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Sleep shopping
Well, I first started taking Ambien for nightmares from PTSD. And, it worked for the first year or so. However, in the last two weeks, I apparently leave for a large 24 store in the middle of the night and go “sleep shopping”. I guess, I did buy some pratical things, but, some not. Plus, I was in my pajamas. This is my last night for Ambien, sorry.


AskDocWeb: There is no need to apologize for taking care of yourself. That is just part of being responsible.

Miserable insomnia
I took Ambien over a 5 year period, usually half a pill and not more than 7-10 times a month to fall asleep faster. I have now developed disrupted sleep that does not allow me to doze more than 1-2 hours at a time. Constantly waking up all night is awful and much more difficult than the original difficulty I had falling asleep. I no longer take Ambien, but I had no idea it could result in such miserable insomnia. I am determined not to use it again and trying other aids like black cherry juice and aromatherapy, etc. No more prescription drugs for me!


Glad to be stopping
Have taken 5mg for several years & slept well. Then cut them in 1/2 & slept just as well. However, lately I was getting neck and back pain and skin rash so am stopping. Two nights with no Ambien now and no sleep. I will do whatever it takes to get off this drug. Feel it is unsafe. results and lately cut them in 1/2 with good results. Trying to get off the Ambien because I have neck and back pain and itchy skin and also had IBS with constipation. I have not taken for 2 nights and could not sleep but I am glad to be stopping.


Sleep driving
i was on ambien for about one year. I stopped taking it for about a month. when I started taking it again I had some bad side affects. I got in my car drove down the road hit a car had a conversation with the other driver – got back in the car drove down the wrong side of the road hit a mail box then a sign before coming to a stop in the ditch – I have no memory of this all taking place except for waking up in jail charged with an owi and reading the police report – this drug is very dangerous – does any one have any advice how to go about fighting the owi?


Ambien replacement?
I have been taking Ambien for 5 years. Started with 10 mg. Was able to reduce to 5mg for 3 years or more. Had to start an anti-depressant-ambien stopped working. Now Ambien not working at all. I am going to stop the anti depressant because i feel I just need to pray more. Yesterday, I was told by doctor since I am 62, I cannot take ambien. Why wasn’t I told this when I turned 60? anyway, have to find a replacement. ugh. I loved Ambien. Great 7 hours of sleep. Now a zombie again.


AskDocWeb: Have your tried Sweet Dreams tea or Melatonin as a replacement for Ambien?

Eyelid twitches
Date: 2/8/2013
I saw Ambien causes bluriness. My eyelid also twitches due to it. If I stop taking the ambien will my eye sight return to normal?


AskDocWeb: Those with eye problems thought to be caused by Ambien have reported that the length of time it took for these side effects to go away ranged from a couple of weeks to four months after they discontinued using it. Other complaints about Ambien’s effect on the eyes have included:

  • “dry eyes”
  • “eye pain”
  • “itchy eyes”
  • “lower eye twitch that won’t stop”
  • “my eyes turned into a what felt like a sandbox”
  • “swollen eyes”
  • “watering of eyes”
  • “yellow eyes”

Of course there are other possible causes of eye twitches such as nerve compression, Graves Disease, and electrolyte imbalance.

Date: 2/20/2013
I have never had an episode of sleepwalking prior to two days ago. I was taking ambien a couple of times a week. Two nights ago I got out of bed, picked up my iPod and earphones, grabbed a soft animal pillow from my bed, walked to the other side of our large house, moved a dog door, walked into my visiting son’s room, told him I was having a nightmare and got into his bed. I woke up in his room with no memory of anything. If I did all that I could have easily gone out the door and started a car, etc. Take it off the market!


Falling down drunk
Date: 2/22/2013
I have been on 10 mil ambien since I had first knee replacement 7 years ago. about 4 months ago doc cut me down to 15 a month. and now this past month cut me down to 15 5 mil ones I have tried to take a half one which is only 2 1/2 mil. but I don’t sleep at all. On just 10 mil.

My grandsons said I cooked them eggs and burned them and kept falling down drunk. One night I called my daughter and said my computer was talking. I had somehow put it on visual impaired and it was talking every time I typed something. Next morning 5 of my ambien were missing. I had to have taken them. I know I have to get off ambien. But cannot sleep at all with out them.

My son in law took his 3 year old bowling at 11 at night and didn’t know it till sister told him next day. They lived 3 blocks from bowling ally and walked there. He is still on ambien too. The owner told his sister he brought him in and had him open a lane for them to bowl.


AskDocWeb: You may be able to find a sleep clinic near you. They have non-drug alternatives to Ambien.

Drug test
Date: 3/14/2013
So many reports everywhere of ppl taking ambien and they are complaining that oxazepam in the drug test i think for some reason its related no matter how much ppl say its not there close to beeing used for the same thing not 100% but its there.


Humiliating behavior
Date: 3/14/2013
I have taken Ambien one time and the side effect was humiliating. I took it and though it put me in a drowsy state, I wasn’t sleepy apparently, because some time later went outside and began to do something that a guy may do in the shower, but I apparently chose to do in the FRONT YARD of my parents house while I was visiting them! I haven’t heard that anyone saw me, but I have vague recollections of it happening.
The next night my mother who was taking Ambien, regularly, came into the living where I was and sat on a stack of my paintings and when I yelled for her to get up, she laid on them and cussed me out. This drug makes people act insane and really should be taken off the market and banned. They must have a great lobbyist or something. Honestly, don’t even try it unless you are strapped to your bed.


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