me!) so I was put on augmentin. It is my friends 21st birthday tonight and I want to drink alcohol. I know there are no interactions with alcohol with these medications separately (I know alcohol lessens the antibiotics ability to work but there are no negative and life threatening physical interactions) but do you think it would still be OK to drink alcohol when taking ALL of these medications together? I also take an allergy and an asthma medication every night. Those I have been taking since I was 7 (I’m 21 now!) and have drank heavily many times on those!


AskDocWeb: It is a good idea for anyone who is taking several medications to talk with their doctor about what drinking limits may be imposed.

Subj: Viagra with Acyclovir?
Date: 3/3/2010
Can i take viagra while on twice daily acyclovir?

AskDocWeb: There are no drug interactions listed between these two drugs but whether or not it would be safe for you to take Viagra is something your doctor should decide.

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