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About Aspartame

We searched the United States Food and Drug Administration, Physician’s Desk Reference, Universities around the world and hundreds of Internet sites to give you layman’s reports in plain English. We believe you should be fully informed before taking any drug. That includes the side effects that others don’t talk about.

What is Aspartame?

Aspartame is a widely used sweetener in diet drink and diet food. You may know it as NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Benevia, or NatraTaste. This is a product that stimulates the neurons of the brain so that you perceive a sweet taste. Overstimulation of these neurons can lead to brain damage. That makes this product a neuotoxin.

What are the ingredients in Aspartame?

  • 40% Aspartic acid, an excitotoxin
  • 10% methyl ester which immediately becomes methanol (a narcotic)
  • 50% phenylalanine

Aspartame is a chemical hypersensitization agent and interacts with vaccines and other toxins.

When consumed, methyl ester immediately becomes methanol.

Phenylalanine is an isolate a neurotoxin that goes directly into the brain, lowering the seizure threshold and depleting serotonin.

Aspartic acid does not cross the blood brain barrier but is secreted into the cerebral spinal fluid by the choroid plexus located in the ventricles of the brain. There, in the brain’s lower area and upper end of the spinal cord is where Lou Gehrigs, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis says damage is most prominent. These critical locations are bathed in the toxin as it is absorbed from the blood. From the third to fourth ventricle there is a narrow canal called sylvian aqueduct which fills with this secretion and washes the roof of the hypothalamus. This is damaging to the hypothalamus.

Aspartame breaks down to a several toxins including diketopiperazine, which causes brain tumors.

The FDA refused to allow aspartame on the market for 16 years because it caused:

  • braintumors
  • mammary tumors
  • uterine tumors
  • testicular tumors
  • pancreatic tumors
  • thyroid tumors
  • brain tumors
  • brain cancer

There is no reason to take this product because it is NOT A DIET PRODUCT! The Congressional record states, “It makes you crave carbohydrates and will make you FAT”. One doctor stated that when patients got off aspartame, their average weight loss was 19 pounds per person.

Takie the 60-Day No Aspartame Test

If you use any products with aspartame and you have physical, mental or emotional problems, take the 60-Day No Aspartame test. After two months with no aspartame in your body, come back here and report what happens to your symptoms.

Consumer Safety Questionnaire for Aspartame

Q. What specific products(s) containing aspartame were you consuming?

Q. How long had you been consuming these products before you experienced the symptoms?

Q. What medical problems do you believe are caused from using aspartame?

Q. Did the symptoms go away when you stopped using the products?

Q. Did you see a Doctor about these symptoms?

Q. If you consulted with a doctor, what was the doctor’s response?

Q. Did you report your symptoms to the FDA or any other group?

Q. If you reported your symptoms to any other group, please list them.

Q. On the average, what quantity were you consuming (how often, how much each time, etc.)

For those concerned about weight

Q. What specific products were you consuming?

Q. How long have you been consuming these products?

Q. Did you begin using products with aspartame when you began a restricted calorie diet?

Q. Did you use aspartame products only for some of your meals to save calories?

Q. Did aspartame seem to help you lose weight at first?

Q. What were the long term weight loss effects of using aspartame.

Q. What effects did you experience with the 60-day No Aspartame Test?

Q. What makes you think aspartame caused these problems?

Q. Did the symptoms go away when you stopped using the products?

Q. Did you see a Doctor?

Q. Did the Doctor think it related to aspartame?

Q. What did the Doctor think was the cause of your symptoms?

Q. Did you report these problems to FDA?

Cockroaches don’t eat Aspartame, should you?

Take the 60-Day No Aspartame Test and share your experience with others. Use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Aspartame review.

Aspartame Feedback

Subj: Tinnitus
Date: 5/3/2009
I have been suffering with tinnitus for about 5 months and I recently discovered that aspartane can cause this or make it worse. Since last summer I have been using drink packs to flavor my water and it was soon after that I started having a swishing noise and ringing noise in my ear. It got so bad that I thought I was going to go crazy. Well I came upon an article about aspartane and I stopped using anything that had it in it and now my noises have decreased tremendously. I hope it eventually goes away totally.


Subj: It is a shame
Date: 12/3/2010
Yes, i have been a university teacher and made several environment courses, much about cosmetica and what to eat or not. It is a shame that we can have aspartam in food products, not at lest chewing gum, which young people use frequently! Thanks for articles/ Greetings,


Subj: Grand mal seizure
Date: 4/24/2011
My husband started having seizures shortly after he started drinking diet drinks to loose weight. Within 3 years he was dx as having seizures in his sleep. He was placed on medication Kepra and before long he was having Grand Mal seizure in the night (yes he had worse seizure on medication), the dr just wanted to increase his dose and all he did was sleep and have mood swings (common side effects).

On the advice of a Natrapath we weaned him off the meds and artificial sweetners and other foods. When we added the “Dt. Dew” back he had a Grandmal seizure. We now know what causes them but just the other day he had another seizure. After much research may have found the cause in a Tea he had at a Fastfood chain. Would love a list of all possible foods that contain aspartame. And who can you report this side effect to and will they even believe me if I told them?


AskDocWeb: We can’t give you a list of ALL of the possible foods containing aspartame but here are some of them:

  • 7up Free (all varieties)
  • Cadburys Highlights (all varieties)
  • Canderel
  • Coca Cola Zero (all varieties)
  • Danone Activia Cherry
  • Diet Coca Cola (all varieties)
  • Diet Irn Bru (all varieties)
  • Diet Pepsi (all varieties)
  • Dr Pepper Zero
  • Fanta Orange
  • Fanta Zero (all varieties)
  • Lilt Zero (all varieties)
  • Lucozade Sport (all varieties)
  • Muller Light Banana and Custard
  • Muller Light Blueberry
  • Muller Light Cherry
  • Muller Light Raspberry
  • Oasis Citrus Punch
  • Oasis Summer Fruits Extra Light
  • Options Hot Chocolate Drink (all varieties)
  • Pepsi Max (all varieties)
  • Ribena Really light (all varieties)
  • Robinson’s No added sugar range
  • Robinsons Orange Squash
  • Schweppes Slimline Drinks (all varieties)
  • Silver Spoon Light Granulated Sugar
  • Silver Spoon Sweetness and Light
  • Sprite Zero (all varieties)
  • Tango (all varieties)
  • Tango no added sugar (all varieties)
  • Uncle Ben’s Sweet and Sour Light
  • Walkers Prawn Cocktail
  • Walkers Sensations Lime and Thai Spices
  • Walkers Sensations Sweet Thai Chilli
  • Weight Watchers Fromage Frais
  • Weight Watchers Toffee and Vanilla
  • Wrigleys Airwaves yogurt (all varieties)
  • Wrigleys Extra yogurt (all varieties)
  • Wrigleys Orbit yogurt (all varieties)

You can complain to the FDA (1-800-FDA-1088), but their ability to serve consumers seems to be going downhill.

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