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Subj: Avacor & PSA
Date: 1/2/2003
Any DHT blocker can effect a man’s PSA. Propecia’s finasteride does that. Finasteride is used in hormone therapy for advanced prostate cancer, to block the DHT. I suggest you add this warning to Avacor, as you have with Propecia.


Subj: avacor
Date: 1/12/2003
I just read your article on Avacor. Just want to thank you for saving me money on this product. It sounded just like the product Folliguard. Which I unfortunately purchased about 2 years ago. Had a hard time getting my money back. Fortnately I did.

I thought it was against the law to make claims like this. Yet that’s all I hear and see on tv and in my newspapers. Can’t anybody stop these scams? Again thanks for your help.


AskDocWeb: We have been contacted by a law firm on the northeast coast and it seems that they have filed a class action lawsuit against the makers of Avacor for false and deceptive trade practices. We have posted their press release here.

Subj: Avacor Product
Date: 1/25/2003
I have used AVACOR for six to seven months. Within that time, I did grow a little bit of hair but not enough that I was at all happy with or about to take off my hair unit for. What I did do, as I was on Avacor was go from a size 30 waist to a size 34. They say there is nothing in this as far as a steroid yet I am not convienced. My body changed and it is not because of what I was eating. I did not change my eating habits at all and I work out at the gym 5 days a week, doing cardio each day as well.

I would not waste any more money on this product as I am not convienced. There is got to be something in this product to make me gain this much weight in such a short period of time. Like I said, I went form a 30 to 34 waist and went from 170 to 200 plus.


Subj: Avacor
Date: 2/23/2003
The good thing about Avacor is that it DOES work for some people–and it doesn’t work for others. I have called them and they stated that no, it does not work for everyone. That is why they give you a money back guarantee. A friend of mine that tried the product decided to get a refund and he got it quickly with no problems. So I don’t think that they are trying to rip people off.


Subj: Refund Avacor
Date: 2/24/2003
I began using Avacor less than a year ago. The claim is that consumers could receive their money back if it does not work. For me, I have lost more hair in the last year than I have ever lost before. Thus, I want a full $336 refund for the product. My name is Dave (and he gives his address). My phone number is (withheld). Please send me the refund. Call if you have any questions. If I have to send back all of the empty bottles, I will.


AskDocWeb: You will have to contact the company that sold it to you in order to get a refund. You do have the receipt, right?

Subj: re: Avacor
Date: 3/8/2003
Thanks for your insightful information on Avacor, I wasn’t sure about, was warned by one other and after reading your page, I will definitely NOT BUY IT.


Subj: Avacor Feedback horrible results
Date: 3/11/2003
I used Avacor as directed for 3-4 weeks. Irritation developed so I stopped. This irritation turned into one big oozing sore that took weeks to heal. I looked like I was suffering from Atomic Radiation. This is not an exaggeration. As a result of the sores, scabbing and unbearable itching, I lost more hair in a month than the previous 5 years combined. It never grew back. You can’t imagine how devastating and heartbreaking this has been. I feel like suing them. My Doctor can testify to this. Do you know of a lawyer who could help me?

My first E-mail to Avacor gave none of this info, only a request for a refund. They sent one back telling me to try again. NO WAY! Now they won’t even answer me.


Subj: Thank you
Date: 3/18/2003
A quick note to thank you for your informative website I bought 6 months of Avacor. Thought I would do a little more checking on it. Saw your web site and will now be sending it all back. Interesting… when I called for a refund, they said I could still keep the product and would refund half of my money as an option. I responded that I would be sending the whole thing back. I have not opened any of their products.

Thanks again


Subj: Avacor Feedback
Date: 3/25/2003
This product did not work for me. But worse than that, it is the most poorly run business that I have ever dealt with. The left hand never knows what the right hand is doing. You get 10 different answers to your question and none are ever right. God help you if you’re trying to get your money back because you won’t get it if you’ve ever refilled the order (the one year guarantee is misleading). The only thing they do efficiently is collect your money. I’ve decided to join the lawsuit against the company if it is still possible.


Subj: Avacor
Date: 3/25/2003
My husband used Avacor for about a month and his hair started coming out faster than it ever has. He of course stopped using the product and called the company about a refund of his money. The customer service rep was trying to tell him that this was normal and to keep using the product. This sounded completely insane to us. After arguing with the customer service rep for about 10 minutes, she said we had ten days to get the products back or our guarantee was void. All of this of course was not mentioned when we ordered this stuff. My advice to anyone who’ s thinking of ordering Avacor, do yourself a favor, get propecia instead.

Subj: Avacor Feedback
Date: 3/29/2003
AVACOR WORKS! My friends and I at NBC-TV have had great success with this product.

Subj: Worked for me
Date: 3/30/2003
I’ve been using Avacor for three months without any side effects noticed. I now am losing about 70% less hair during brushing and have an inch of new hair all over my head. For me at least, it works.

Please do not print my name.

Subj: Questions regarding Avacor
Date: 4/1/2003
I called Avacor’s customer service Dept. and they claim Doctor Gordon no longer works for or Represents their company.

They claim in addition that you may represent their competition. Do you?

Further,that it wouldn’t make sense to publish the ingedients of Avacor in the Study….

They told me to give it a try and see for myself. Now what?

Is there any product on the market that will indeed regrow a full head of hair?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Bill, there is nothing on the market that I know of, (as of today) that will indeed regrow a full head of hair. Of course they told you to try it. They gave you the sales pitch. What did you expect. And no, we are not their competition. We reviewed their product and found it does not live up to their advertising.

Subj: reply requested
Date: 4/8/2003
Hello, I have spent this morning browsing the avacor website and I admit they are good sellers. I then came upon your website after unsuccessfully trying to locate a journal where the avacor “study” was referenced. after browsing your website,
I also checked out and did some research on propecia, which is recommended by your website. My question is, “what makes propecia better than avacor (or rogaine) in your opinion?” and “what if any affiliation does docweb have with propecia?”


AskDocWeb: In comparing the two, clinical studies show that;

Minoxidil was found to slow or stop hair loss in 40 percent of men. About 33 percent experience some regrowth.

Propecia has been shown to slow hair loss in 88 percent of patients, with about 66 percent growing some new hair.

If you buy propecia through a link on our website, we get a referral fee for introducing a new customer to that company. We could have done that with Avacor but we only recommend products that work as advertised.

Subj: I tried it
Date: 4/19/2003
I did use avacor for six months, but I noticed no benefits. The same was true when I tried Rogain and Propecia. It may be due to the front male pattern baldness I suffer from which I’ve read is the hardest to regrow. But one important fact is that when I did request my refund form avacor, I did so two weeks past the six month supply I bought. They said they only allow a one week grace period so I was out of luck.


AskDocWeb: This is the kind of information people need to know before doing business with any company.

Subj: Hair Genesis V. Avacor?
Date: 4/19/2003
Have you heard or tested Hair Genesis, which states to be the nemesis of Avacor?

I tried Propeticia, and stopped due to sexual decrease. I have had several hair transplants, but with little donor hair left, I am searching for another method. Yes, I use to wear a hair piece, expensive and the units came apart after a couple of months.

Sincerely, Ted

AskDocWeb: Answer update 5/25/07: HairGenesis is not recommended.

Subj: Avacor
Date: 4/24/2003
Have you heard of any cases where Avacor can increase the loss of hair on someone?

AskDocWeb: No, we haven’t.

Subj: Avacor
Date: 4/29/2003
I have found Avacor to be somewhat effective for hair loss on the crown, not anywhere else. Learning that Avacor contains Minoxidil explains this.

I have also found the “customer service” people at Avacor’s call center to be anything but helpful. Read more Avacor Feedback.
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