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If you’ve used Acyclovir, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Life long misery
Date: 2/10/2005
In the past year I’ve had 6 small outbreaks- visibly seen on my body, but still unsure about my genitals. I still don’t know if I have simplex 1 or 2. When I lost my virginity 15 years ago I had a one night stand with someone I don’t really know. After that, I took myself to Planned Parenthood. Upon vaginal exam, the practitioner immediately said I had genital herpes. Recently I tried getting my medical records from them, but they said any records over 7 years have been destroyed.

Anyway, I have been married to the same man for 8 years and have been having unprotected sex with him. To this day he has never had any symptoms of herpes which should be easy to detect on men, especially if it were a first outbreak- unless cold sores (inside, never outside the mouth) count. Anyway, my breakouts occur behind my knee, my butt cheeks and for a while I’d break out on my forehead. They would show as cluster forms the size of a dime. All these have been happening for 15 years. I have 2 daughters that I delivered vaginally and I see my gynecologist regularly but has yet to diagnose me. I am so confused with so many questions…

1) Is there a way for me to find out if I truly have HSV1 or HSV2.

2) I am on and off with my acyclovir and recently had a new outbreak on my nose after messing around with a whitehead that I thought got infected, but became an outbreak. so I started on acyclovir 800m x5days for 10 days, then I stopped. But in the same month I had like a three vesicle breakout on my left butt cheek. Small, but an outbreak never the less… I guess my second question is… am I taking my meds wrong? I recently refilled my prescription and apparently my doctor prescribed for 800 mg TID EVERY DAY. Have I been misusing my acyclovir and that’s what’s causing my small outbreaks? And how about the dose. Is it too high? Do I continue with that recommended dose? Or should I only take it when I’m about to break out?

What if it’s HSV2? I don’t want to infect my husband, but then again we’ve been sexually active for over 10 years! Which brings me back to my first question… How do I know which HSV I have? Help me straighten out a life long misery of mystery.


AskDocWeb: A simple blood test is all it takes to determine which one you have. Just make an appointment with your physician and tell him this is what you want.

Subj: Acyclovir and alcohol
Date: 2/17/2006
I have been taking this drug for a day now. However I have also been taking alcohol. What effect does alcohol have on the drug?


AskDocWeb: None.

Subj: Acyclovir side effects
Date: 2/17/2006
I was diagnosed with genital herpes at age 19 and am now 41. I have been taking Acyclovir for 22 years. I created my own regiment of a single 200 mg pill in the morning on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So 800mg total per week. I see an outbreak on average every 14-16 months and it lasts on average about 3-6 days total. My Doctor says, “If it works that well, then sounds like the perfect dosage to me!” I have noticed if I take 3 or more 200mg pills daily during outbreak I get a headache. And mild diarrhea is a pretty common thing for me. Hope this helps.


Subj: Pain in joints and spine
Date: 2/18/2006
I’ve been taking Acylovir for 3 days now, they think I might have HSV 2. I’ve noticed some pain in my joints and spine. Is this normal. It comes and goes?


AskDocWeb: About 5% of people taking 500mg and 6% of those taking one gram daily have this side effect.

Subj: Planning a pregnancy
Date: 2/23/2006
Is there any role of acyclovir treatment in a CMV IgG positive woman with no immunosuppresion, planning a pregnancy.


AskDocWeb: This is the type of thing you need to discuss with your physician. Once you do that you can return here to tell others what you find out.

Subj: Acyclovir for Chickenpox
Date: 3/3/2006
My 21 months old daughter has just been prescribed with Acyclovir for Chickenpox as she seems to have it on her one eye ball. Is she too young for this treatment? Would it be better to let the chickenpox just run its course? I would hate for her to have eye damage because of non-treatment.


AskDocWeb: You’re right, it would be much better for her if she is treated with Acyclovir, eye sight is precious.

Subj: Problems
Date: 3/6/2006
I have been taking Acyclovir for 2-1/2 mos. I have not had a menstrual period for the 2-1/2 mo period while on Acyclovir. I am also experiencing memory loss. I have had several episodes of a “frozen” state lasting several seconds where I swallow rapidly, but can’t speak, or think of what I want to say. I am aware of my surroundings and am fine afterwards? Could this be a side effect to Acyclovir??


AskDocWeb: No, most certainly not. Make an appointment with a Neurologist about this as soon as possible.

Subj: Double dosed Acyclovir
Date: 3/7/2006
I am currently taking acyclovir 200 mg. And I took two pills at the same time because I missed one. Not realizing I shouldn’t double dose. And then I took another one 2 hours later. I feel fine, but should I be worried? How many pills would be considered an overdose?


AskDocWeb: You will likely be fine, but don’t do it again. It can cause a headache and vomiting but that’s about it.

Subj: Shingles
Date: 3/27/2006
I was told that I had shingles, and given acyclovir. I had an analyphalic shock reaction to penicillin last year and have severe panic attacks. I am so afraid to take the medication. Would I be at risk for another reaction experienced with penicillin? Also would the cream be just as effective without the side effects?


AskDocWeb: The cream will not work as well as the pills. Acyclovir is a completely different drug than penicillin so you should be okay.

Subj: Long term side effects of Acyclovir
Date: 3/28/2006
I’ve been using acyclovir for suppressive therapy for about 2 years with insomnia, weight loss, rashes on my face, hands and neck. I then noticed my hair thinning out at the front (there’s no male pattern baldness on either side of my family). After doing some research I found out these where side effects from acyclovir.

I stopped using acyclovir for 4 months now and the rashes and insomnia is gone, I’ve gained back most of my weight, but my hair hasn’t regrown. My question is will my hair regrow (grow back)? I’m now using L-lysine therapy with great success; sometimes I use 3 grams per day. Is it safe to use L-lysine? I’ve read that L-lysine can cause an increase in blood cholesterol.


AskDocWeb: Many people use lysine with good affects. You probably will not grow the hair back without using something to encourage that growth, something like Procerin, Minoxidil, or Propecia. Sorry to hear that you put up with insomnia for 2 years, that is amazing. We would not be that tolerant with such side effects.

Subj: Acyclovir after laser treatment?
Date: 3/28/2006
I am having laser treatment on my eyes to correct vision and because I had a herpes ulcer on my eye 15 years ago, my ophthalmic surgeon wants me to take acyclovir tablets for a whole year after the laser treatment…. is this justified ..I have not had an outbreak of herpes since then…and I am reluctant to subject my body to this especially as I already take amytriptyline for FMS… and I am anti nuclear antibody positive. Would appreciate your advice/thoughts thanks for your time


AskDocWeb: Yes his decision is justified, he’s being very careful that no outbreak will occur during the healing process.

Subj: Missed a menstrual cycle
Date: 3/29/2006
Hello, My Wife aged 24yrs. suffered from Chicken Pox from 23rd February, 2006. The Doctor prescribed Aciclovir 800×4 for 5 days. Her menstrual cycle started on 24th February, 2006. But now she is missing her next menstrual cycle date although she is not pregnant. Could Acyclovir be the reason?


AskDocWeb: Both stress and illness can cause an irregular mensis. Since your wife was ill that is more likely what caused it.

Subj: Doctor told me
Date: 3/31/2006
My doctor told me that the acyclovir would completely clear my herpes and I would have no more outbreaks after taking it. How true is this? What I have read tells me that it will lessen the severity of the outbreaks.


AskDocWeb: Your doctor probably wanted you to think positive and was just practicing psychology on you.

Subj: Acyclovir for chicken pox
Date: 4/8/2006
Is it safe to take acyclovir during chicken pox? Will there be any long term side effects? Will it cause any other sickness? Does it suppers the chicken pox virus from coming out and if so, is it okay for health? Pls advise. Many thanks,


AskDocWeb: Yes valtrex is safe to take for chicken pox, with no long term side effects, and it will not cause any other sickness.

Subj: Dry eyelids
Date: 4/8/2006
Acyclovir has been a real godsend for occasional outbreaks around my lips and chin. However, lately I’ve noticed redness and dryness of my eyelids and the skin around my eyes. Could this be an allergic reaction to Acyclovir? Does taking Acyclovir increase the chances of an allergic reaction to another substance, for instance, makeup? I checked the Physician’s Desk Reference and found little about dryness or skin allergies as possible side effects. Acyclovir is the only drug I’m taking.


AskDocWeb: No, but this could be the result of old mascara or eye shadow use, buy new. Acyclovir doesn’t affect the skin differently where a woman would be applying makeup.

Subj: Improper use of Acyclovir
Date: 4/21/2006
What are the side effects of irregular and improper use of Acyclovir


AskDocWeb: It is not as affective in controlling outbreaks.

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