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If you have used Adipex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using Adipex? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Hair loss and changes in hair quality
Date: 7/29/2011
I have taken adipex for a year and have lost 25 lbs nothing else had worked for me. It has been great. I was wondering can prolonged use cause hair loss and no body or elasticity in my hair? I had 3 small spots the one hair has returned the others have starts of hair. When I use hair spray it does not hold and I am using the strongest hold. Please help.


AskDocWeb: According to the Physicians’ Desk Reference, hair loss is not listed as one of the officially recognized side effects of Adipex however, the affects of long-term use are unknown. There are not reports of hair losing body or elasticity from those using Adipex.

Subj: Change in period
Date: 8/3/2011
So I have been on adipex for about 5 Days now and i started taking it on the 3rd day of my period. The thing is I am still on my period and they only last about 4 days is this normal???


AskDocWeb: It is not listed among the officially recognized side effects for Adipex but several women have reported changes in their menstruation cycle. Reported symptoms include both early and late periods, spotting between periods, and in one case a menstrual cycle that lasted almost the entire time she was on Adipex. These effects are rare and may or may not be connected to Adipex. It is also possible that these effects were caused by something else.

Subj: Very sleepy
Date: 8/3/2011
I have been taking adipex for one week and i am very sleepy.


AskDocWeb: The patient information for Adipex mentions fatigue as one of the possible symptoms that result from an overdose so contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Subj: Severe constipation
Date: 8/6/2011
I have been taking adipex for a month now and have lost 20 pounds. This drug has been great for helping me get back to eating right bc when I was pregnant withmy almost 2 yr old son I got into some horrible habits of eating any and everything I wanted. I am slowly going off the drug though and have reduced to a half a day and next month will start taking only one half every other day. I have skipped some daily dosages to teach my to continue to eat and drink the right way without help. I have only one side effect but it has been horrible! Severe constipation. I drinking tons and tons and tons of water but cant seem to combat this horrible constipation. And now bc of the strain I have hemmorhoids for the very first times. Is there anything I can take daily to help with this problem? Thanks in advance!


AskDocWeb: It is important to understand that constipation is not a diagnosis; it is a symptom of an underlying problem. Since constipation may indicate a serious problem it’s best to check with your doctor if it lasts longer than 7 days. Treating the symptom without knowing the cause may result in a missed or delayed diagnosis. Once your doctor has ruled out serious problems there are some things you can do for self-care.

The number one thing is to drink more water, which you said you are doing. Next in importance is your diet. Eating more fiber (or fibre if you are British) decreases the likelihood of constipation as well as lowering the risk of colon cancer. You can add fiber to your diet by adding unprocessed bran to baked goods, fruit, or cereal. Also there are some foods that have a reputation for easing constipation:

  • Beans: pinto and white canella
  • Cooked vegetables: carrots, green beans, artichoke hearts, asparagus, and broccoli
  • Cooked greens: spinach, chard and kale
  • Fruits: Remember to eat the “p” fruits; peaches, pears, pineapple, papaya, and prunes

Regular exercises also helps to maintain regular bowel movements. Conversely, the lack of exercise increases the risk of constipation.

Note on the use of laxatives:Frequent use of laxatives may lead to your colon becoming lazy or “forgetting” how to work on its own. That could result in further dependence on the laxative as well as a mineral imbalance in your blood.

Subj: Differences in menstrual cycle
Date: 8/11/2011
Adipex.. I have been using it for two months now. I’ve lost 15 lbs. I wanna take it until I lose 15 more. But I have been experiencing some differences with my menstrual cycle. Is this normal???


AskDocWeb: Hi Angee, welcome to the Adipex forum. We just covered that question with Tanya above. See 8/3/2011.

Subj: Adipex might surprise you!
Date: 8/13/2011
I have been on Adipex for 3 months now. The first month I lost 12 lbs. Although I didn’t feel no different I could tell that I ate less. Well I started eating before I took it in the morning, then I wasn’t hungry until the late evening. The second month I lost 2 lbs. I don’t know why such little amount. Then I had to wait a few weeks to get my next RX. With in those few weeks, I felt tired, and ready for bed. I didn’t want to get out of bed. My body hurt, and I didn’t even want to get up to use the bathroom. OMG!

Well I got my RX, and I had energy out the a**. I cleaned everything in the kitchen. Although I was gaging every time I seen food, I worked thru it. That night I could not sit still, or quit moving my tounge when I did sit still. I guess I had to move even if my body wasn’t moving. I could not even go to sleep that night. I had to get up to make myself eat again in order to make the effects lessen. Yeah the side affects are a Bit**, but I like the weight loss. In the last 4 days I have lost 8 lbs. So I am getting closer to my goal. To win some you have to lose some, so I say give it a chance. The side effects will lessen over time, if only you can stand it. It might surprise you!!!


Subj: Stay strong and don’t give in to temptations
Date: 8/14/2011
I have been on adipex for 3months now im taking coming off them slowly, but starting to crave everything and eat everything. Still exercising and eating good for the most part, just every now & then eat junk once a day, never did b4, so think the meds getting out of my system is no longer helping me control cravings. Still gonna stay on the exercise and pray I don’t gain a lb. I lost 45 in 3 mo gained 1 back but now feeling sea sick, dizzy and occasional diarrhea, since lowering my dose. Stay strong don’t give in to temptations cause it only makes you feel sick after eating it, not worth it.


Subj: What is causing me to remain hungry?
Date: 8/25/2011
This is my second day on Adipex. I take a pill in the morning and began following a low carb diet, and incorporating more cardio into my workouts. It has made me a lot more energetic, and I’ve increased the amount of cardio I can do. However, my doctor told me that I won’t have much of an appetite, but I still get hungry 2-3 hours after a meal. I don’t see many complaints about appetite, what can be causing me to remain hungry? I’m taking the 37.5 tablet.


AskDocWeb: Afipex is not supposed to eliminate your appetite, it just reduces it. Is your appetite reduced at all? Eating things like raw veggies/fruits and nuts, which take longer to digest, is likely to help. Hint: baby carrots make a great snack.

Subj: Dry mouth and gross taste
Date: 8/29/2011
I have been taking adipex for three days now. And it does control your appetite. I have lost two pounds already. You do get dry mouth, an a gross taste in your mouth. All of the comments help. I see it works different for everyone. My Dr. Only wants me to try it for three months. So wish me luck. I am 5’9 an 220pds my goal is to loose 50 pds. I hope I don’t get the mood swings, I really don’t need them…LOL


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you are off to a good start. It may help to ease your mind to know that less than one percent of patients taking Adipex report mood swings. You might take a look at the Conquer Cravings page for additional support. Good luck Char!

Subj: Don’t know where to start
Date: 9/1/2011
I have been taking adipex 37.5 mg two per day, its been 2 years, now when I try to get off my appetite does not get suppressed AT ALL, I dont know what to do now. Do you have any suggestions or can you refer in correct direction..dont know where to start!


AskDocWeb: A good start would be a physical examination by your doctor to evaluate your current condition. He or she can then advise you of the best course of action from there.

Subj: Adipex is not a magic pill
Date: 9/16/2011
I have adipex off and on for years. I have lost 70 lbs at one point unfortunately my old eating habits got the best of me & I gained the weight back. I realize you have to Chanel your habbits & behavior along with the pill. The pill works but its not a magic pill you have to keep the weight off (can’t take the pill forever) My former physician did now want to prescribe the medication- 3 have told me they don’t like to give the drug just diet & exercise. I was thinking IF IT WERE THAT EASY FOR ME I WOULD NOT BE OVER WEIGHT!!!

Finally my current physician prescribed it to me. She also didn’t want to but she took time to explain the pill is a quick fix that’s why she doesn’t recommend it. I understood exactly what she meant from my prior experience with the drug. The 70 lbs seem to melt off, I did not exercise. However I did not maintain my weight loss which is something you must do. I was in my 20s back then now I’m older & I know how it works.


AskDocWeb: Thank you Kay, it’s always nice to hear what people learn from the lessons of experience.

Subj: Adipex effects wore off
Date: 9/16/2011
Adipex worked for me in the past great, but I continued to take them and the effects wore off. It has been 3 months since being off of them, will they work again? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Taking a break from the medication does allow the body to recover some of its responsiveness to the drug but many say that it doesn’t work as well the second time around as it did the first time. It is likely to work somewhat, just not as well, and tolerance is likely to build up quicker the second time.

Subj: No results
Date: 9/16/2011
I’ve been taking Adipex for the past week and half and have seen no results…is this normal? I noticed the energy increase for about the first 4 days and now nothing. My appetite is still lower than before. I’ll admit I just started exercising tonight. I go back on Wednesday for my two week checkup and I’m not sure what they’ll say.


AskDocWeb: It is likely that they will tell you that you get better results when you follow directions. It is normal for the energy increase to wear off after a few days. You can lose weight but it does require an effort on your part. Adipex is intended to be used with a change in diet and an exercise program.

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