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If you’ve used Acyclovir, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Valacyclovir
Date: 4/5/2005
I have been have increased cold sore outbreaks for the last 7 years. 6-8 times a year. I have tried Several different medications… lately I have been using Valacyclovir 500mg is this the same as acyclovir? One doctor gave me a mega dose. of 2000mg for one day. I think that at one time I was using acyclovir prophylacticaly. That seemed to work…. I am wondering if a low dosage on long term is a more reasonable approach… If these two meds are different what is the difference in there action? This is a great site. I’m glad I found it.


AskDocWeb Yes, Valacyclovir is the same as Acyclovir. From your description, the 500mg dosage is indicated, that is, it is appropriate for your situation.

Subj: Contracted chicken pox
Date: 4/6/2005
I just contracted chicken pox, and subsequently prescribed acyclovir 800g 4 times/day. My concern is with my roommate, who had chicken pox before. Is there a possibility he can contract it again? Does he need to take acyclovir too? What precautions can we take?


AskDocWeb No extra precautions are needed. Once someone has had chicken pox they are immune.

Subj: Acyclovir and sun
Date: 4/15/2005
I recently began taking Acyclovir for genital herpes outbreaks. Though not severe, they seem to go away only for a week and then symptoms recur. My question is this: does Acyclovir make you more sensitive to the sun? I have a slight rash on my chest (chest bone, up into neck) and I’m trying to figure out what it’s from. Thank you,


AskDocWeb There was no mention of sensitivity to sunlight in the list of side effects provided by the manufacturer.

Subj: How Acyclovir works
Date: 4/20/2005
I have been diagnosed with hsv2 and have been taking acyclovir as prescribed, 3 times a day for five days each time. I’d like to understand how it actually works. My doctor says upping the dosage has no effect – faster healing of so. Why is it so? Thanks.

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AskDocWeb Email addresses are always considered private here and are not shared or sold to anyone.

Acyclovir can be given in many doses depending on the outbreaks, like how often has it happened in a year and whether this is the initial phase of the disease. Acyclovir interferes with the enzymes that the virus needs for replication of DNA in cells. Once you reach a level of dosage that prevents the virus from multiplying, taking more would not only waste your time and money but it would increase the chances of side effects.

Subj: HSV-1
Date: 4/21/2005
My husband and I have just adopted a son and through the infant stages it was found that he has HSV-1. He has been treated with acyclovir for a treatment period of 21 days. He had a LP today (or CBC, complete blood count) and the white count is still higher than they would like to see. We will continue the treatment via PICC line until the white count is down. Thankfully this has given our son better odds of living. We are unsure at this time what the longterm damage will be to him due to having the HSV-1. Time will tell.
Do you have or do you know of any ongoing treatments or other supplements that would give us yet one up on the HSV-1?.
It is hard to explore the internet with all the “cures” that are for sale. Most of all this email is here to let other parents know they are not alone but also to thank you for the research and time that your company has put into Acyclovir. Thank you,


AskDocWeb We are not aware of any treatments that would give you a one up on the HSV-1, other than what you are using right now. If other readers have any suggestions, please share. Thanks Ronda.

Subj: Acyclovir and pregnancy
Date: 4/25/2005
I have had a reoccuring shingles/herpetic eye infection in my eye for going on three years now. My eye doctor has prescribed 1 500mg.acyclovir daily. I am wanting to get pregnant soon and I have been looking up everything I can about side effects of acyclovir on pregnant women. The studies seem to show that there are no conclusive evidence that acycolvir causes birth defects mostly but at the same time to conclusive evidence that is does not cause birth defects as well. My main question for you is that in the studies on pregnant women given acyclovir that you have links to on your website, were they taking acyclovir daily during the duration of their pregnancy or just for a 1-2 week period of time? Thanks!


AskDocWeb They were taking Acyclovir daily. You can take acyclovir while pregnant, but there is a caution with nursing.

Subj: Delusions with Acyclovir?
Date: 4/30/2005
We have an adult foster home for special needs individuals. Our newest resident is an 18 year old female who had encephalitis at 7 years old where herpes simplex attacked and destroyed parts of her right front temporal lobe.

When she came to us in February, she was taking 400 mg of acyclovir twice a day. Her mother reported to the Dr. that she had read where one of the potential side effects was delusions which has become an issue with this individual. The Dr. removed her from the medication. Was this a prudent action? Should we lobby to have the acyclovir reinstated? Can the Herpes still be actively destroying parts of her brain?


AskDocWeb: Your doctor is right, hallucinations and delusions was found to be a side effect in a very small number of cases.

Subj: Rash with Acyclovir
Date: 5/3/2005
I’ve recently started taking the pill form of Acyclovir for cold sores. I’ve started getting a rash and can’t stop itching. I stopped taking it, but it did help my cold sore heal quicker.


AskDocWeb: The next time you take acyclovir the rash may be much worse, don’t take it again without talking to your doctor first.

Subj: Acyclovir and bone marrow transplant
Date: 5/4/2005
My son is taking Acyclovir as post bone marrow transplant precaution. He has rejected the perfect marrow match and his WBC is awful – dropped to .5 yesterday. His other counts are low as well. He is also taking cyclosporine, predonisone. Is there a possible connection??? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Your question is beyond the scope of what this website deals with. We are concerned with side effects here. With your son’s health, you need to seek the advice of specialists.

Subj: Erectile dysfunction
Date: 5/9/2005
My husband has had genital herpes for 30 years. About a year ago he started taking acyclovir daily to suppress the herpes outbreaks, and it has worked well. Recently he has had some erectile dysfunction, something he has not had problems with in the past. Is it possible the acyclovir could be causing this? He takes no other drugs and is in excellent health.


AskDocWeb: It is likely to be something other than the Acyclovir. It could be a sign that your sex life needs to be spiced up a little.

Subj: Stomachache with Acyclovir
Date: 5/13/2005
I just started taking Acyclovir for suppressive therapy for cold sores. My doctor prescribed 1 pill, twice daily, 400 mg each. I took the first pill early today with my lunch and I have had a nasty stomach ache for the past 3 hours. Is this normal?


AskDocWeb: Yes, and that is why it is recommended to be taken with food.

Subj: Canker sores?
Date: 5/22/2005
Several years ago acyclovir was considered by my doctor and rejected for treatment of canker sores for reasons I cannot recall. What is the problem with using acyclovir for this disease?


AskDocWeb: Those small painful ulcers you had may have been caused by something other than a virus. Canker sores are typically treated with a swish and spit solution, not Acyclovir.

Subj: Combining Acyclovir and pain killers
Date: 5/24/2005

I’m currently taking acyclovir 200mg 5 times a day, and pain killers, is this a bad combination, and how long does it take the acyclovir to take care of my outbreak?


AskDocWeb: No, it is not a bad combination. Acyclovir will take care of your outbreak with 7 days or less.

Subj: Weight gain with Acyclovir?
Date: 5/27/2005
I have been on the daily treatment of Acyclovir since Aug. 04. I have noticed a big weight gain. Is that a side effect of this medication? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It’s not an “official” side effect but users have reported weight gain being caused by the use of acyclovir. Update: Weight gain is now listed as one of the possible side effects of this drug that should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Hair loss and Acyclovir
Date: 6/3/2005
Is this a steroid medication? Does it make ones hear fall out. I took it for 10 days now 200 mg five times a day. Then a few days later, I had a second break out and was prescribed to take it for 7 days 400 mg twice a day. What do you think?


AskDocWeb: Acyclovir is not a steroid medication. It shouldn’t cause your hair to fall out when used short term. Some people have reported hair loss with long term use, as in years.

Subj: Swelling and burning around lips
Date: 6/4/2005
I have taken 800 mg a day of Acyclovir for about 2 years now with no side effects at all (just a bit of nausea the first day…quickly abated) so am wondering if the rough patches at the corners of my lips for five days or so, then yesterday and today, a burning swelling of my entire lips, especially at edges, could be a side effect of 2 years of that dosage? It feels like a chemical burn and softening the edges with salves doesn’t do anything; even the “natural” ones feel terrible. Only fresh mango seems to soothe it. The swelling and burning does not an external cause but looks like an allergic reaction to something. I take no other medications. Going to doctor on Tuesday but by phone she said Acyclovir doesn’t do that. I want a second opinion, please!


AskDocWeb: We agree with your doctor, Acyclovir is not known to do that.

Subj: Alcohol and Acyclovir
Date: 6/5/2005
I have taken Acyclovir for about 6 months, 1000mg daily. Before that I took Valtrex for about 2 years. Lately I have noticed a significant aversion to alcohol. I don’t drink much, a couple a drinks on weekends, but now a single drink gives me a headache and a hangover the next day. Could this be a side effect of Acyclovir?


AskDocWeb: It doesn’t seem likely but you should probably tell your physician about this problem and ask him if it is possible to lower your dose.

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