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If you have used Adipex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using Adipex? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Adipex (phentermine)
Date: 4/22/2006
I am 35 and 35 to 40 lbs overweight. I have been taking Adipex for the last 5 months, with monthly visits to my Dr. who monitors my progress and blood pressure. I have lost 28 lbs so far, my goal is 35. I exercise 3 days a week, more depending on my work schedule. This pill has given me the results I have tried so long to accomplish. Before Adipex I exercised and watched what I ate and only lost 3 to 5 lbs in 2 months, very discouraging.

When I first started this pill, I noticed an extreme energy boost which was a great side effect for me, although it did make me feel a little jittery with hot flashes on occasion. Dry mouth and constipation were two bothersome side effects I experienced, however both of these can be resolved by consistent consumption of water and the right foods. I also sleep less than before Adipex, which can be a good thing depending on the person.

I would recommend anyone who struggles with their weight to give Adipex (phentermine) a try, with Dr. supervision, for at least 2 months to see great results, as long as you are not experiencing the major side effects I have read that some people experience…i.e. mood swings, cramping, sleeplessness, fatigue etc.. Once I am to my goal weight next month or so I will reduce my dosage until I am no longer taking the pills. I will come back and update you on the effects and results once complete. Thank you Adipex.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Amie, we look foreword to hearing how well this works for you.

Subj: Want to loose a few pounds
Date: 4/26/2006
I haven’t started adipex yet, thinking about it. I just want to lose approx. 15 pounds, what is the best thing I can take?


AskDocWeb: Adipex is only meant for those who are obese. It is not a quick fix for your problem. The best thing is to do is to talk this over with your doctor and let your doctor decide.

Subj: Adipex side effects
Date: 4/27/2006
I’ve been taking adipex on and off for about a month now. It seems to last longer than a day (taking one pill). I feel as though I am irritable and having sleepless nights. But it works great as far as my appetite goes.


Subj: Take vitamins with Adipex
Date: 5/1/2006
I have been taking Adipex for a little over two months now. I have lost a total of 25 lbs. and I could not be more happy with the results. I did however experience dry mouth and hyperness the first few days. It makes you not want to eat a little too well at times, but I made sure I ate something healthy along with drinking plenty of water everyday. I was told by my Dr. that it is very important to take vitamins while on Adipex because if you are not eating well you need to get all of your daily needs with a one a day vitamin.

Another thing I was told was that it’s not good to take this drug more then three months because you can get addicted to it.


Subj: LOVE Adipex
Date: 5/6/2006
I have been on Adipex for 2 months, in the 1st 2 weeks I had more energy that I ever thought possible, I was a super cleaning mom!! After that burst of super energy I still have lots of energy but I can get a good night sleep. I love this pill, I have recommended it to many friends that also love it.. I have lost 20 pounds so far, my behind was the most dramatic, along with a Flat tummy now!! Don’t always go to the scale to see if it is working, I saw inches melt away more so than pounds. I now shop in the Jr. dept. LOVE Adipex!


Subj: Always moody and sad
Date: 5/7/2006
I have been taking adipex for a month and I have not lost or gained anything, however I am less hungry and I’m always moody and sad at times I bitch at my husband about stupid things and my children think I’m crazy I don’t know if its the drug or not HELP ME!


AskDocWeb: Your central nervous system is probably over stimulated and your blood pressure could be increased. These things could be the cause your crabbiness and moodiness. Drinking caffeine or other stimulants while on this product is not recommended. You might check your blood pressure to see if this is a problem.

Subj: Should I try Adipex?
Date: 5/17/2006
I am 25 years old and have had high blood pressure since the birth of my daughter at age 21. I am currently on Benicar 40mg, 1xday…this controls my high BP. Along with that I also take Paxil CR 25mg 1xday. Do you think it would be safe for me to take Adipex to get my 40 extra pounds of weight off?

Should I try Adipex?

AskDocWeb: With the information you have given Adipex would be contraindicated. It can cause increased blood pressure, over stimulation of the nervous system, and a fast heart rate. It could also cause severe hypertension or a hypertensive crisis when used with anti-depressants.

Subj: Adipex works but with side effects
Date: 5/22/2006
I lost about 25-30 pounds over a 10 week period while using adipex. The majority of the weight was lost during the first three weeks. I did exercise often and ate sensibly. It really cut my appetite. I did experience horrible mood swings and sleeplessness. I would only advise using this drug for a short term use. If you are bothered by side effects take the drug every other day or possibly use only a half a pill every day.


Subj: Difficulty breathing
Date: 5/25/2006
I have been taking Adipex for 5 days now, and I am experiencing difficulty breathing. I can’t seem to get my chest to fully expand. I also feel b*$chier than normal. The good news…absolutely NO appetite. I feel the weight falling off. I am taking 37.5mg early AM…would it help to cut in half??


AskDocWeb: Any difficulty breathing should be discussed with your doctor as soon as possible.

Subj: Lost 42 pounds
Date: 5/26/2006
I have been using adipex for about 4 months now, under my doctor’s eye. I have now lost 42 lbs and still going. I have a lot more energy to do things. I understand this is habit forming, but I have not had that problem. I skip the meds on the weekends, so don’t know if that helps. The habit forming is one reason some doctors will not prescribe the pill. But attention doctors, people can order online and not be under your watchful eye.

People should keep in mind you have to eat right and keep active. There is no such thing as a miracle pill. It still takes time and effort. Adipex just speeds things along. If someone has a question my yahoo IM is XXXXXXXXXXX. Good luck!


AskDocWeb: Your IM was removed to protect you from spam. You need to remember that there are some bad people on the Internet looking for your contact information just so they can scam you. Stay safe.

Subj: Adipex and Prozac
Date: 5/31/2006
Have been taking Adipex 37.5 for 4 days now. The first day, I felt a bit high for a couple of hours or so. I have had a couple of headaches as well and my mood seems somewhat decreased at times. I have not noticed any increase in my energy level at all. Is this odd?

Also, is it ok to take Prozac with Adipex? I listed it on my info sheet at the clinic as a current med I am taking, but in the forms I filled out, it said that you cannot take Adipex if you are on Prozac. What is the deal? Thanks a bunch!


AskDocWeb: For your safety, you should talk to your doctor about this as soon as possible. Our sources say to avoid using Adipex within 14 days of using an anti-depressant.

Subj: Adipex story
Date: 6/1/2006
I have been on Adipex for almost 5 years on and off. It is a nightmare for me similar to Meth – I lost all of the weight I wanted to (48 lbs) in the first year, and then went off of the medication for 3 months and gained almost 50% back. SO – I went back on the medication and have been on and off for over 5 years. I have very brittle skin and hair, heart palpitations, circulation issues, and a habit that I am committing myself to kick.

If you are considering Adipex, DON’T DO IT! Lose weight the right way – Weight Watchers has a fantastic program that I am now in (because when you get used to Adipex, the weight starts to creep back on slowly)and teaches you how to change your eating habits forever and still eat what you want! JUST SAY NO TO ADIPEX!!

Anonymous in South Florida

Subj: Lost 17 pounds
Date: 6/1/2006
I have been taking Adipex for about 3 months. I have lost about 17 pounds. I have been struggling with severe constipation, something I had never had a problem with before. After reading the other reviews, I am seeing that Adipex may be causing this. Other than that, I have had no other side effects. I would rate the medicine as a 10 for reducing cravings and controlling the appetite. I do hope to go off this medicine in a month or two. Don’t want to depend totally on it. It is time to start using my own willpower. Thanks,


Subj: Adipex VS Bontril
Date: 6/9/2006
What is the difference between adipex and bontril, which is better?


AskDocWeb: They both have much the same side effects, but Adipex-P has fewer side effects than Bontril.

Subj: Adipex not working
Date: 6/18/2006
Hi there. I’m 36/female/non-smoker/non-drinker/generally healthy/no heart disease or troubles with palpitations, mood, or blood pressure. I’m 5′, and weigh 157lbs. Last week, my doctor prescribed Adipex 37.5 mg for 30 days. I went to the pharmacy, and got phentermine A157. At the time, I didn’t realize that this was the generic brand,…so after three days on phentermine, I went back to the same pharmacy, and bought the Adipex brand name, instead. It’s been 2 days that I’ve taken Adipex (brand name), and I have not been feeling ANYTHING, other than extreme fatigue and sadness. My appetite is sky high, and my cravings are high, as well. I think I might have even gained weight. Why is Adipex not working for me? The generic phentermine helped me lose 3 lbs. please help. Thank u for your time.


AskDocWeb: You only took the Adipex two days. Be patient and in a week or so you should see your cravings decrease and your moods level out. If they don’t then consult with your doctor, Adipex doesn’t work for everyone. Note that extreme fatigue is one of the symptoms that may develop after taking too much Adipex so check with your doctor if your fatigue is extreme.

Subj: Lost over 30 pounds
Date: 6/21/2006
I have used Adipex for about two (2) months now, and I have lost over thirty (30) pounds. The doctor I received this medication from says this is not an average weight loss, but it is excellent. It surpresses your appetite awesome and it really works great! And, I am a real food lover, too! This pill has helped me loose weight so fast and not just in one area…all over. I LOVE IT and would recommend it to anyone.


Subj: Anxiety attack
Date: 6/23/2006
I have been taking adipex for about 6 months, I have lost a lot of weight. I have tried every diet out there and this is seriously the only thing that has worked. The problem is in the last 2 months or so I keep feeling like I’m having and anxiety attack. It doesn’t last that long maybe a minute or two, but it happens more than a couple times a day. I have tried skipping a day or two and it still happens. I’ve noticed irregular heart beat. I don’t want to stop taking them but I don’t want to ruin my health either. If anyone has any info please feel free to email me and let me know your suggestion. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Sorry Kristen, we don’t post any email addresses here. This is to protect you from spam.

Please have your blood pressure checked by your nurse and talk with your doctor about the irregular heart rhythm. He may not want you to continue with Adipex.

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