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If you have used Adipex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using Adipex? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Generic version
Date: 3/25/2010
Hi, I am 25 years old and I weight 235. Today is my first day in taking the generic version of adepix so far I have ton’s of energy. I do not have a scale but I plant to get one. I am also not hungry. Usually I would b in the bed sleep. Hopefull this works. I will be happy getting down to 170.


Subj: Is there something else?
Date: 3/26/2010
I have only been taken adpex about 45 days off and on, had to stop taking it after the first 2 weeks got so sick all the time, and very dizzy!!! Have went back on it for 2 more weeks I’m so tired I have to make my self get up to take a shower. I have no sex drive at all! It makes me never want to get eat bez nause all the time. I’ve lost about 15 pounds. Is there something else u can try?

AskDocWeb: Yes, there are alternatives to Adipex. Just ask your doctor which one would work best for you.

Subj: 4 months on Adipex
Date: 3/28/2010
I have been on Adipex since Nov 09, it is now March 09. I have lost 27 lbs. I work out three days a week, I don’t drink alot of water, I like the energy, but I do have mood swings and my face will get so hot, I can feel my ears burning. Why doesn’t my doc have me take a brake in between? I am 5’7′ my start weight was 198 lb. I weigh 171 now. I have never had high blood pressure before. My actually is on the low side. Also My heart rate gets up to 160-170 when I walk on the tread mill is that ok?


AskDocWeb: Although the FDA limits most such drugs to three months, healthcare providers have discretion about how long they prescribe weight loss drugs. It sounds like you need to establish your maximum safe heart rate (HRmax). This varies significantly from one individual to the next. Even among Olympic rowers in their 20s, the maximum safe heart rate varies from 160 to 220. There are over 40 different formulas for calculating a safe HRmax, all of them unacceptable from one viewpoint or another. The formula we use is: HRmax = 206.3 – (0.711 × age). Of course what is safe for you will depend on your physiology and fitness.

Since you are working with a tread mill a more useful number would be your THR or Training Heart Rate. This is the desired range of heart rate reached during aerobic exercise that enables your heart and lungs to receive the most benefit from a workout. This range varies according to your physical condition, gender, and previous training. Here is an easy way to calculate your Target Heart Rate. The “intensity” of the workout is expressed as a percentage of your HRmax. Your THR can range from 65% to 85% in intensity. However, it is crucial to derive an accurate HRmax to ensure these calculations are meaningful (see above).

For example, someone with a HRmax of 180 may figure two different workouts, one for maintenance and a stronger one for building ability like so:

THR at 65% intensity = (220 – (age in years)) * 0.65

THR at 85% intensity = (220 – (age in years)) * 0.85

Subj: Adipex works
Date: 3/30/2010
I started using Adipex 3/14/10 and have lost 14 pounds as of today which is 3/30/10! I am so excited and motivated…I know I will reach my 30 pound goal….However, it took work and effort on my end to lose this weight…I drink at least 64 oz of water a day…I work out for 30 minutes, 5x a week and I am on a low carb diet(my intake consists of good carbs such as fruits and vegetables). The way I look at the Adipex pill is-it makes me do things that I should normally do anyway to faciliate weight loss. It makes me thirsty/gives me dry mouth so that I drink lots of water. It gives me energy so I work out. It suppresses my appetite so I plan healthy meals!

Did the effects of this pill decrease after the 2nd week? Yes, but I’d already created a routine for myself and didn’t stray away from it. There have been times when I have given into my craving for carbs…but it hasnt had a significant bearing on my weight loss. What I have noticed is that when I dont drink a t least 64 ounces of water, I either remain the same in my weight or I will gain a pound. After I lose 30 pounds…my next goal will be to maintain my weight. I plan to still consume the same amount of water and continue my workout plan…but I will slowly increase good carbs into my diet (such as whole wheat and grains) and only indulge in bad carbs as a treat! Hopefully I will continue to do well….so good luck to all and I hope this pill works for you the way it has for me!


Subj: I highly recommend it
Date: 3/30/2010
I have been taking Adipex for about 9 days and I have lost 8pounds. I weighed 218 i now weigh 210 that was checked on 3 diffrent types of scales. Although my doctor put me on a 1000 calorie diet, I’ve not eating healthy but I cant eat alot. I may have a snack for breakfast(biscuit) and a snack for lunch (sandwhich n soda) and then I cant eat for the rest of the day. I eat 30 mins after taking a pill. I take my pills once a day. I hate water so I may drink a cup before I go to bed. I know thats sad but true. I have more energy on this pill and it cut my cravings out. Ive only worked out twice on the pill doing a cardio for 12mins. So overall I have to say it works EXCELLENT I imagin if I only ate fruit vegitables and grilled or bake meats, cut out breads and drink more water I would probably loose more than that. My only side effects is I dont really have a headache but my head feels funny like im stairing in the sun with no shades on. So I find myself frowning. I do have extreme dry mouth but because I dont like water I just eat ice and keep lip gloss on. LOL I highly recommend it. And by writing this I realized I’m shortening myself so I will stick to my diet and give you an update.


Subj: Insomnia
Date: 3/31/2010
Hi! My doctor prescribed me Adipex. I have 3 days with insomia I can’t sleep. I stop taking it. Do you think I should go back to adipex?

AskDocWeb: We think you should talk to your doctor about any side effect that becomes unacceptable. Sometimes side effects are a sign that your medication needs to be adjusted.

Subj: Dry mouth and constipation
Date: 4/1/2010
I have been taking Adipex for a month it has worked well for me I lost ten pounds in the first 3 weeks. However it does cause dry mouth and constipation but i don’t get hungry and when I do eat I can’t eat much or I fell like I am going to be sick. I think adipex works pretty well but I also stopped drinking soda and eating junk and have better portion control when it comes to food. Excercise is important also so me and my daughter who is overweight at age 11 have joined Curves. I also take Bontril both were prescribed by a physician who also recommended a prenatal vitamin.


Subj: Taking Adipex and still hungry
Date: 4/4/2010
I went to the diet doctor 4 days ago. I took an adipex p 37.5mg. as soon as I got it filled. I felt nothing. Still hungry and even a little sleepy. I do take prozac at night 40 mg. I have taken adipex before and it gave me lots of energy and the thought of food made me sick. I even took 2 and felt nothing. I am wondering if the prozac keeps the adipex from working or did the drugstore Walgreens give me something that just looks like adipex. How can I tell the difference between real adipex and fake? Thanks!

AskDocWeb: The Walgreens pharmacy has an excellent reputation and it is highly unlikely that they would do anything like that. There are pictures of real Adipex here. One of the problems with most diet drugs, including Adipex, is that the body develops a tolerance for them and the longer you use the drug the less effective it becomes. The use of many diet drugs is limited to 3 months or less.

Subj: I am surprised
Date: 4/13/2010
I have taken Adipex for the last 2 months but as soon as this months supply is gone, IM DONE…YES it does help you lose weight but its nothing more than legalized Crystal Meth. It gives you the exact same feeling, the staying up for days, and the scaryest thing for me would be laying in bed and my heart beating 125 beats a minute IN A RESTING state. I am surprised that more people have not died from this horrible drug. Also surprised at the ease in which the “doctors” at these clinics give it out, whether you’ve lost weight or not previously and no limit on how many months you can continue to get it…I cant wait to go for a jog and get on a treadmill, no matter how sore I may be the next day, I wont feel no where near the physological effects that adipex gives you……BE CAREFUL PEOPLE


Subj: Menstrual cycle and pregnancy tests
Date: 4/15/2010
I have been on adipex for almost 3 weeks. I am losing weight and feel great. However; I am experiencing changes in my menstrual cycle such as being very late. I have taken several pregnancy tests which have come back negative. Can this drug alter the outcome of the tests and/or changes in my cycle?


AskDocWeb: It is not known to alter the results of pregnancy tests but it has been reported to cause changes in the menstrual cycle.

Subj: Birth control?
Date: 4/19/2010
I am on the marena bithcontrol, will Adipex affect that?


AskDocWeb: No, Adipex has no affect on the effectiveness of birth control pills.

Subj: Weight loss
Date: 4/19/2010
I have been on adipex (generic form) for 4 weeks. I have lost 3 or 4 lbs. Do you know why my weight loss is so little?


AskDocWeb: The two most likely reasons are not exercising and not changing eating habits. It is a mistake to rely on the pill alone for weight loss. That just makes you dependent on the drug to keep the weight off and you gain the weight back when the prescription runs out.

Subj: Decided to have a baby
Date: 4/21/2010
I been taking adipex for about 3 months and lost about 27 pounds which is great and I love the new body but now me and the husband have decided to try to have a baby are 1st so guess the new body will hopefully be the oppisite and pregnate, well I tossed the adipex of course. Well my question is will this make it harder to get pregnate if so it wasnt worth the weight. Well plz help me! And thank you so much!


AskDocWeb: We have seen nothing to indicate that Adipex has any affect on the ability to get pregnant. So relax and good luck with making a family.

Subj: Maintain my current body weight
Date: 4/21/2010
I took adipex for about a month, and lost about 20 pounds. While I was already on a diet plan prior to starting adipex, my doctor wanted me to lose weight more quickly to see if it would help alleviate some knee pain that I was having. I have been off of the drug for about a few days now, an I am just wondering if it is ok to return to eating a normal amount of calories for my body weight again, or if I should gradually work my way back up? I was consuming in between 1,000-1,200 cal/day on adipex, and according to a dietitian I should be consuming 2,200 calories/day to maintain my current body weight. What should I do? The past few days I’ve been eating between 1,400-1,600 calories. Thanks!


AskDocWeb: That would depend on what your doctor thinks about your situation. Do you need to lose more weight? Talk to your doctor and find out.

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