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About Acyclovir

If you’ve used Acyclovir, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

How to take Acyclovir
Date: 2/1/2012
I have Herpes Simplex in my private area for about 4 years. It usually occurs 3 – 4 times per year. Some outbreaks are more severe than others. I have been prescribed Acyclovir for the outbreaks– 200 mg 20 pills. I want to know the best time to start take it, like how many times a day. in witch hours, so I can get butter son.


AskDocWeb: The directions are printed on the container. If you can’t read them for some reason, you can ask the pharmacist who filled your order or call the doctor that prescribed them. For genital herpes this medication is typically started as soon as you notice symptoms (pain, burning, blisters) of an infection.

Acyclovir for shingles?
Date: 2/1/2012
Can I take acyclovir for shingles? If so, how much & how often? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Acyclovir is used to treat shingles. I shortens healing time, reduces pain, and limits the formation of new lesions. Using Acyclovir also limits the spread of the virus. Whether you need the ointment, tablets, or capsules depends on your particular condition. You would need to be evaluated by your doctor to decide how much and how often it is needed.

Is ultrasound a proven treatment for shingles?
Date: 2/3/2012
I recently had to go to a chiropractor for a back adjustment. When I advised them that I had shingles and that I was taking acyclovir 800 mg they told me that I needed to come in and after receiving a back adjustment they started giving me an 8 minute treatment of ultrasound, is this a proven treatment for shingles? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Although ultrasound has more than 60 years of clinical use, the effectiveness of ultrasound for shingles is still questionable. Ultrasound has many clinical applications but we would not rely on it for treating shingles.

Does Acyclovir effect cholesterol level?
Date: 2/9/2012
I would like to know if Acyclovir effects your colostorol level at all. I have been on it for about 1 yr and my colostorol has elevetaed substancially. Enough for me to be put on meds for it. Can you help me?

Jo Ann

AskDocWeb: Acyclovir does not appear to raise cholesterol levels. However many people who use Acyclovir also supplement with lysine. High doses of lysine may increase cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Hair loss
Date: 2/10/2012
I have noticed an increase of outbreaks over the past 6 months…I am going through a great deal of changes. My concern is I have noticed that my hair has started to thin on the top of my head and this has been since I started taking valacyclovir 2 months ago…I really dont want to lose my hair!! Can the medicine be the cause and if not what can I do??


AskDocWeb: Some people report hair loss from prolonged use of Acyclovir but not from short term use. A dermatologist may be able to give you an idea about the cause of your hair loss after an evaluation. Stress seems to be a common cause and it sounds like you have had quite a bit in the past 6 months.

Burning sensation on tongue
Date: 2/25/2012
I’m currently having a bout of shingles and I went to the doctor a bit late (5 days after the first rashes) and was prescribed Acyclovir. Yesterday (the 4th day of taking it), I started having burning sensations on the tip of my tongue (no ulcers) and which now have spread to the general front area of the tongue. Could Acyclovir have caused this?


AskDocWeb: A burning sensations on tongue is called burning mouth syndrome, which includes the lips and any area inside the mouth. This is not a side effect of Acyclovir but it is common in people with anxiety and/or depression.

Difference between cyclovex and acyclovir
Date: 3/1/2012
Good day AskDocWeb, I want to know if there is a difference between cyclovex and acyclovir. What effects can cylovex have on my unborn child…


AskDocWeb: Cyclovex is the brand name of the drug containing Acyclovir sold in Bangladesh. Acyclovir is in the FDA pregnancy category B, which means that it is not expected to be harmful to an unborn child. This medication is sold under many brand names in different countries. Here are just a few of the brand names of Acyclovir sold in countries outside of the USA:

  • Abduce in Greece
  • Acerpes in Argentina, Riemser, and Germany
  • Acevir in Peru
  • Acic Cream in Ireland
  • Acic in Bulgaria
  • Acic-Ophtal in Germany
  • Acic-Fieberblasencreme in Austria
  • Aciclin in Italy
  • Aciclo Ahimsa in Argentina
  • Aciclo Basics in Germany
  • Aciclobene ratiopharm in Austria
  • Aciclobene in Austria
  • Aciclobeta in Germany
  • Aciclo-CT in Germany
  • Aciclodan in Denmark
  • Aciclomed in Belgium
  • Aciclor in Venezuela
  • Aciclosina in Portugal
  • Aciclostad Topico VP in Spain
  • Aciclostad in Austria
  • Aciclotabs Actavis in Estonia
  • Aciclovax in Portugal
  • Aciclovir 1A Farma in Denmark
  • Aciclovir ABC in Italy
  • Aciclovir Actavis in Bulgaria
  • Actavis in Denmark, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, and Netherlands
  • Aciclovir Aguettant in France
  • Aciclovir-ratiopharm in Belgium
  • Acifar in Indonesia
  • Aciherp in Luxembourg
  • Acihexal in Australia
  • Aciklam in Lithuania
  • Aciklovir Stada in Sweden
  • Aciklovir in Serbia
  • Acivir in Australia
  • Acivirex in Guatemala
  • Acivirol in Colombia
  • AciVision in Germany
  • Acix in Poland
  • Aclovirax in Hong Kong
  • Actidas in Japan
  • Actios in Japan
  • Activir in Austria, France, South Africa
  • Acy in Italy
  • Acyclostad Galmed in Slovakia
  • Acyclostad in Bulgaria
  • Acyclo-V in Australia
  • Acyclovid in Georgia
  • Acyclovir Al in Slovakia
  • Acyclovir Denk in Ethiopia
  • Acyclovir Domesco in Vietnam
  • Acyclovir Helvepharm in Switzerland
  • Acyclovir Stada in Bulgaria
  • Acyclovir-Mepha in Switzerland
  • Acyclovir-Teva in Israel, Latvia
  • Acyl in Ethiopia
  • Acyrax in Finland
  • Acyrovin in Myanmar
  • Acyvir in Hong Kong
  • Adco-Acyclovir in South Africa
  • Aklovir in Turkey
  • Alovir in Italy
  • Amitrox in Greece
  • Amodivyr in Italy
  • Anti in Sweden
  • Antivir in Poland
  • Antix in Finland
  • Apo-Acyclovir in Canada
  • Apofarm in Argentina
  • Asiclo in Bangladesh
  • Asiviral in Turkey
  • Aspen Acyclovir in South Africa
  • Avir in Venezuela
  • Aviral in Switzerland
  • Avirase in Italy
  • Avirox in Denmark
  • Avix in Italy
  • Avorax in Sri Lanka
  • Avyclor in Italy
  • Avyplus in Italy
  • Awirol in Poland
  • Bearax in Singapore
  • Bel Labial in Spain
  • Bellvirax in Ireland
  • Blistex in Australia
  • Cargosil in Greece
  • Cevinolon in Greece
  • Chemists’ Own Cold Sore Cream in Australia
  • Chemmart Aciclovir in Australia
  • Ciclavix in Brazil
  • Cicloferon in Dominican Republic
  • Cicloviral in Colombia
  • Citivir in Georgia
  • Clinovir in Indonesia
  • Clirbest in Mexico
  • Clopes in Indonesia
  • Cloryvil GMP in Venezuela
  • Clovimix in Peru
  • Clovir in Bangladesh
  • Cloviral in Romania
  • Cloviran in Chile
  • Clovirax in Algeria
  • Cloviril in Peru
  • Clyvorax in Mexico
  • Compaclovir in Ecuador
  • Cusiviral in Bahrain
  • Cyclivex in South Africa
  • Cyclomed in Israel
  • Cyclostad in Philippines
  • Cyclovax in Hong Kong
  • Cyclovex in Bangladesh
  • Cyclovir in Bahrain
  • Cycloviran Medichrom in Greece
  • Cycloviran in Italy
  • Danovir in Indonesia
  • Declovir in Ethiopia
  • Dioxis in Argentina
  • Doc Aciclo in Luxembourg
  • Docaciclo in Belgium
  • Dravyr in Italy
  • Dynexan Herpescreme in Germany
  • Ecuvir in Ecuador
  • Efriviral in Italy
  • Elvirax in Singapore
  • Entir in Hong Kong
  • Erlvirax in Singapore
  • Erpaclovir in Greece
  • Erpizon in Greece
  • Esavir in Italy
  • Etasisen in Greece
  • Euroclovir in Hong Kong
  • Eurovir in Chile
  • Euvirox in Romania
  • Fada Aciclovir in Argentina
  • Fuviron in Italy
  • Geavir in Denmark
  • Gen-Acyclovir in Canada
  • GenRX Aciclovir in Australia
  • Hagevir in Greece
  • Hascovir in Poland
  • Helposol in Greece
  • Helvevir in Switzerland
  • Herax in Indonesia
  • Hermixsofex in Portugal
  • Hermocil in Portugal
  • Hernovir in Turkey
  • Herpavir in Denmark
  • Herpelad in Ethiopia
  • Herpelans in Latvia
  • Herperax in Sri Lanka
  • Herpesil in Brazil
  • Herpesin in Czech Republic
  • Herpesnil in Italy
  • Herpetad in El Salvador
  • Herpevir in France
  • Herpex in Portugal
  • Herpial in Spain
  • Herpiclof in Indonesia
  • Herpin in Venezuela
  • Herpleks in Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Herplex in Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Herpolips in Finland
  • HerpoMed in Austria
  • Herzkur in Greece
  • Heviran in Latvia
  • Iliaclor in Italy
  • Immunovir in Malta
  • Klovir in Venezuela
  • Koortslip in Netherlands
  • Laciken in Mexico
  • Licovir in Indonesia
  • Lippenherpescreme elac in Germany
  • Lisovyr in Chile
  • Lovir in New Zealand
  • Lovire in South Africa
  • Lovrak in Oman
  • Mapox in Luxembourg
  • Maynar Labial in Spain
  • Medovir in Bahrain
  • Menova in Peru
  • Mevirox in Tunisia
  • Molavir in Indonesia
  • Neldim in Greece
  • Neviran in Italy
  • Nockwoo Acyclovir in Vietnam
  • Nu-Acyclovir in Canada
  • Oftavir in Chile
  • Opthavir in Mexico
  • Ozvir in Australia
  • Palovir in Indonesia
  • Pharex Aciclovir in Philippines
  • Pharmaniaga Aciclovir in Malaysia
  • Poviral in Indonesia
  • Provirsan in Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • Pulibex in Greece
  • Qualiclovir in Hong Kong
  • Quavir in Indonesia
  • Ranvir in Czech Republic
  • ratio-Acyclovir in Canada
  • Remex in France
  • Rexan in Italy
  • Riduvir in Italy
  • Roidil in Ecuador
  • Sanavir in Italy
  • Silovir in Turkey
  • Simplevir in Dominican Republic
  • Sophivir in Costa Rica
  • Supra-Vir in Israel
  • Supraviran in Luxembourg
  • Telviran in Hungary
  • Temiral in Indonesia
  • Terry White Chemists Aciclovir in Australia
  • Uniclovyr in Peru
  • Uniplex in Greece
  • Vacrax in Singapore
  • Vercusron in Japan
  • Verpir in Greece
  • Vidaclovir in Hong Kong
  • Vilerm in Thailand
  • Viraban in New Zealand
  • Viralex in Ecuador
  • Viralief in Ireland
  • Viralis in Indonesia
  • Viratac in New Zealand
  • Viratop in Belgium
  • Vircovir in Indonesia
  • Virest in Hong Kong
  • Virestat in Mexico
  • Vireth in Indonesia
  • Virex in Colombia
  • Virherpes Forte in Spain
  • Virherpes Topico in Spain
  • Virine in Bangladesh
  • Virless in Singapore
  • Virmen Topico in Spain
  • Viroclear in Hong Kong
  • Virolex in Bosnia & Herzegowina
  • ViroMed in Austria
  • Vironida LCH in Peru
  • Vironida in Chile
  • Virosil in Turkey
  • Virostatic in Argentina
  • Viroxi in Bangladesh
  • Virpes in Oman
  • Virtaz in Indonesia
  • Virucalm in Switzerland
  • Virucid in Malta
  • Viruderm in Spain
  • Virulax Heumann in Germany
  • Virules in Indonesia
  • Virupos in Turkey
  • Viru-Pos in Poland
  • Virusan in Peru
  • Virustat in Oman
  • Virusteril in Greece
  • Virux in Bangladesh
  • Virzin in Germany
  • Vivir in Myanmar
  • Vivorax in Georgia
  • Voraclor in Italy
  • Vyrohexal in South Africa
  • Xiclovir in Argentina
  • Xorovir in Poland
  • Xorox in Austria
  • Your Pharmacy Aciclovir in Australia
  • Zeramil in Greece
  • Zevin in Hong Kong
  • Zidovimm in Greece
  • Zinolium Aciclovir in Netherlands
  • Zirconia in Mexico
  • Ziverone in Mexico
  • Zoliparin in Germany
  • Zoral in Hong Kong
  • Zorax in Singapore
  • Zoraxin in Hong Kong
  • Zoter in Indonesia
  • Zov 800 in Portugal
  • Zovicrem Labial in Spain
  • Zovir in Denmark
  • Zoviraxlabiale in Italy
  • Zoylex in Peru
  • Zyclir in Australia
  • Zyclorax in Indonesia
  • Acic in Luxembourg
  • Aciclobene Pulver in Austria
  • Acyrax in Finland
  • DBL Aciclovir in New Zealand
  • Erpizon in Greece
  • Geavir in Denmark
  • Herpesin in Czech Republic
  • Heviran in Poland
  • Klovireks-L in Turkey
  • Supraviran in Germany
  • Virherpes in Spain
  • Virolex in Croatia (Hrvatska)
  • Xorox in Romania
  • Zovir in Iceland
  • Zovirax in Spain, Portugal, Antigua & Barbuda, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba

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