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If you have used Adipex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using Adipex? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Another appetite suppressant?
Date: 8/20/2007
I started Adipex 2 weeks ago and did not lose anything yet! I have heard/read nothing but positive feedback from others using Adipex. It seems that almost everyone except me has lost something the first week using Adipex! …I walk 4 miles 2-3 times a week (in under 1 hour) I eat small light meals/snacks every 3 hours to try and keep my metabolism working and I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day yet…nothing! (I even had my thyroid checked and it is okay)…Is 2 weeks 2 soon to expect any weight loss? Should I give the Adipex more time to work for me or ask my doctor for another appetite suppressant? I needed to lose weight yesterday!!!! Please advise!


AskDocWeb: Yes, it sounds like you need a change.

Subj: Very happy with Adipex
Date: 8/21/2007
I started adipex on 08/04/2007. I was 170lbs. Today is 08/21/2007 and I’m down to 163lbs. Tomorrow I will start walking 2 1/2 miles a day to help speed up the weight loss. I am very happy with adipex. The first week it made me nervous, jittery, and dry mouth. By the second week most of the symptoms wore off I still have a dry mouth but I drink alot of water during the day, to help with that. People have already stated that I’m am losing weight, but I haven’t told anyone that I’m taking adipex. I will post again in a week. Good luck everyone on adipex!


Subj: Recommended!
Date: 8/23/2007
I have been on Adipex for three almost two weeks now and feel great- I have much more energy and I do not crave sugar-especially at night-I think the drug is great if you work with you doctor and monitor your progress-I also joined weight watchers to help me focus on how to eight right once I am off the drug-Weight Watchers is a great program to teach you the right way to eat-Adipex does not teach you how to eat it just helps you have more control to make better choices.- Recommended!


Subj: Lose 30 pounds a month?
Date: 8/24/2007
I have been taking adipex for exactly 2 weeks now. I did experience the headaches nonstop each day for 5 days straight and my height is about 5’2 and starting at 245.5. After just 14 days of increased exercises following a healthy eating plan and this appetite suppressant I am now down to 235. I have been drinking lots of water and walking at least 2 miles per day and feeling alot more energized than usual. I never drank water before but adipex suppressed my appetite and I forced myself to eat the healthier things because I felt that I still had to consume some foods.

It seems that I am losing fast and my goal is 150 and I plan to get there with the aid of adipex but not dependent on it to be a miracle pill for my entire life. I am using adipex to my advantage now as I train my self to eat healthier and to know the facts about the foods I consume in my body. I know that I will one day get immune to adipex but I will be good when that happens because I only use it as an aid realizing the lifestyle change that has to be made. My blood pressure was up a little but my doctor says not to worry but we check it weekly. I am very moody almost like a pregnant woman and very emotional and serious than usual. I have had a cold and bad cough for about 2 weeks could this be why my blood pressure has risen a bit while taken adipex too doctor? Is it healthy to lose 30 lbs. in one month taking adipex as I do and walking 2 miles per day 4 days out the week and drinking lots of water?


AskDocWeb: Loosing a pound a day is healthy and just right.

Subj: Cardiac arrest
Date: 8/24/2007
Yes my daughter just died from a cardiac arrest, she was on adipex (phan) pill she never had a medical condition before taking the died pills. Could this be the cause of her death? She was a healthy 23 year old girl with no problems just a cold every now and then normal things, please give me some input. Thanks,

A concerned mother

P.S. Her son is without a mother now and I need to know something, I miss my daughter.


AskDocWeb: Losing a child is a terrible tragedy and you have our condolences. We didn’t find anything linking Adipex with cardiac arrest but other weight loss drugs like Meridia and Xenical have been the target of a consumer advocacy group called Public Citizen. They have called for the FDA to pull both Meridia and Xenical from the market. In the case of Meridia, Public Citizen cites 49 deaths from cardiac arrest linked to the drug and 124 reports of other cardiac problems developed by those taking the drug. With Xenical it is the threat of colon cancer. Xenical has been shown to increase aberrant crypt foci (ACF) cells in the colon in rats. ACF cells are widely thought to be a precursor to colon cancer. Consumer Reports has written articles about both medications and says you’d do better to stick with old-fashioned diet and exercise.

Subj: Why is bad for long-term?
Date: 9/5/2007
I am not really over weight. I needed to loose 10 lbs. for cheerleading and my doctor gave me adipex for 3 months. I only took it for 2 months and lost 8 1/2 pounds and felt absolutely great. While on this pill, I had energy, I stayed calm (rare for me) and my sex drive was out of this world and I usually have no sex drive. Now that I am not taking it anymore, I have gained 4 lbs. and have no drive whatsoever. What is in this pill that made me feel so good and why is so bad for me long term?


AskDocWeb: We can only guess which ingredient, if any, caused you to have an increased sex drive. The manufacturer says that it is for short-term management of obesity. Using it for anything else or using it long-term would be drug abuse. There isn’t an actual study available to tell us what effects occur over a long period of time.

Subj: Metoprolol
Date: 9/5/2007
I was prescribed metoprolol 25mg by my doctor for mild high blood pressure and now I am going to start taking adipex. Should I stop taking the metoprolol while I am taking the adipex or can I take both at the same time?


AskDocWeb: You may not be able to stop the metoprolol without having your blood pressure go up. This is something you need to consult with your doctor about; they may want to monitor your blood pressure.

Subj: I love adipex
Date: 9/14/2007
when I first started taking adepex I used 10 pills (which are the smallest pills I have ever seen)one a day and had lost 11 pounds. I was extremely motivated. I am now taking the pills again. I weigh 196 lbs and would like to get down to 135. when I started taking the pills I experienced sleepless nights and dry mouth the first few days but nothing severe. the first day I took it I felt a little lite headed but I think it was because I wasn’t used to not eating. I love adipex and will not stop taking it till I loose 61 pounds.


Subj: Started taking adipex
Date: 9/14/2007
I have started taking adipex on yesterday…I only took half a pill yesterday because my doctor told me to break the pills in half and take one/half when I wake up and take the other before 12 noon, so it wouldn’t disturb my sleep. I woke up this morning feeling lighter, which always feels good. I didn’t have an appetite after taking the pill yesterday. Today I took a pill (half around 7:30 AM and the other half around 11:30AM). I haven’t had an appetite all day and just a little dry mouth. I drink water (made myself do this). I will try to eat a slice of pizza. So far so good! No side effects so far! I’ll let you know in a few months. Also, my mother has been taking the generic (phentermine)for about 3 1/2 weeks and so far has lost 17 pounds w/o exercising. She hasn’t been hungry, but makes herself eat peanut butter cookies and salads and drinks plenty of water. Looking forward to similar effect. Wish me luck!


AskDocWeb: We wish you good luck Lisa. And remember to share your results with others here.

Subj: Lost an amazing 125 lbs but
Date: 9/18/2007
I used adipex about 6 years ago, and lost an amazing 125 lbs. in two months, but I had nothing to do but work out 6 hours a day and barely eat. I KNOW THAT WAS the wrong way to do it!, so this time, I started taking adipex only half in the morning with a small meal, and eating a reasonable dinner, the results are amazing, I still have another 75 lbs. to go till I feel satisfied, but I have lost 45 lbs. in two months and its only me walking at the park for about a mile a day!. Headaches are horrible though, and my anger issues are ugghhh! DON’T go there! HORRIBLE, but once I reach my desired weight I will not take them again and just keep up some exercise and eating right.


AskDocWeb: Wow! With losing 125 pounds in just two months it is a wonder that you weren’t hospitalized. The fact that you are dieting again is proof (at least for you) that losing weight fast just doesn’t work in the long run. Losing weight slowly gives you time to adjust to the changes and you are more likely to maintain a desirable weight.

Subj: Love Adipex
Date: 9/28/2007
I love Adipex. I have been taking it for about 7 months now. I have lost 40 lbs. The only problem with it is that my body gets immune and I have to change up medication every once in a while. I have been on it though on and off for about 6 or 7 years and it is truly a “miracle drug”. I needed a little boost to help me out and this is truly the thing to help.


Subj: I love these pills
Date: 10/3/2007
I’ve been on Adipex for just about one month and have lost 13 lbs.! Until I read this site, I wasn’t doing any exercise as I was afraid to increase my heartrate even more than what the pill was doing. I have, however, totally changed how I eat. I don’t snack at all. No candy, cookies, soda, junk – I eat fruit, chicken, turkey, etc. and have even started drinking plain water (or I water down iced tea since I hate plain water). I will be jumping on that treadmill tomorrow, though! I love these pills – and since I will only get them for 3 months (I think) I want to make the most of it! I will update you on my progress. The only thing is, I’m not getting that energy you guys are talking about — the first day I couldn’t sleep (I nap in the mornings) but now, I can take a pill and 2 hrs later I can sleep for 3-4 hrs! I do have 2 kids – so maybe that’s why I’m so tired! LOL


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