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Crashed my car
Date: 8/3/2007
I took Ambien for 3 days in that time crashed my car stabbed my husbands hand and did god knows what after taking, how do I explain that?


Regain a normal sleep pattern
Date: 8/8/2007
I don’t think ambien is any different than most other heavy duty sleeping meds. They all knock you out, but it isn’t a true sleep. They all have negative effects on your daily performance and personality and I’m sure they can’t be good for your health. I was addicted to a similar medication for about 2 years. It took a month of cold turkey to regain a normal sleep pattern. Overall, stay clear of all sleep meds.


Sleeping pills
Date: 8/9/2007
Ambien is ibe of the best sleeping pills I have ever took, it knocks me out and I wake up felling rested.


I became addicted.
Date: 8/9/2007
Please be careful with this medication if you have anxiety disorders or a tendency towards addiction. When I first started it, I thought it was wonderful-the only problem? It didn’t put me to sleep. The drowsiness was like, NOTHING, and it just made me really happy, and I became dependent/tolerant on this medication. I became addicted. There are months of my life I don’t remember. I ended up in the ER 2 months ago and that was the last of it. My parents don’t trust me anymore and I’ve ruined my grades. Withdrawals were the most painful thing I’ve ever been through and I would have killed myself if not for my dad. I take responsibility for abusing the drug but please note how easy it is to abuse a drug that can make you feel so good – and it doesn’t react to everyone this way.


Suicide survivor
Date: 8/12/2007
I used Ambein for 4 days and took a pill on the 4 day at 11:30 and some point through the night took the other 26 pills. I spent 3 days in a mental hospital due to this. If I ever run across the people that sell or make this drug I will kick their asses. I am at this point in my life, a suicide survivor. This stuff is bad news and should not be on the market. This pill will ruin your life. I hate myself for this.


I need suggestions
Date: 8/17/2007
Just took my 2nd Ambien of the night. I’ve been on it for a year now and LOVED it. Loved the little “high” it gave you before bed – and a full night sleep at that!! Yes, I had a couple of incidents of talking on the phone that I don’t remember, but nothing that freaked me out. Also feel my daytime memory isn’t as sharp, but I chalk that up aging. But just recently the one pill it’s not working. Spent the past 3 nights in torture because my 1 – 12.5 CR doesn’t work. I’m so exhausted and tried to do it with just one or without, but I have the need to fall asleep in this “groggy” state. PLEASE…I see my psychologist next week. I need some suggestions. Cold turkey is NOT an option. I really need my sleep – I’m a teacher and am on the run all day.


AskDocWeb: You could try tylenol PM and a hot bath before bed. Maybe readers can help out with other suggestions.

Sleep driving
Date: 8/17/2007
My husband has been taking ambien for 3 months after years of not being able to sleep. It actually helped him at first. The other night he took his pill at 9 PM and tossed and turned until 1 am. When I asked him if he took his ambien he said yes he just took it at 12:45 like he didn’t remember taking it. He again kept tossing and turning and getting up and walking all over the house and then would end up back in bed and do it all over again. At 3:30 AM I woke up to the sound of our diesel truck and ran out to the front door and found him heading down the drive way hitting stuff on the way out. By the time I was able to catch up to him in my car he had got on the road and took out 150 feet of fence on the farm. He does not remember any of it. He was tested and only ambien was found in his system. It was so scary because he actually started the coffee and grabbed his lunch from the refrigerator and got in his truck like he was going to work, except he doesn’t leave for work until 10 am.


Ambien tablets
Date: 8/20/2007
Hello, Can Ambien tablets be cut in half?


AskDocWeb: No. You can tell if a pill is designed to be cut in half or not just by looking at one. Those that you can cut into two have a score line or grove across them.

Continuous nightmares
Date: 8/21/2007
I have only been taking Ambien for a few weeks. I noticed right away that my dreams became much more vivid than usual (they seemed to last longer too), and continuous nightmares. This made me not take it everyday, however my need for sleep makes me take it when I have no other option. I also noticed that it is inconsistent. Sometimes waiting up to 2-3 hours to sleep after taking it.


Date: 8/23/2007

My sister was killed in an automobile accident while sleep driving on Ambien. She was young and had it all going for her. She was not the type to get involved with such behavior that lead to such a tragedy. She was going to college for her Master’s degree and was an overall great person that worked her butt off and responsible as they come. Now, the family and friends have pieced together what she may have been too embarrassed to share with just anyone. She too had experienced bizarre behavior while on Ambien, everything from making phone calls and having conversations, binge eating and cooking in the middle of the night and online shopping…all of this and more without having any memory of the event. This was a head on accident on a busy highway, she always wore her seatbelt but not this time…I don’t think she had a clue she was driving….long story short, this was not a pretty scene for her or the other vehicle. There is someone out there who cares deeply for you and think about that someone having to plan your funeral. It’s not worth it.


Scared stiff
Date: 8/24/2007
I’m 62 and have always had trouble sleeping. I thought Ambien was the answer to my prayers. Until…I began having memory problems. Small at first, not big things and it’s scaring me to death, My doc sent me for a cat scan, now have to go for a MRI I stopped taking Ambien 9 months ago but it isn’t improving. I’ll walk into a store and not be able to find my way around. I forgot that I bought a 3 by 4 foot picture just the other week at a flea market. If you have any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them. Right now I’m scared stiff. Oh, when I went to my doctor she said she had a patient just the past week with same problem. Scary! Sincerely,

Mrs. Karen

Date: 8/25/2007
AMBIEN. What can I say, other than it is a HORRIBLE drug! At first I felt that it allowed me to sleep all night. I certainly thought I fell right to sleep without any problems. I thought I was sleeping through the night, which was very unusual for me. HOWEVER, I learned that I was not only UP and out of bed during the night but was acting bizarre and totally out of character. I had absolutely NO memory of any of the things I was told that I did during the night. On one evening, I was out of town on business, staying in a hotel alone. I took my ambien and went to bed. I fell fast asleep and slept soundly through the night…or so I thought. I woke in the morning to find a piece of paper next to the phone. Written on it was a man’s name, phone # and email address and it wasn’t my handwriting! I had NO idea how it got there or who the man was. I later found out that a man who I had talked with briefly in the lobby (and I had NO interest in him at all) had watched what room I went into. Later that night, after he had been drinking, he stopped by and knocked on my door. I was already asleep but apparently I got out of bed, opened the door and asked the total stranger to come to bed. I have no recollection of any of this. Apparently I had sex with him but have no memory of it! The man called me later that day and didn’t believe me when I told him I didn’t remember him or what happened. He said I seemed very wide awake and very energetic during the several hours that he was in my room! I will never take this drug again. I feel very sorry for the person who took this drug, went to sleep and woke up in jail! I certainly understand how easily that could happen on AMBIEN!


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