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What is Advecia?

Advecia is a relatively new product from Progressive Health Nutraceuticals Inc. for those suffering from hair loss. It is a hair loss supplement, a blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals specially formulated to promote hair growth in men and women. The nutrients provided in Advecia can help slow down hair loss and possibly revive once dormant follicles. New studies show that providing essential nutrients to your hair follicles can have an effect on hair loss. Advecia may help nutrient deficient follicles by replenishing these nutrient-deficiencies.

Advecia is a non-prescription solution to hair loss for both men and women. From studies conducted with Advecia, the results found that 63% of men and women noticed regrowth, 15% had no further hair loss, and 22% did not experience any results.

Many people suffer from sudden hair loss and hair loss caused by stress. Stress can deplete or use up your body’s supply of vitamins in just a few hours.

How does Advecia work?

Using RNA (ribonucleic acid), Advecia works with your natural DNA processes to deliver vital nutrients to the hair follicles in your scalp, slowly making it stronger and thicker. Advecia eliminates clogged hair follicles by dissolving dead skin cells, scalp oil (sebum), and residue built up from shampooing. Then, RNA works with your natural DNA processes to deliver vital nutrients to the hair follicles. Advecia also works to reverse the effects of hormones that caused the initial hair loss. With proper nutrition and increased blood flow to the scalp, dormant follicles can begin producing healthy hair once again.

What side effects do users of Advecia report?

None. Advecia is free from the side effects associated with other medications and supplements. The ingredients are all 100% natural.

How long does it take to work?

Results vary with factors such as age of user, duration of hair loss, and the cause of hair loss. Most clients experience initial results (i.e. reduction of hair loss) within two months, hair growth after five months. The company claims a 70% success rate for people in the beginning to intermediate stages of hair loss.

How do I know if Advecia will work for me?

You don’t, but the company is so confident that they offer a two-year guarantee. If it fails to give you the results you desire you will receive a full refund no questions asked. The cost of shipping is not covered by the guarantee.

Does Advecia work for women?

Yes, Advecia is one of the few hair loss products that work for women. The RNA and proprietary blend of herbs in Advecia made it possible for women to successfully use this product.

What are the ingredients in Advecia?

Supplement Facts for Advecia. Serving Size: Four (4) capsules.

  • Amount Per Serving
  • 37.5 mg of Saw Palmetto Extract
  • 125 mg of Phytosterol Complex
  • 50 mg of Beta Sitosterol
  • 600 mg of Green Tea Extract
  • 600 mg of L-Lysine
  • 265 mg of Grape Seed Extract
  • 250 mg of Proanthyocyanidins/Procyanidins
  • Rice Powder
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Gelatin

That’s it. No harsh chemicals, no messy topical creams, liquids, or special shampoos, and no sexual side effects.

Can I take Advecia while taking Rogaine/Propecia?

Yes, you can successfully combine Advecia with Rogaine® and/or Propecia®. These products target hair loss in different ways. The topical treatments like Rogaine do not interfere with the effectiveness of Advecia, and may help to increase your rate of hair growth.

Will my hair fall out if I stop taking Advecia?

No. Once you have achieved the results you desire, the company recommends using Advecia once every two weeks for maintenance, not everyday (but this is NOT necessary, just recommended). Advecia is not like Rogaine® where you have to use it everyday for the rest of your life or your hair will fall out.

Will I regrow hair all over my body?

No, you will only regrow hair where the follicles are damaged or undernourished, which is most likely the hair follicles on your head.

Are there any complications with medications?

Since Advecia is an all-natural product, there are no complications when combining Advecia with your normal prescriptions. But to be on the safe side, you should consult with your doctor for precautionary measures.

General Notes

One of the most notable things about trying Advecia is that it comes with a 2 year Money Back Guarantee. You won’t see that with most products on the market today. These people have confidence in their product.

Direction for use: Take two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening before sleeping. If stomach discomfort occurs, take with food.

To see the full benefits of this product the company recommends you purchase a six-month supply.

Advecia carries a 2-year money back guarantee (minus shipping costs). To qualify for a refund you must return all bottles, both opened and unopened. That is fair enough.

Can I order Advecia from outside the United States?

Yes, Advecia ships internationally to most countries. If you are unsure whether your country’s custom laws permit the importation of Advecia, you should contact your local Customs office prior to placing your order and ask.

Ordering Advecia

If you would like more information on Advecia or would like to place an order directly from the manufacturer, see Progressive Health Nutraceuticals Inc.

Advecia Feedback

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