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Comments about Aspartame

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Subj: 13-cis isomer
Date: 5/5/2011
The 13-cis isomer is the bacteriorhodopsin and is fungus and bacteria per the Protein Data Bank. It is used in making Aspartame and it is known to cause brain tumors and cancer and releases a toxic agent. See the Douglass Report on Aspartame and go to free patents and use Aspartame as key search and you will find the patents that develop Aspartame.


Numbness, tingling, slurred speech and heavy feeling
I was recently hospitilized for 4 days with nuerological symptoms of numbness and tingeling head to toe. Slurred speech and a heavy feeling. The symptoms were so severe i was air lifted by helicopter from one hospital to another. After tons of tests they stated basilar migraine. But when two different neurologists saw I had aspartame water flavoring “crystal light”. They said stop taking aspartame, As soon as I did the episodes got less and less and it has been two weeks since I had anything! Aspartame is dangerous for some people and I think all food products should be required to list it like the phenyl warning!



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