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If you have used Adipex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using Adipex? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Lost 33 pounds
Date: 5/28/2010
I used Adipex for about 3 months and lost 33 pounds…changed my eating habits and kept the weight off for about 1 1/2 years…then last summer I was adding on to my house, hurt my knee and 20 pounds returned. I want to go back on Adipex but the doctor will not prescribe it any more for me. I felt great and lost the weight without any problems. I am 65 years old and really want to loose the 20 pounds. I am not able to walk the 2 miles a day since I just had arthocopic surgery but will go back to the walking after July 8th (I hope). I like to find a doctor who will prescibe Adipex but so far I have not been successful…


Subj: Do not take caffeine with Adipex
Date: 6/7/2010
I started taking Adipex 05.27.10. 8 days later, I had lost 9 pounds. I am due to go back in for a weight and BP check with my Dr. in a couple days (at the 2-week mark), and expect to have lost about that much again. From day 1 I could feel it working. I’m 26, and have battled with obesity my entire life. Diet and exercise weren’t enough to battle the weight, and I think I have tried every diet trend out there. We even bought the P 90 X program, and let me tell you, that thing definitely whips your butt. But I would still plateau out and not be able to lose any more weight. I have three young children, ages 5 years, 14 months, and 2 months. I tipped the scales during my last pregnancy at 300 pounds, having gained about 35 pounds during the course of that pregnancy.

After giving birth, I lost the weight I had put on with pregnancy, as well as a few more pounds, but was still seriously concerned about my weight. I’ve always been big. I was tired of not being able to keep up with my kids or enjoy doing things with them. My weight was dangerously high, and I am still quite young. I knew I had to make a change, or there was a strong possibility that I would not be around to enjoy my kids growing up, much less participate in their lives! After talking with my doctor, she prescribed Adipex. I suffer from depression, and post-partum had kicked in full swing, so I am also taking Prozac, which is typically something warned against. However, without it, I suffer from very intense depression.

On top of this, with 3 young children, I was always tired, so the side effects of the increased energy was a huge bonus for me! I take Adipex in the morning after making breakfast for the kids (about 9 am), and I am still going strong when I put the last one to bed (about 9 PM), thus allowing me to be able to stay awake to spend some time with my husband for a few hours at night before going to bed. Before this, I would pass out from exhaustion on the couch shortly after tucking in the last kid and my husband and I would hardly see each other. I have experienced some slight nausea and dizziness, which has been manageable. My appetite has drastically decreased. I was an emotional eater. I ate when I was upset, bored, stressed, happy, whatever. Now I have to force myself to eat a full meal a day, and I will have one or two small snacks (some nuts, fruit, or yogurt) during the course of the day. I can honestly say I am never really even hungry anymore!

I do need to say that you should be very careful about taking anything with caffeine in it. I wasn’t even thinking about it and popped a couple of 200 mg caffeine pills last night with the mindset that I wanted to get a bunch of things done while the kids were asleep. About 20 minutes later I had one of those “doh!” moments and realized what I had done-but it was too late. Not even another 20 minutes had passed and my breathing became labored and my heart rate spiked. I got dizzy and couldn’t even stand up for fear of vomiting. DO NOT TAKE CAFFEINE WITH ADIPEX!


Subj: How long will it take?
Date: 6/10/2010
i have never taking adipex but i have a appointment today! i weigh 165 and am 5 feet tall. my average weight for my size is no more than 125. how long will it take me to loss 40 lbs?


AskDocWeb: If you lose about a pound a day then it could take about six weeks. Of course that also depends on how well you follow the instructions for making lifestyle changes with you eating and exercise.

Subj: Horrible sad/irritable feeling
Date: 6/11/2010
Hello all, I have been on Apidex for about 4 days. I have lost 4 pounds already!! I will say though the first two days i had a horrible sad/irritable feeling. I have two small kids and i found myself getting mad at them for no reason. So i decided to just take 1/2 a pill in the am and half in the pm. Im fine now and have no side effects! So i would recommend if you have side effects try lowering your dose and see if that works! So far so good!! Thanks,


Subj: Is Adipex the same as Phentermine?
Date: 6/13/2010
Hi! I was wondering I got adipex from my doc, but when I took it to filled at walmart they gave me phentermine?? And told me it’s the same thing it’s the generic kind. And that it works the same. Is this true??


AskDocWeb: It is the same drug but it is sold under another name. Adipex is the best selling brand name of the drug Phentermine.

Subj: Jump start my weight loss
Date: 6/14/2010
I have been using Adipex off and on for the past 8 months and I have lost a total of 42 pounds so far. I have more energy and walk 2 miles a day as well as have gotten much better control over what I eat and how much. I have minor side affects (some dry mouth, trouble sleeping, and bouts of breakouts on my face), but they are all VERY minor and I will trade them for making it to my goal weight!

I used the Adipex to get me jump started and after I lost the first 20 pounds I weaned off of it and lost the next 15 on my own. I just recently got back on it to jump start my weight loss again. There are risks to it just like any other medication you take, but I feel the benefits far outweigh the side affects so far. I don’t want to be on it forever, but it has been an AWESOME aid in helping me get control of my life and my weight. I feel great and at 27 years old, feel better about myself than I have in 10 years. 🙂


Subj: Yeast infection
Date: 6/17/2010
I have been on several cycles of Adipex over the last 2 years. My first cycle worked wonders. I had lost over 40 pounds. However, since then I have been bouncing around at the same weight. My big problem with Adipex is during my second cycle of the medicine I began getting Yeast infections. I had never had a yeast infection in my life until then. I consulted my gynecologist and they said they didn’t now why I was getting them but treated me. After my first infection I kept getting recurrent infections and then after a while my pH was so screwed up I was on all sorts of medications to try and keep from getting another one.
I switched doctors after about a year and my new doc told me to keep an eye on the medication I was taking to see if anything corresponded to my infections and she put me on a regimen to even out my pH. At that time I was just finishing my last month of a 3 month cycle of adipex. My problems stopped for about 6 months. Now I started taking my next cycle and I am about 1 month into it and the yeast infection is back. My husband and I are now convinced that this medicine is the problem. My question is what is it about Adipex that would cause this?


AskDocWeb: Yeast infection is not listed as one of the possible side effects of Adipex but there are a few reports of that. It is possible that yeast infections might be one of the rare side effects. Hopefully you may find something useful in this report on Yeast Infections.

Subj: Skipping sleep
Date: 6/22/2010
I am 5’4 and weigh 207 pounds and my bmi is 35, my Dr. Prescribed me adipex and I took my first pill 6-21-10 at 11AM and it is now 6-22-10, 7AM and I didn’t sleep a wink and I feel like I could run thirty laps in downtown Indy! I don’t like skipping out on sleep, with four kids I need to be alert. Will this side affect subside?


AskDocWeb: If you read some of the recent comments you will see several reports of an initial energy boost by those taking Adipex. Typically this lasts only a few days as the body adjusts to the drug. As others have mentioned, taking any other stimulants, including coffee or cola only increases this side effect.

Subj: Thyroid problem
Date: 6/22/2010
I have been on adipex for about a month now. I weighed about 100 pounds (I’m 5′ 2″) when I got pregnent with my son three and a half years ago. I gained 80 pounds during pregnancy and lost all but about 20-30 pounds of it. I got serious about losing the weight and cut out sweets and salty snacks. Started eating baked fish, salads (with no fat dressing and no extras!) and steamed broccoli. I didn’t drink pop and gained 20 pounds in a month! I talked to my dr and she said my thyroid was the problem but didn’t want to do anything yet! So over the last three years I have battled with all the weight loss ideas: Weight watchers, curves, south beach diet, no carb diets, detoxes, weight loss pills, etc.! All with no help, I just kept putting on the weight, slowly but steadily.

Finally I switched Dr’s and was put on Adipex, my aunt has had AMAIZING results and with the family history, the weight loss is not about vanity, its a health issue. I go to the gym three times a week, I walk on other days, I have a three year old, I’m active, but can’t seem to shed the pounds. I was hoping Adipex would be what would change all that! I have been on it for about a month now and have only lost two pounds! I drink a slim fast shake in the morning, only about half of it, I eat a healthy snack around lunch, maybe a handful of almonds or banana something like that (if I eat anything!) then I eat a sensible meal for dinner, but limit the portions. I’m drinking water all day long and am starting to wonder what the problem is!?!?!

I thought adipex would be my saving grace, I know some will say I’m not active enough and if I just quite eating and get active it will change, It’s not! I’m desperate and have tried everything I can think of. I know I didn’t put the weight on over night and it will not come off over night but I was hoping for more than two pounds difference! I will continue to take adipex but plan to speak to my dr at my checkup about my concerns and lack of improvement! I wish you all the best in your weight adventures! What is important to me is to be able to play with my son without fearing of a heartattack, I’m too young to give up on not being healthy. I don’t want to be a model or hollywoods idea of “thin” I just want to be healthy!


AskDocWeb: It is easy to get so concerned with treating the symptom (excess weight) that the cause is ignored. What does your new doctor say about the thyroid problem?

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