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If you have used Adipex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using Adipex? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Blood test
Date: 8/7/2005
How long will adipex stay in my system and show up on a blood test for a job?


AskDocWeb: It will take about 2 weeks to get the Adipex out of your system.

Subj: Adipex
I have been on adipex on a month, off a month for almost 3 months now. I had tried everything before and this is the only thing that has worked. It has changed the way I think about food, allowed me to control what I put in my mouth and the energy to workout. I would suggest it to anyone who has tried diet and exercise but did not get results. I also think it helps to go on and off and be under a doctor’s supervision.


Subj: Adipex and sleeping problem
I have been on adipex for almost 2 weeks now and I have lost 10lbs. The only bad thing that I have found is the jitteriness it causes and the problem I have with sleeping. Can you recommend maybe a different time to take it so that I don’t have sleep troubles?


AskDocWeb: Taking it at the beginning of your day, when you first wake up should help.

Subj: Adipex and acne?
I have been taking adipex now for a few weeks and have broken out with acne quite badly. Is this a side effect of adipex or are my hormones just attacking???


AskDocWeb: Acne is not listed as a side effect of adipex.

Subj: Adipex online pharmacy?
Date: 9/13/2005
I took adipex a long time ago and it worked great for me, now I’m thinking of taking it again. Are those websites on the internet ok to use to get the prescription and getting it through a online site where you just answer questions to a online Dr. in order to get them.


AskDocWeb: We have no problem with ordering from an online pharmacy as long as you exercise some reasonable cautions. Make sure the pharmacy is in your country or the shipment could be stopped at the border. And make sure the address (URL) starts with https. The “s” in the address means that the site is secure so you can safely place an order with that online pharmacy.

Subj: Adipex stopped working
Date: 10/10/2005
I have been on adipex for 2 weeks now. During the first week, I could feel its effects, and my food cravings went away. Actually, I had the felling like I just did not want to eat. One day, though, it seems that it just stopped working. I take it, and feel no suppression of my appetite. I don’t know how this happened. I will continue to take it, at least for the next few weeks, and see if anything changes.


AskDocWeb:If you continue taking it for two more weeks and you don’t see results, it may be that your body developed a tolerance for it. If that’s the case then it isn’t going to work for you. There are others things available that you can try. Talk with your doctor about alternatives.

Subj: Adipex weight loss
Date: 11/1/2004
Is it true that you will automatically gain weight after you stop taking Adipex? If you continue to maintain a healthy eating plan and continue in the gym with cardio and weight training can you keep your results?

Some people that have told their stories here seem to indicate that after you have been on Adipex 1 month or so your metabolism will automatically slow down as soon as you go off it. Is there any truth to this? Is there any scientific proof that Adipex has any long term effects on your metabolism? If so it would seem like a waste to go on it for a month and then have an even harder life long struggle of losing weight. What would be the point? Please let me know your thoughts on this.


AskDocWeb: The whole point is to help you get control of an out of control situation. If you don’t learn and maintain healthy eating habits and exercise then yes, it is a waste of time and money. We are not aware of any long-term effects on metabolism with adipex.

Subj: Adipex hair loss?
Date: 11/11/2005
I have been on Adipex for 3 weeks now and I have had good results. This month I have lost 10 pounds!!! Before this I was taking Bontril and that worked well for 3 months but after that I found myself hungry more often and the weight loss tapered off. The only concern I have is that my hair seems to be falling out at a fast rate. Has any one else experienced this on this medication? I have had no other problems with Adipex and am happy that I have lost 40 pounds total. Can anyone help me put my mind at ease about the hair loss?


AskDocWeb: According to the PDR (the Physicians’ Desk Reference), hair loss is not listed as one of the officially recognized side effects of Adipex.

Subj: Usage cycling
Date: 11/18/2005
I made the mistake of taking my first dose (1/2 a pill) last night at 8PM. I finally began to doze off at 4:30 this morning (my mistake). I feel jittery now, but I have a desire to go the gym and walk off the energy surge. Can someone explain the usage cycling; obviously, I will ask my doctor for suggestions, but I’d like to hear what some of you have to say.

Just started

AskDocWeb: It’s not surprising that you were unable to sleep. Adipex stimulates your central nervous system. It can cause hypertension, rapid heart rate, blood pressure elevation, and sometimes overstimulation.

Usage cycling is useful because of your body’s tendency to build up a tolerance to this drug. When your body builds up a tolerance, the drug stops working. To avoid this, some people cycle their usage. For example, using it only three weeks a month and taking the fourth week off to avoid building up a tolerance.

Subj: Adipex or Phentermine
Date: 11/28/2005
I haven’t taken Adipex, but have been on Phentermine or Fastin. I have lost about I’d say 30lbs in 3 months, but I also got a b 12 shot. It is amazing…not the phentermine…but the way the b12 makes you feel. I get a shot once a month…and I feel like a new person every time I get it. I recommend trying it…its just a vitamin…and it gives you a BIG boost of energy…and makes you feel young again! I think I need to get on adipex and see if it’s better than phentermine…what do you think?


AskDocWeb: This is the kind of thing you need to talk over with your health care provider and then follow the advice of your doctor. That advice is based on your current medical condition.

Subj: Immediate effects
Date: 12/6/2005
Hi – I have been taking Adipex for a week now and immediately feel the effects. I have more energy, not jittery though. I am only drinking water – I do not want to drink any caffeine to enhance side effects. I have noticed some stomachaches, mostly nausea in the afternoons. I have to force myself to eat. Absolutely have no appetite at all. Extreme dry mouth. I want to lose the 40 lbs. I put on over the years. I will give you an update every month! Good luck everyone – so far, I recommend this!


Subj: Phentermine and diarrhea
Date: 12/21/2005
I am having diarrhea. I am only taking about 15mg.of Phentermine. Is this something to be worried about?


AskDocWeb: Diarrhea is a known side effect of phentermine. Discuss this with your physician.

Subj: Blood in bowel
Date: 1/2/2006
I have been experiencing blood in my bowel. Could adipex cause this?


AskDocWeb: It sounds more like your colon is irritated. We suggest you talk to your doctor to find out if a scope is indicated, a colonoscopy.

Subj: Anxiety, sleeplessness and heart palpitations with Adipex
Date: 1/2/2006
I took this medicine for two days and have experienced anxiety, sleeplessness and extreme heart palpitations and elevated heart rate(114-120). Will this go away?

Heart problems

AskDocWeb: No, this is not likely to go away. Discuss these symptoms with your physician as soon as possible.

Subj: Real help
Date: 1/8/2006
I have been taking adipex for over a year. I have stopped it for a few months after it helped me lose 129lbs in 9 months after I had my daughter but I also worked very hard for those fast results. Anyway it has been a real help. I am currently on it now for maintenance purposes I would say if you eat right and exercise daily with this medication it will indeed help you, if you don’t do that there is no sense in taking it! Good Luck,


Subj: How long does it take?
Date: 1/18/2006
Who long does it take for ones on adipex to notice a difference? I’ve heard alot of people saying how great of a weight loss product this product is. I just wondered how long it usually takes to notice a change and what changes do you usually notice first? Does it take a while to see the weight dropping?

AskDocWeb: You’ve probably heard it before but the results do differ, mostly because some people exercise and some don’t. Some change their eating habits and others don’t. Usually you should notice change in weight within the first two weeks.

Subj: Adipex cramps?
Date: 1/19/2006
I just started adipex and I am experiencing horrible leg cramps… similar to the ones common when pregnant. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have any suggestions to help? Do you know if adipex causes leg cramps as a side effect?

AskDocWeb: The only cramps listed for Adipex are the abdominal cramps that result from an overdose.

Subj: Adipex and headaches
Date: 1/20/2006
I have just been taking Adipex for a few days and other than really noticing how I felt after that first dose (a bit hyped up), I’ve been doing well. I think that some of the side effects will subside after using this a couple of weeks. One side effect I was wondering about is headaches. Is this something to be concerned about? For once I think I have found something to stop the cycle of emotional eating.
Despite what a previous post says about using willpower (good for you!) it isn’t always just that easy. Five kids and 40 pounds later, I’m hoping that by practicing good eating habits, developing an exercise routine AND using this medication as a way to kick start my efforts, that I can at last get down to a healthier weight. This should NOT be considered a long-term solution.

AskDocWeb: If Tylenol will take care of your headache and they subside after a time that’s okay. But if Tylenol doesn’t work, and your headaches continue after two weeks talk with your doctor about this.

Subj: Adipex and depression
Date: 1/21/2006
I was prescribed adipex after gaining about 40 some lbs. I was given an EKG and checked in with the doctor every 2 weeks. When I started adipex I weighed 185lbs. I was on adipex for 5 months and during the 5th month I was carefully weaned off. I too experienced many, many sleepless nights and the extremely dry taste in my mouth. My food intake became a 1/4 of what it use to be and I was told by my doctor that this wasn’t a miracle pill, that it would help but ultimately I would have to hit the gym 5-6 times a week and start watching what I ate. I am actually sickened by how many people have mentioned that they did not exercise. I can too say that I do now have an issue with my weight complex. I am scared to overeat and become fat again. I am now 134lbs and I’m 5’6 24yrs old. I look good again. I now have a horrible bout of depression and I’m off my rockers? Is their any resemblance with adipex and depression or maniac depression?


AskDocWeb: According to the PDR, abrupt cessation following prolonged high dosage results in extreme fatigue and mental depression. It is possible that the weaning off process was not as gradual as was needed.

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