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Discussion forum about the side effects of Ambien. Share your experience and opinion about Ambien. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Very addictive
Date: 10/20/2006
I started taking 10 mg over a year ago and then I have been on the CR for at least 6-7 months. I am a flight attendant and work odd hours. I know of many, many FA’s that take this drug. I have driven while “under the influence” of the drug, I have noticed if I drink with it I have extreme sexual feelings and experiences, none of which I remember. I have ordered things on the internet, home shopping network and blacked out so many times I can’t remember. It is a “high” of sorts and very hard to break the habit. My husband hates that I have taken it and he didn’t know until last night that I have taken it every night. Once you stay up past the “sleepy mode” it makes you do strange things like eating, doing creative things, sleep walking. Last night was my end to all ends. I woke up with a huge goose egg on my head and almost knocked myself out. I scared myself straight so to speak and flushed a 90 day supply down the toilet. It felt good but I am sure I will be tossing and turning tonight. It hasn’t been out there long enough but I say STEER CLEAR of it!!! It is very, very addictive!


Ambien experience
Date: 10/25/2006
I just started taking Ambien for Chronic Insomnia. The first night, I had “the experience.” Double/Quadruple vision and fall asleep while walking to the bed knock out punch. This made me VERY optimistic, considering that I had not had any good sleep in a couple of weeks and 150mg Diphenhydramine was no longer powerful enough to put me out. My doctor gave me 12.5mg Ambien CR (controlled release). This is my fourth time to take it in 5 five days. I can’t sleep. I haven’t eaten anything in over 6 hours, but I drank a coke. I think the caffeine may have been enough to have ruined it for me. I’m scared to take something else to push this over the top so that I can sleep.


Why is this happening to me?
Date: 10/25/2006
I have a question that I would like answered… I take ambien 10 mg because I have a difficult time getting to sleep. The questions is and this I need to explain to a good friend of mine the side effects and strange things can happen – Here we go Sunday late night I could not sleep around 1 or 2 in the morning I took an ambien 10 mg – so after taking it I feel to sleep. But at 5:00am in the morning my daughter woke me up to sign papers for her so I did -I also made breakfast for her and myself which consist of bacon eggs and rice and after preparing the breakfast we ate. After that I took for to her friend’s house to ride to school together. After this I had supposedly stop a man in a vehicle and approached him for his number and I was told that I was very aggressive at pursuing him and gave him my phone number and then I proceeded home and drove into the garage and slammed a hole in the wall.

Here’ the point to my story, I cannot recall first signing and papers for my daughter, I never get up during Mon – Fri to make breakfast and I don’t remember driving my daughter to her friends house and I have no clue where I was driving meaning what street or highway I was on flirting with this stranger and coming home and banging my car. Tell me this is weird, I asked my daughter today about my behavior and she said that I seemed fine and she was wondering why I cooked breakfast and she said since you cook can you take me to my friends house and I did these things.

But I cannot remember any of this happening to me – I even call my father and told him that I had ran my car into my garage wall and he inform me of this today — again…I do not remember calling my dad either. Can you please explain to me what was happing to me – it appears that the medication had me sleep walking and driving and talking to strangers and calling my parent and is clueless of these events that had taken place – until my friend brought something up to my attention. Could I have been sleep walking – knowing what I was going but really not doing that I had done these things at all. An answer to this would be very helpful to me – because these things happened to me and my friends thinks that I’m a liar and I have no need to lie to him about anything. Is this a severe side effect? Please help,

Driving sleep walker

AskDocWeb: Ambien is a hypnotic drug. That means that while under the influence of this drug you are in a trance-like state and are susceptible to suggestions. When your daughter suggested that you drive her to a friend’s house, you may have followed that suggestion as if it was a command. With that kind of response strangers could easily take advantage of you. Please be careful with this trance inducing drug.

Ambien DUI
Date: 10/29/2006
My son was prescribed ambien and was involved in a simple accident backing into another car. He was arrested for DUI and was combatible which was not like him. He is having to go to court for this and I am in need of some witnesses for his trial we live in Louisiana. If anyone is willing to testify of their adverse reactions to this drug please get in touch with me. Also as others have stated he remembers nothing since taking the medication and going to sleep, not getting up or driving the car or the accident. Please if anyone can help,


AskDocWeb: This is sad but it could have been worse. Be thankful no one was injured or killed. If anyone in Louisiana wants to help her, let us know.

Ambein has destroyed my life
Date: 10/30/2006
I started taking ambein approximately 2 months ago. At first I thought it was the wonder drug. I would come in from work, take a pill and be asleep in 10 minutes. I would wake up about 7 hours later feeling ready for anything. I am a truck driver, so good sleep is a must. I thought this drug was the best thing ever, until.

Approximately three weeks ago I came home took a shower and went to bed. I woke up 7 hours later and the world I went to bed in was gone. I don’t remember anything but going to sleep and waking up. During my sleep I got up and attempted to force my girlfriend to have sex with me. I had her pinned to the floor when her son walked in the room. She started laughing like we were playing to keep her son from knowing what was really going on so he would not kill me. I was wearing a tee shirt and shorts and had his mom on the floor. He thought I was tickling her and took pictures of the action. My girlfriend said when he came in the room I got mad at first, but then stood up laid down on the bed and went straight to sleep. The only thing that kept her in the house was the fact her car was broke down.

When I woke up she was at the kitchen sink I came in and started to kiss her when she flinched. I ask her what was wrong and she would not talk to me. So I went on to work thinking she was just having a bad day. When I came home she was asleep and I didn’t wake her up I just went to bed. I was off for the next three days. During that time did not take any ambien as going to sleep was not a problem. My girlfriend was standoffish during this time. I related it to a sinus infection she was going through.

I went back to work Thursday afternoon and returned home Friday morning at 6 am. I came in, took a shower, and took 10m of ambien. I noticed that there was only 4 pills in the bottle, I had the prescription refilled two weeks beforehand, so only taking one pill 4 days a week means there should have been at 26 pills in the bottle. I ask my girlfriend if she had taken any of the pills she said no. I then ask her if the boys were taking them she said no. So I figured someone was lying. So I hid the remaining 3 pills.

Now it’s about 7a.m. and I went to sleep. My girlfriend said at about 8a.m. I got up came into the kitchen and made two hamburgers, two hotdogs and was yelling all sorts of nonsense to her. She said I could not work the microwave and she had to turn it on for me. I then went into the bedroom to eat my food and make some phone calls.

I came out of the bedroom at about 11a.m. and told her I took the rest of the pills and she needed to get her butt in the bedroom now. I went back to bed then, she did not join me there. I woke up at 3:30p.m. walked in the kitchen and was told what I had done. I thought she had lost her mind. Then she walked me into the bedroom to show me the empty plate. When I saw that I retrieved an empty pill bottle from were I had placed it. Then she told me why she was mad at me. She also told me she’s moving out.

I have never been aggressive with anyone in my life. I DON’T REMEMBER DOING ANYTHING BUT TAKEING A PILL AND GOING TO SLEEP. When I found out what this product was doing to me I hit the trash with the bottle. I will never use it again. But now I have lost the Love of my life. This product destroys people, take it off the market.


Nausea and vision problems
Date: 10/30/2006
Been taking ambian for a couple months now. I definitely helps me fall asleep and stay asleep but I have noticed about 4 to 5 hours after waking I start to feel some nausea and vision issues. I’ve noticed some dizziness and tiredness.

Up all nite
Date: 10/31/2006
I’ve been taking Ambien for the last two years and the only problem that has bothered me is when I run out of it at times or if I don’t take it and stay up all nite. I feel really burnt out and find it hard to maintain the next day. Once I take it again it works great for me. I’ve always been a lite sleeper and this med makes me able to sleep all nite. The few times I’ve had to get up in the middle of the nite I’ve had no problems going places or remembering what I’ve done no problems so far.


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