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Discussion forum about the side effects of Ambien. Share your experience and opinion about Ambien. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Doing strange things on Ambien
Date: 7/29/2005
I’ve been taking Ambien for about a month and a half now, and I am currently 9 months pregnant. This past week, perhaps a little longer, I have been doing very strange things after taking my pill, such as rearranging furniture, talking very strangely to my husband or roommates, or even taking up to 2 more pills. But I don’t remember it! I even smoked marajuana last night after taking it, and I hate that stuff! I don’t care how badly I suffer from withdrawal, but I had my husband hide the bottle, and I’m only going to take 1/2 a pill a night until the baby’s born. Then no more ever again. This med is very scary to me, considering that I would have done something very dangerous, such as driving my truck. Sleepwalking doesn’t even run in my family, and I’ve never had a problem with it before, but if you’re taking it, and your friends tell you that you’re doing weird stuff that you don’t recall, you’d better talk to your doctor or discontinue taking it.


AskDocWeb: Don’t sit silent about this happening, report it immediately to your OB/GYN. You can still file a complaint with the FDA. If they get enough complaints maybe they will do something about this.

Long term use of Ambien
Date: 8/10/2005
I have been taking Ambien for over 2 years. What are the dangers?


AskDocWeb: The latest information can be found in the insert that comes with the drug. You can read the dangers and side effects there. Be on the watch for any hallucinations, abnormal behavior, depression, or memory loss.

Ambien sleeping pill
Date: 8/19/2005
I have decided to stop taking Ambien immediately, for my own good. I don’t know what’s up with this drug, but I now feel that no one should be taking any kind of sleep drugs; if you can’t sleep, that’s a problem you have to deal with because sleep drugs have a way of screwing up the brain. I knew I had to stop when I had difficulty falling asleep at night, and when I started taking this stuff, I would have the kind of dreams that you just don’t even want to think about. Vivid, highly realistic dreams that were some of the most terrifying nightmares I have ever had in all my life. I’ve never had dreams like this before! There were times when I’d wake up in the morning and feel like my place was a monster house, like it was haunted, even though I had never noticed anything like this before. I mean, I would literally see images, like faces, in the walls or in the designs of tile floors, and not good images, either. I have stopped taking it, but sometimes I still get paranoid feelings like my house is haunted, but not as much as before. Thank goodness I read up on this stuff. Some people in the drug industry are overdue for a severe butt kicking.


Ambien sleeping pill
I have been taking ambien for about 5 years and am a 50 year old male. I have had multiple knee and shoulder ops so chronic pain and pain meds are a way of life right now. Ambien has helped me a lot in the past years with being able to sleep so I can work okay. My tolerance has creep up but if I would take it right before getting into bed I could fall asleep most of the time.

I have had some memory loss like waking up the next day and food would be out or people would say I had called them on the phone and not made much sense. All stuff you could kind of laugh off. That all came to a end on May 25 2005 at about midnight. I had been working a lot and was both physically and mentally exhausted so Monday I decided to call in and take the day off and get some extra sleep for the day. So I took a ambien after calling into work and headed to bed looking forward to a get day of rest. Well I must have woke up and decided to take another. The whole day was a complete blank. The only thing I can see is pulling up to Wendy’s and ordering food, not having the right amount cash and saying I would have to go around the corner to the ATM. Well they must have called the police because the next thing I can recall is the blue light a the officer talking to me but I could barely speak. Didn’t blow the breathe test so I ended up in the jail.

The officer said I had beer cans in the back floor board. I have no idea where I must have pick them up. What a kick in the head having to stay 8 hrs in jail and get a dui. After looking at the pill bottle info label I know the memory loss is not stressed enough. I could not tell you that this may not have happened before except for the arrest part. If you take ambien be warned this could be right around the corner, hope not.


Date: 9/5/2005
I have been prescribed Ambien twice…once after I broke my neck, and was on it for almost a year. Now I had extensive dental work done and the pain made it hard to sleep. As a full time student I needed to get some sleep at least some nights, so I asked for it again. It has always helped me sleep. I don’t take it until I am in bed and the next thing I know, it’s morning. But because of the addictive nature of this drug I will not take it for more than a week or two. I have experienced diarrhea and a little dizziness this time, which I don’t remember experiencing before, but after the broken neck incident I was also on pain meds and the side effects of those were the opposite (constipation). I would recommend it for sort term, but I was shocked in reading how long some have been on it and how long doctors are willing to prescribe it.


Old Med, New Side Affects
Date: 9/6/2005
I have taken Ambien on temporary basis at various different times over the last 8 years when needed for restless leg syndrome. I was issued a new prescription a couple weeks ago. I do not take drug unless I am having “jumpy legs”! I have had great results without any side effects at all… until I took one when having the beginnings of a bad night. I woke myself up as I slammed into walls in very odd places in my house. I was not fully awake! Just partially, enough to recognize that I was slamming into a wall or object and where I was. I awoke the next morning with a bump on my eyebrow from slamming full force into a door facing. I only started regaining a few memories around my second cup of coffee.

Two nights ago I took one after being up several hours walking the floor with painful “jumpy legs” and so exhausted that I was barely conscious. The next morning my Mom told me of my sleep walking episode and showed me where I walked into a corner of the living room and turned over furnishings. She said I was very “combative” and it was frightening! I have absolutely NO MEMORY of this episode! I could have hurt my Mother or myself…again. I was unaware of these other people with so many side effects until I looked up Ambien + sleep walking! I don’t think I have ever done this before. This is dangerous. What do we do when we would do anything for a couple hours sleep?


Ambien information
Date: 9/9/2005
I’ve been taking Ambien for 2-3 months now and am starting to have many side effects from this drug. I stopped taking it yesterday after I figured out that it is causing memory loss, depression, loss of concentration, motivation, etc. Any idea how long it will take for these side effects to go away? Days, weeks, months? I feel like I’ve lost control of my life.


AskDocWeb: Your memory loss may never return to normal or your other symptoms. You’ll just have to be patient and see.

Ambien or speed?
Date: 9/11/2005
I recently came across what I thought was cocaine in my sons room after alot of discussion he admitted it was ambien however his behavior was more of a speed effect rather than a sedated one. If a person has ADD could this drug have a different side effect? The confusion was very apparent but would like some further feedback please, there are so many drugs on the streets these days, many which can be purchased online and I am very concerned.


AskDocWeb: While it could have ambien it could also have been white crosses, which look similar, and that’s speed. Take the pills to your pharmacist and he may be able to identify them for you.

Date: 9/18/2005
I used Ambien when my husband passed away in a terrible car accident and I could not have gotten any sleep if it hadn’t been for Ambien. Very good stuff!


Ambien sleeping pill
Date: 9/24/2005
I have been taking Ambien on and off for approximately 2 years. I would have to say that it has been the best medication for sleep that I have taken. I have also tried and taken Lunesta. With Lunesta, I wake up through the night, feel more tired in the morning. I usually only sleep 5 hours per night if lucky, and only with some type of medication. I only take 5 mg of Ambien, which is enough. With the Ambien, I usually don’t wake up within a few hours (1-2), as so with Lunesta. I do try to break the cycle of sleeping pills, but usually not very successful. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine to sleep with (which is very annoying) but I have to say that it has stopped the snoring and I have less headaches. But almost impossible to sleep with, without some type of sleep medication. Herbal remedies I have tried are Valerian Root, 5-http, melatonin, passion flower – none have been successful. I don’t like the fact that I have to rely on a medication to sleep, but I am not willing to suffer night after night without sleep which seems to make the next day impossible to get through without feeling horrible. I have had no reverse side effects, outside if I take it everyday, eventually it does seem to stop having its effectiveness. I stay with the 5 mgs. In my situation, I don’t suggest the higher dosage. Less is better if it works for you, none would be greater.


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