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If you have used Adipex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using Adipex? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

High blood pressure
Date: 1/23/2014
hi I just start taking adipex today, and I notice headache start to occur, I take high blood pressure pills and my doctor suggested for me lose weight, and she put me on these pills.


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer, the use of Adipex is not recommended if you have a history of high blood pressure. This needs to be discussed with your doctor.

Severe headaches should be reported to your doctor. Dangerously high blood pressure may cause severe headache, buzzing in your ears, blurred vision, anxiety, confusion, chest pain, uneven heartbeats, shortness of breath, and/or seizure.

I am epileptic
Date: 2/19/2014
Can I get adipex if I am epileptic!! Altho I have not had a seizure in 14 months. I only need to lose about 30lbs, I watch my diet at least I try the highest calories I take in a day may 1500. I drink lots of water no pop! Is this what maybe I should do!!


AskDocWeb: Adipex is approved for treating people with a BMI of 30 or greater. If you are taking a seizure medication ask your pharmacist to run a drug interaction check with your med and Adipex.

Urine drug screen
Date: 3/17/2014
I am very interested in trying this medication. I am, however, wondering if it could possibly cause me to fail a urine drug screen. I have to take them on a regular basis so if anyone knows if this is possible please let me know


AskDocWeb: Adipex is chemically and pharmacologically similar to amphetamine and would show up on a urine drug screen. However, if you tell them you are taking this prescription drug, you should be okay as long as you make sure that they note that in your record.

Date: 3/22/2014
I just got out of hospital this almost sent me im cardiac and I had 3 suezers with it.


Lost 3 pounds a day
Date: 3/30/2014
While on Adipex I lost 3 pounds a day. It totally supressed my appetite. I had to force myself to eat an apple so I wouldn’t get a hunger headache and wasn’t able to finish it all, ate 2 bites. You wont lose the weight if you do not watch what you eat. Stop eating bread. Eat lean meat small salad and non or low starchy veggies.


AskDocWeb: Thanks KeKe, it’s always nice to hear success stories. Keep up the good work!

Heart beat
Date: 5/13/2014
Every time I take it it makes my heart beat like its about to jump out of MY chest and my throat feels funny like I cant breathe in I have to keep drinking water I get very dizzy.


AskDocWeb: Adipex is a known stimulant and may produce dangerous side effects in some patients. Remember, all adverse effects should be reported to your doctor.

Adipex and oral birth control
Date: 5/21/2014
Since starting adipex 4 days ago on day two i began spotting. i take oral birth control continuelessly. How long will spotting last? Will this make chances of concieving greater?


AskDocWeb: Adipex may have a verity of effects on the menstrual cycle and spotting is one of them. Please see Dry mouth and late period. Adipex has no known effect on conception.

Crash, sinus pressure and nausea
Date: 5/21/2014
Just started adipex today. Took half a pill in the morning as recommended and felt awake much more quickly than usual. I was not particularly hungry during the day and had to set timers to remind myself to eat. Around 3pm I had an energy crash and felt exhausted. my nose keeps running and I am having sinus pressure and mild nausea. I’m not sure if it is the medicine or if I am just getting a cold.


AskDocWeb: Although sinus pressure is not listed as one of the possible side effects of Adipex it has been reported by others (See Sinus pressure). Of course you could have one of the 31,088 virus’ that are referred to as the “common cold”.

Feel like I have a pill stuck
Date: 6/5/2014
I took Adipex for a couple of weeks. Since that time-stopped 2 or 3 weeks ago-I feel like I have a pill stuck in my throat. This did not occur when I took the pill several years ago. Just read a similar post. A friend told me the same thing happened to her after taking an over the counter diet pill.


AskDocWeb: The sensation of food sticking or getting hung up in the base of your throat or in your chest is called esophageal dysphagia. As with many other conditions there are a number of possible causes and some are serious. Any difficulty in swallowing needs to be reported to your doctor.

Lost the baby weight
Date: 7/31/2014
First time taking atipecs was 10 years ago after having my son. Did wonders! Felt like a million bucks and lost the baby weight. I have recently been taking this medication for the last 2 months and not as impressed. None of the energy that I had the first time, insomnia, irritable, and cystic acne on face, neck, shoulders and back! I do have a suppressed appetite and have lost a few pounds. My mom suggested diaper rash cream for the acne and it works! Go figure mom is always right 🙂 also used A and D ointment after cleaning areas with peroxide. Just anything wasn’t working for these monsters. I will continue taking for now and see what the future holds. Best of luck to all and I hope this helps someone.


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