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Note to NINA: (from 2010)
Date: 6/21/2006
I have looked for at least two years and your description of what has happened to you is the ONLY one I have ever found that is spot-on! Even the staring stupor-like that is hard to shake myself out of. Also, I had the same Frontal slowing at about the same level. I quit Ambien a couple of years ago, but I still have the symptoms you describe–sometimes cycling right out of one into another for up to 20, 30 a day. I think it could be seizures and would be so interested to hear what you think or have learned. Also, I, too, have had similar reactions to an overdose of Benadryl wherein it made me manic instead of drowsy. Again, you are the only human who has my exact symptoms EVER. Sincerely,


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Horrifying behavior while asleep
Date: 7/16/2013
I can’t believe I’m still alive. Because of its addictive nature I developed a habit about 10 years ago of taking up to 50 pills a day, all day long, including work. I don’t really know how I functioned but somehow I did, apart from the fact that I crashed my car 5 times in a year and thankfully, SO thankfully, never hurt anyone.

All of these years later I still find that no matter what I end up taking as many pills as are in the bottle because I’m taking them while I’m essentially asleep. I tried to leave them in my car in my underground parking garage but would get in the elevator in the middle of the night in my pajamas to get them. I of course don’t remember that but knew it happened because the bottle was back in in my house. I also always take it when I’m in bed, just about ready to go to sleep but yet seem to always get up and do things.

I have sent horrifyingly embarassing emails and texts to people I know, or barely know. I have made phone calls, bought things on line, eaten everything in the house. I hate waking up to a entire cake being eaten. I have woken up with giant bruises and bumps on my head, and living alone that’s just scary. Once I woke up to my entire bedroom turned upside down, furniture turned over, things broken, clothes everywhere. I called the police once and he thought I was crazy because all of the doors and windows were still locked, from the inside!! I think I had desires to rearrange my bedroom and decided to try to execute that on Ambien. And similar to what other people are saying I have hallucinations so vivid I’ve had to hide in the corner, thinking someone or something was after me. And for all of this I have a crappy night’s sleep!

It doesn’t work at all for me, the addiction part wakes me up every couple of hours and I end up more tired and exhausted and drugged the next day than ever. I have made an ass out of myself at work several times because I was still high from the night before. Why do I still even have a perscription? Who knows, I guess because I still have hopes that it will work and I’ll have a good night’s sleep for once but here I am 10 years later still waiting for that night. My usage has rapidly declined but the tendency is still there for the addiction to take over.


Random muscle twitching
Date: 7/20/2013
I have been on ambien and trazodone for 3 years and have had random muscle twitching in my entire body. Could the medication be causing this? Is it permanent? I hope not I am scared, I have gotten my dosage down to 5mg ambien and 50mg trazodone to sleep. it was at 15mg ambien and 150mg trozodone before. the twitches aren’t as bad as they were but they happen allot everyday and all night as I sleep.

AskDocWeb: Since Ambien is intended only for short term use (days not years), the effects of long term use are unknown. On the other hand muscle tremors are listed among the less common side effects of Trazodone, which can also include muscle spasms and muscle twitching. Any side effect that becomes a concern should be reported to your doctor.

There is a difference!
Date: 8/14/2013
Ambien, or the generic has indeed been reformulated. It takes forever to fall asleep and now leaves a horrible hangover that lasts about 2 days. Originally, it acted fast and out your system the next day, ready for work. The bottle itself or mine says Zolpidem (generic) for Ambien. But in identifying the pill itself, it’s actually, Zolpidem Tartrate. Had a doctor today, tell me it’s EXACTLY the SAME ingredients. Yeah, tell that one to me again, pal… I advise more people to check out books and actually look up what their doctors are giving them. No WAY is this the same thing. There’s even a difference between Zodpidem and Zolpidem Tartrate. Look it up, slight difference but different enough! And they’re the professionals (grrrrr). Gosh just noticed, it’s 4:17 AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


Date: 8/23/2013
Pharmaceuticals are trash. People play with the brain chemistry and they don’t even know what they are doing.


Ambien review
Date: 8/24/2013
I was prescribed Ambien over a year ago but I did not take it very often because I hate taking pills. On a few different occasions that I took it I believe that I got out of bed and did different things like cutting a watermelon, and my son said I was talking to him like normal but then he said I tried poking him with a fork. I don’t remember any of it and I thought that maybe he was playing a joke on me. So I stopped taking them for a while.

Months later my ill father moved to town and I was taking care of him. He had been in the hospital 5 times in a four month period. Needless to say I was barely eating or sleeping. One day I was especially tired but could not sleep. I had been up all night for a few days so that afternoon I took an Ambien so I could get some sleep. Having so much on my mind and with so much left to do I forgot I took the Ambien and I drove to the store to return something. When I got there I realized what I had done. So I tried to call someone to come get me but no one was around to do so. I started to get drowsy so I thought that I would just lay in the car until it wore off. What else could I do, I wasn’t about to drive. I made sure to take my keys out of the ignition and put them in my purse and dosed off.

Hours later I was awakened by store personnel pushing a full basket of items I had bought. What I didn’t know was that I was walking out of the store with things I didn’t buy. I was very drowsy and not sure what was going on. I have never stolen anything in my life and to top it off I had just finished getting clean background check in preparation for starting a volunteer job I was going to be doing. I was told that I spent several hours in the store and was walking around and talking to myself and other people. However, I DON’T REMEMBER ANYTHING!

This goes totally against my nature. I am an honest and trustworthy person and have done anything like this my whole life. All it took was one little 10mg Ambien to tear my life and my good name apart. I know there are some people that are saying they love this medication and it never hurt them but I thought so too, at first. Like me, you just never know when the circumstance may be just right, or in my case just wrong and something bad may happen. I know people may say I was stupid for forgetting and leaving the house, that was a stupid mistake, but who’s to say I would not have tried to drive to the store after I fell asleep? That could have made things even worse.

I continue to have nightmares about this but I still can’t remember what happened that day. This drug needs to be off the market before more lives are lost and or destroyed. What is it going to take? How many deaths? I read an article that said that some heads of our government take this stuff. I guess it’s going to have to cause a world war to get it off the shelves.

I am very interested in either a class action lawsuit or anything that gets this drug taken off the market. Please, anyone reading this and taking Ambien, please stop taking it before it’s too late for you too. With so many other products on the market that don’t cause these problems, why take a chance with this one? Any information you can give me to help me would be greatly appreciated.


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