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Subj: Avacor
Date: 5/5/2003

I tried Avacor for the first time Saturday. When I applied the topical solution it burned my scap. So, I haven’t tried it since. The next day, Sunday, I noticed that my skin, particularly when I raised my eyebrows, seemed tighter. The day following, Monday, I noticed that my forehead had swollen and my skin is even tighter than the day before. Perhaps I had an allergic reaction. Have you heard of any symptoms similar to this?


Date: 5/8/2003

There is a herbal product advertised on the internet for hair regrowth, prevention of hair loss etc. named ‘Advecia”. It claims to work better than Propecia and Rogaine, but with no side effects. Do you have any information on this herbal product?
Thank You

AskDocWeb: This answer was revised 10/26/03. We are now collecting feedback on Advecia. If you know someone who has used this product, please ask them to use the form below to tell others about

Update: 5/23/2003

The Department of Health and Human Services (Food & Drug Administration) has sent a letter to the makers of Avacor. The FDA confirmed, by analysis, that the Avacor product contains minoxidil.

The system and its three component products are new drugs under section 201 (p) of the Act. They are not generally recognized as safe and effective for their labeled uses.

Under section 505(a) of the Act, a new drug may not be marketed in the United States without an approved new drug application (NDA). The FDA says they are unaware of any approved NDA or abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) for the AVACOR(tm) Hair Care System and its three individual component products.

In addition, the FDA says the three individual component products of the AVACOR(tm) Hair Care System are misbranded because their labeling fails to list the active ingredients as required by law.

Thanks Stephen

Subj: Avacor Surprise
Date: 6/25/2003

I have been using propecia for 2 years and thought I would look at Avacor at the end of my prescription. When it arrived, I was shocked to see that minoxidil was a component. I was unaware that minoxidil was a natural substance, but then it did come from the Earth some way or other, so that makes it natural I guess. But the obvious thing to me instantly was that minoxidil was what was really making this useful for anyone. Detoxifying shampoo, give me a break.

Subj: A comment on Avacor
Date: 6/26/2003


I bought three month supply of Avacor around June of 2002. I called the Maine office and the representative’s main point was that the Physician’s Topical Formula was a compound that dissolved the currently accumulated DHT in the hair folicles. She said that this loosening of the DHT was what mattered in the topical formula and that the increasing of circulation in the scalp that was the benefit of minoxidil did not help to deal with the DHT.

I used the product as directed. After a week or two, I noticed, before the hair stopped falling out, that the hairs that fell out were thicker on one end. That told me that the topical solution was working as described. As I went through the 3 months of applying this product and taking the herbal supplements, the existing hairs got thicker. (The dead follicles were not brought back to life by this treatment, but those that still had some ability to produce hair put out a thicker hair.)

When my recent order arrived, I was very disappointed to see a label that mentioned only minoxidyl as the active ingredient. The New York office, where I had placed this order, said that the formula was unchanged and that they had changed their labeling to get peace from the FDA. I told them that the FDA also requires that all ingredients be listed on the label and their labeling showed a formula change. I asked why they had changed the formula that worked so well for me. I guess some of those people may be unaware of the formula change, but the topical solution was a light red color in the first order. The minoxidyl formula is a clear liquid.

Did Avacor do a kind of “bait and switch” on us, switching to less expensive minoxidyl once they had built a good reputation with a good product that works?


Subj: Rogain vs. Avacor vs. Propecia
Date: 7/12/2003

You mention Propecia is better than avacor. What about vs. Rogain?


AskDocWeb: The active ingredient in both Rogaine and Avacor is minoxidil. Propecia was found to be more than twice as effective as either (88% for Propecia and 40% for minoxidil).

Subj: Avacor
Date: 7/19/2003

This is the second feedback I have sent to you on Avacor. The current page you have up from 2002 on this product addresses the current composition of the topical solution, minoxidil. However, the topical solution I got from Global Vision in June, 2002 was of a different makeup, which the sales person emphasized as being superior to minoxidil because it dissolved the DHT accumulation in the hair follicles. DHT and it takes some exotic chemical soup to break it up. In my opinion, Avacor pulled a “bait and switch” with the topical solution formula change.

The best thing would be to tell me and others where we can purchase a DHT dissolving topical solution that is safe for humans.

AskDocWeb: We don’t know if they changed the formula as well as changing in labeling. We do know the FDA forced them to reveal the ingredients. Unfortunately, there is no DHT dissolving topical solution that is 100% safe for humans. Propecia comes the closest, but it too has side effects.

Subj: Thanks!

Date: 8/13/2003

Thank you for saving me money! I was about to purchase Avacor and after reading your review, have obviously decided against it. I was also scammed by a product called Regenix which makes the same exaggerated claims as Avacor. When I tried to get my money back for the three month supply of their very expensive “shampoo,” they informed me that the money back guarantee applies to only for the first 30 days of the treatment. However, they told me to that I must use the entire 90 day supply in order to see the results! HMMMMM, scam? Yup. I did eventually get my money back but that was only after threatening legal action.
Thanks again,


Subj: Procerin
Date: 8/28/2003

I appreciate the information you have posted concerning Avacor. I was considering using the product, but I was rather skeptical. Your website and the UC Berkley website provided enough information for me to determine it is not worh the investment.

I do have a question regarding the current research about Procerin. On Procerin’s website they state:

“The active ingredients are all-natural herbal, vitamin, and mineral DHT inhibitors. No harsh chemicals, no messy topical creams, liquids, or special shampoos, and no sexual side effects.”

In one of the questions on the site posted on the Avacor pages asks if Advecia would be helpful in regrowing hair, in which AskDocWeb replies:

“Advecia contains mostly vitamins and minerals and will be just as effective as a good daily multivitamin (which is not effective for genetic hair loss).” Am I correct in assuming that this gives little hope for Procerin?
Thank you,


AskDocWeb: We haven’t closed the door completely on these products. We are taking a closer look at Proerin. If you know anyone who has tried it, get them to leave some feedback so we have more data to work with.

Update 9/28/03: We have completed our initial
Report on Procerin.
Take a look and tell us what you think. We will update it as more feedback comes in. Right now it looks pretty good.

Subj: Avacor
Date: 8/28/2003

Thanks for your illuminating article on Avacor and their shady operation. What can you offer about advecia or procerin? Do these seem like alternatives worth trying?


AskDocWeb: We are currently collecting data on these. If you know anyone who has experience using Advecia, you might ask them to leave feedback so we can share it with others. Update 9/28/03: See the new
Report on Procerin.
Update 10/8/04: We are adding Advecia to our list of products to check out.

Subj: Female Hairloss
Date: 9/8/2003

Should I try Avacor? I am losing my hair. There is no history in my family of hair loss. My doctor blames it on stress and pregnancy. In two years I have lost about half of the hair in the front of my head and am thinning throughout. Blood work comes back negative. I have done the counseling thing and don’t feel it is stress related hair loss. I had a baby prior to experiencing hair loss and after. It has been a year since I delivered my last child. I am not on any medications. I don’t have great eating habits. I often skip meals or snack and go. As you must know losing your hair is very demeaning and as a women not accepted. I need to know what to do?


AskDocWeb: We can not recommend using Avacor. It has not lived up to it’s claims. Many women (as well as men) turn to hair pieces and wigs. You need to be especially carful about whatever you try because many of the meds to regrow hair or pevent hairloss are harmful to women.

Subj: Avacor
Date: 9/18/2003

I bought Avacor Jan, 03 I use about one month and I had lot of big problem with it. I got rash on my skull. I stop using and I called them right away. They told me stop using it. Told me to go buy TeaTree shampoo and conditioner to get rash healed but nothing happen. I even make me buy other cream online which cost me $60.00. Nothing worked. I end up going to my own Medical Dr. to get better. I did return their product, got my money back in two month which they told me 2 weeks. I say stay away from the Avacor.


Subj: avacor
Date: 9/29/2003

I found your information on Avacor extremely helpful. I am 44 years old and have only tried one hair regrowth product, but that was some years ago, and it of course did not work.

Can you tell me if there is anything that in say the next 5 years will grow hair from a completely bald scalp? A dermatologist told me that there is a chance. What is your opinion?

AskDocWeb: I would say there is hope, but nothing on the market right now, especially if the scalp is completely bald.

Subj: Avacor for 7 months
Date: 10/23/2003

I have been using Avacor for 7 months and have had some success. My hair has stopped falling out and is regrowing from the back forward and from the side up. However, it is not growing in the front area or crown. But hair growth is spreading. I was hoping that Avacor (minoxidal) would grow hair all over. After reading the articles here I know that is not likely to happen.


Subj: How can they get away with that?
Date: 9/27/2003

So how can this stuff be hawked on TV? I just saw the ad. Thank you for you valuable info.


Subj: Avacor
Date: 9/30/2003

I am currently using Avacor, I have had very little positive results.

Is it possible that I would see results with hair genesis?

If Avacor has minoxidil, will I be at risk of losing more hair if I stop using the product?

AskDocWeb: To date, all the hair restoration products we have looked at need to be taken continuously. If you stop using them, your hair loss gradually resumes over a period of several months.

Answer update 5/25/07: HairGenesis is not recommeded.

Subj: Thank you
Date: 10/30/2003

Thank you for your honest opinion of the product “Avacor”.

I’ve been hearing about this product for the past 3 years. Somehow, I knew that one day I would look it up and find out that it’s really a great big hoax.

You have no idea how hard it is to cope with female pattern hairloss. It’s excruciating for me. I cannot live a normal life because of it.

Companies like “Avacor” only add insult to injury when they advertise their junk giving false hope to people like me. Thank God I decided to look it up and see it for what it really is before throwing my money away.

Thanks again for the info.


Subj: Avacor
Date: 10/30/2003

I just wanted to say thank you for having a very informed web site I was going to order this product I hear it almost every day either on the radio or television. I have tried Rogain and it did nothing for me as I am sure now that Avacor would provide the same results. Thank you again.

Subj: Avacor
Date: 11/11/2003

I bought the Avacor package. I am thinning in front. The instructions stated that Avacor was for “top of the head” called Avacor, was told they have to say that by Federal law, but the product would work for me. Not so, and my head itches constantly. I have stopped using it. Basicly, I threw my money away.

Subj: Alternative to Avacor
Date: 11/17/2003

I am looking for a product and I was going to buy Avacor, but after reading this product, I am looking for something else… can you assist?

AskDocWeb: We have made a new page to list hair loss products. It’s a short list right now, but will grow as we add products.

Subj: Hair Genesis
Date: 11/17/2003

Do you have any info on the Hair Genesis products advertised on the Internet? I just read your info on Avacor. Thanks

AskDocWeb: As of today, we have not received any feedback from users. Nothing positive or negative.

Subj: Advecia
Date: 11/23/2003

I have heard of Advecia, but I want to know if there is anyone out there who has tried it?

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