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Discussion forum about the side effects of Ambien. Share your experience and opinion about Ambien. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Worried about memory loss with Ambien
Date: 4/3/2005
I been taken Ambien in and out for almost three and half years. I use 10 mg. for over a year. I have noticed loss of memory, depression and problem with erection, I’m sixty and in very good shape I only find very hard to go to sleep and I take the pill.
Please can you please advice me if gradually I stop Ambien I will get my memory and all the other in shape? I’m worry because some times in a matter of second I can remember where my keys are, very hard some time to remember the ingredient that you are reading from a cookbook. Sorry for my bad grammar. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: We have read that many people have memory loss with even with short term use. So far, none have reported that it returns. If anyone has recovered from their memory loss please let us know.

Anyone else?
Date: 4/4/2005
Anyone having problems with nausea in the morning or during the day after taking ambien?


Ambien information – blackouts and memory problems
Date: 4/12/2005
Early in 2004 I was in my first auto accident after 44 years of driving. About 3 weeks before the accident I had started taking Ambien. I had arisen around 8 a.m. to go golfing. I was pulling a golf cart. I drive a 4 cyl. vehicle and I was not in a hurry. I had a clear view of 2 empty lanes and 3 vehicles in the opposite turn lane, yet I turned directly in front of an on coming vehicle, without seeing it. (Ambien related blackout) I almost went crazy trying to figure out how I could not see an approaching vehicle when the last image in my mind, before I started my turn, was of 2 empty approaching lanes. I had a clear view of at least a 1/4 mile down the road.

On the 16th of April, I hurt my back at work. I was prescribed a pain and muscle relaxer, to be taken every 4 hrs. On the 22nd of May I had to report to the early shift at work, taking my meds upon arising. At work, bringing up the simulator systems, I turned on a hydraulic pump that shouldn’t have been turned on. The motion system was deactivated, as the motion legs had been removed for modification. My shift had removed them. I caused minor damage to some equipment and quite a large hydraulic spill. During my rush to turn the pump off, I slipped on the wet floor and banged my head on a nearby crane. I was bleeding profusely from my forehead and immediately felt extreme panic and was fearful for my job, as my boss was ticked at me already for hurting my back at work. The problem was that 2 yrs. earlier the system was changed to not require the pump to be turned on during bringing up the simulator. That morning I thought that the pump should have been turned on. I thought that was the normal routine. It was the normal routine, 2 years earlier! I believe that I somehow was operating on memories that were from 2 yrs. earlier. (Ambien related memory regression)

I didn’t connect Ambien to these events until a month or so later. I was searching for possible interactions from the medications I was currently taking. To my surprise, when I added Ambien to my searches, I immediately read of Ambien causing “Travelers Amnesia” if the full 7-8 hrs. of sleep was not achieved. I read of blackouts, personality changes, auto wrecks, suicides, memory lapses, and much more. Although I seemed to have experienced an extreme memory lapse or regression, the “Travelers Amnesia” convinced me that I had at last found what was probably at the heart of my recent mishaps.

I almost lost my job and sanity because of Ambien usage. I couldn’t drive a car for 6 months without being extremely paranoid. I am on probation at work and was removed as shift lead, with my every move still under suspicion. No one seems to fully believe my experiences, and I can’t blame them. I had to voluntarily seek counseling through my company. My family and I experienced extreme stress and we feared for my mental health.

I feel that I wasn’t given enough info on the possible interactions and side effects of Ambien and my other meds. by my Dr’s, Walgreen’s or Searle. I especially feel that I wasn’t given enough info on the carry over effects that can occur well into the next day. I can’t stress enough that the 7-8 hrs. of sleep is not merely a suggestion, but a potential life and death matter. The carry over effects were never discussed, nor were memory problems or blackouts. None of the literature I was given mentioned any of these problems. I was only cautioned on driving and operating machinery due to the potential of drowsiness and my coordination possibly being affected. I never experienced those symptoms. The Dr. did warn me not to take Ambien for more that 7 days in a row, as Ambien was habit forming.

I believe that taking Ambien was the cause of my auto accident, the work accident and also caused memory problems that I still haven’t fully recovered from. I believe that Ambien has adversely affected my career and life forever. It took many months for my memory to return to anything close to being normal. My short-term memory is still very degraded.


Bad mistake
Date: 4/12/2005
Hello, I really like this drug maybe too much, until I was leaving work one nite about 8 PM, been painting last 3 hours, had a head ache so I grab a bottle out of my desk, took 3 ambien though they were aspirin….bad mistake. Was driving home about 15 min later well didn’t go well. Lucky I stopped to get gas and felt out of it. Well it wasn’t good after that either, but I really like this sleep aid, really works, but never take this druck no matter what while driving, lost memory and was really out.


Cutting Ambien
Date: 4/14/2005
I have used Ambien for 6 months. It is works extremely well for me with little or no side effects. My prescription is for 10mg tablets, but I am able to cut them into 3mg doses which work adequately. I cannot sleep because I cannot get my thoughts to stop. While lying down, new thoughts will constantly pop into my head. With ambien, my mind relaxes and I sleep deep and well. I have also tried Valerian root with success for many years. But Valerian root assisted with other symptoms.


Memory problems with Ambien
Date: 4/15/2005
I have been taking Ambien 10mg for about 4 or 5 months now. I sleep well, but as several others mentioned I do and say weird things. Once I have taken the Ambien I do not remember anything that happens from that point on. I have had some strange conversations and have left the house before. However, the kicker was I was going through my wallet and found a piece of paper with notes about an order for some equipment. Of course I don’t remember ordering anything, so I held onto the paper. Today when I arrived home, there was this huge UPS box on my porch, it was the equipment. I tell you the truth, I have no knowlege of ever ordering this thing, and I would not have ordered it. When I try to recall even calling the number, or any conversation that I may have had with this company, I Do Not!!! The only explanation for this is the Ambien. I am going to stop taking this before something worse happens, I advise anyone that is considering taking this medication to please not do so. You will get some sleep, but what will you do between the time you take the pill, until the time you awake – no one knows.


Date: 4/16/2005
I need to know why this simply does not work at times, and if at those times there is any way for one to catalyze it’s working


AskDocWeb Ambien is known to affect people differently at various times. Contributing factors are likely to include your stress level, anxiety level, diet, time of day, and your level of exhaustion (how tired you are). If we fully understood how Ambien works we could give you a better answer to that question but that understanding is yet to be discovered.

Ambien and blood pressure meds
Date: 4/17/2005
Can you take ambein with blood pressure meds?


AskDocWeb Yes, but remember ambien is for short term use.

Willing to take the risks
Date: 4/20/2005
I’ve been taking ambien off and on for about 4 weeks…usually take about 5 tablets in a week…feel extremely rested when taking ambien…have more energy to do a bit of sewing, housework, cooking, nothing strenuous, as I am a idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patient. Also have asthma, diabetes, scoliosis, and spinal stenosis. Have had drug-induced hepatitis, (therefore dr. Watches liver enzymes closely). Just had blood work done last week, all within normal range. On nights that I do not take ambien, I sleep about 1 1/2 hr, awaken. Lie there for 3 – 4 hrs, drop off to sleep for another 1 or 2 hrs. When alarm goes off, feel so dragging, and am listless most of the day, often taking a short afternoon nap. Therefore, am willing to take it,(even knowing the risks) so that I can function during the day.


AskDocWeb Taking that afternoon nap makes you much more likely to have a problem getting to sleep at night.

Medical weed
Date: 4/21/2005
Six weeks ago I stopped taking the 5mg of Ambien that I’ve been addicted to for SIX YEARS. I used Valerian root and melatonin, which I hated as I felt groggy next day. When I read a post here that medical weed would help. It does. It relieves pain from sitting in a wheelchair all day (I have MS) and allows me to drift into dreams instead of anxiety. This was after 5 weeks of absolutely no sleep, but within six days I now sleep at least six hours undisturbed, and wake up well. Thanks, whoever wrote that post. It is possible to quit Ambien.


3 1/2 MONTHS
Date: 4/26/2005
I made a comment to my doctor about my sleeping problems, he said instantly, without thinking or warning me; take this, as I trusted him I did not read the side effects, any how side effects are worse than they describe them in the label of the prescription. I was nearly to die with this prescription, god knows I’m not lying. Just last night I got into the internet to find out what was going on with me and ambien, and I read an article that was posted by Jess “ambien is scary” let me tell you something; is way scary. I did experience memory loss, difficulty in my eyesight, my behavior totally changed, bad hallucinations (horrible).

I did not understand what was going on with me, the night mares were way horrible, they were evil and I know for sure there’s evil out there. I never thought it could be from taking a simple sleeping pill. I had thoughts of killing myself or others.

I know the last time I went to pick up my refill at CVS pharmacy (someone, something was telling me no to purchase the pills ever again, but I did not listen, and again I experimented the horrible things. Please people find other ways to sleep, pray, use natural herbs. Today it will be my 5th day without the pills and it has not been easy, but I will make it through without it, god is there for all of us just trust him. Do not take the pills, maybe I sound a little fanatic or crazy or religious, the pills are worse than ecstasy, believe me I went through that for over 3 months.


AskDocWeb It is unfortunate that this drug is so casually dispensed by some doctors. At the first onset of anything unusual happening to your body, question your doctor about it. Don’t assume that your doctor knows everything about drugs. Doctors rely on the drug companies for information and it is obvious that this results in incomplete information. You might even tell your doctor to come to this website and read the feedback from other Ambien users. Read more Ambien Feedback.

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