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Subj: Experiencing faintness
Date: 6/15/2007
I have been using Avacor. I have been experiencing faintness when I rise up and start to walk. I had no idea this could be a side effect of Avacor. I appreciate this article.


Subj: About their money back guarantee
Date: 6/18/2007
I used the product for over a year and it did nothing. I used their money back guarantee and I am still waiting for my refund- 6 mo. I sent it back as requested by AVACOR and by mid June ’06 they are still mailing the check. Same check for 3 months. Must be a big one. I reported them to the NY Better Business Bureau and will be seeking an attorney. If they are going to screw customers over they should tell them up front and be honest about it.


Subj: Gain was lost
Date: 8/6/2007
I tried Avacor for about six months and noticed significant hair growth on the crown and generally a fuller heard of hair. When I switched to Procerin all the prior gain was lost in about three/four months.


Subj: Busted
Date: 9/3/2007
Avacor and Hair Genesis were busted on 20/20. You can see the video on You Tube


Subj: I tried Avacor
Date: 9/7/2007
I tried Avacor for a 3-month period after hearing so many ads on the radio. I had tried Minoxidil before with no results, so I asked the rep when I called if Avacor was Minoxidil. He told me it was not. He said it was a unique herbal formulation. Because they offer a 100% money-back guarantee, I decided to give it a try. When the product arrives, of course it was Minoxidil. I used it for nearly 2 months, got absolutely no results. I called for the return authorization number, which I received. I returned the product via UPS on May 18, 2007. It was received by the company on May 21, 2007. I have called 6 times to find out where my refund is and each time I get a different lie. First it was a computer problem, then my check was to be written “at the end of the week”, then my name was “on the list”, and the last couple of times I was told that there was no information available as to when I will receive my refund. I wrote to the Better Business Bureau and the FTC. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND TIME AND AGGRAVATION ON AVACOR!!


Subj: No results with Avacor, good results with Thymuskin
Date: 9/11/2007
I used avacor for one year with no results. I started using Thymuskin shampoo and treatment. A 4 month supply cost around two hundred, it is very expensive. I have had good results with this product. My best friend has also been using this product for 8 months and his hair is very healthy. The good thing about thymuskin is you can eventually stop the products without further hairloss. I have herd of bad reviews with this product but it has worked for me. Avacor was just expensive rogaine anyway, that is the active ingredient. Hope this helps. If you decide to order look for a discount code online and hopefully you can save some money. The only down side like I said is its expensive. but you don’t have to use forever.


Subj: Spot hair loss?
Date: 10/2/2007
I have not used Avacor. I had an itch in my head at the front, a spot now about the size of a silver dollar. I want to know if Avacor would regrow hair in this particular spot. I did not know that while the itch was there my hair was thinning and coming out. Please help. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Ideally you should check with a dermatologist to make sure the spot doesn’t grow or appear in other places. A dermatologist will likely recommend just plain Minoxidil, it’s much less expensive.

Subj: No money back
Date: 10/9/2007
Avacor did nothing for me and I just got of the phone with a lawyer representing Globle Vision which owns Avacor and guess what there is a big chance I will not get my money back. So whoever wrote about his friend not having any problem getting his money back was very lucky. Try to get your money back now. Don’t bother purchasing. I’ve yet to meet anybody that had positive results.


Subj: Healthen up the hair
Date: 10/22/2007
I have used Avacor Boost for some time now and I like it. It does help my hair to look somewhat thicker. Although, I did, back in 2003-2004 use the system (3) part for exactly (9) months and saw NO change at all. I requested a full refund and received every penny back. I was thankful being that it orig. cost 400.00. Thank you for listening, thank you for the update on these things. They’re very useful. Also, could you recommend a product that does help to healthen up the hair and give it body? Thanks again,


AskDocWeb: To have healthy hair you have to have a diet that provides adequate nutrition or take a supplement that provides the vitamins and minerals your scalp needs. There are also foam mousse products that will help in giving your hair body.

Subj: Was it just me?
Date: 12/15/2007
I used avacor for about three years. I was terrible about the shampoo and topical solution but took the pill twice daily religiously. I seemed to stop losing hair till I ran out of money and a few years later have lost quite a bit of hair. Was the pill working or was it just me? I’m not sure.


AskDocWeb: There is no way we can know that.

Subj: Best and safest product on the market
Date: 2/8/2008
I read your review on Avacor, which I found extremely useful. My hair is thinning more and more each year I have been using rogiane for several years but I don’t think it is working anymore. In your studies what is the best and safest product on the market. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: That is difficult to say, the one we would like to recommend hasn’t been invented yet. If the manufacturer of Minoxidil can find a way to make the hair growth last longer than 48 weeks, we would add that to the list of recommended products. Not yet but maybe some day. If Propecia didn’t have any sexual side effects, that would be our first choice but unfortunately it does. At the present time our first choice is Procerin followed by Nisim Biofactors.

Subj: Avacor didn’t work
Date: 2/23/2008
Avacor I bought didn’t work, wasted my money. I tried everything, nothing works, why can real doctors help humans repair hair faster less money and that’s its simple make it fast simple and I’m sure the truth is out there for regrowing hair. so lets cut the bull and lets help people be happy and especially for those who can’t afford it.


Subj: Difficulty with receiving a refund
Date: 3/17/2008
I’m discouraged by what I’m reading up in the message board. I’m also having difficulty with receiving a refund for a product that arrived, but was never accepted. I’m getting the run around now and I’ve waited patiently for the process (on refunding) to work itself out. I guess I’m going to have to send some certified letters.


Subj: What works just the same for less?
Date: 3/28/2008
I used avacor it works great for me my hair started growing back in 4 months. Avacor costs too much do you what works just the same for less?


AskDocWeb: Rogaine.

Subj: Avocor
Date: 7/30/2008
A pharmacist informed me that Avocor is basically the same as Biotin. Do you agree? I am experiencing thinning hair and am looking for any help available Thank-you,


AskDocWeb: We suggest you read about the various products for hair loss and the limitations of each one.

Subj: Too late for the lawsuit
Date: 8/9/2008
Hello, I purchased the hair re-growth product called Avacor, wanted to know more about the law suit! Before buying, I called to inquire about there product, said I had tried Rogain, with no success, asked what was in there product, and what the success rate was for people using Avacor, was told they guarantee there product to grow hair or your money back, has a high success rate, with the herbal ingredient. After receiving the product, I noticed that it contained Minoxidil, called back, asked for my money back, they said I have to use it with there special clensing shampoos, for 6 months to a year before I would see results! I used it for 6 months, with no success, I called again, they now said it could take up to a year, would need to buy more of the product! I told them no, this stuff has Rogain, and it never worked in the past, please refund me my money! They then told me to send back what I didnt use, they would refund my money, for any un-used product I sent back! I asked to talk to there manager, my call was trasfered to a voice mail box, left a message, but never got a call back! Several calls made with the same answer. Please let me know what I can do, I still have the product, and a receipt!


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately some companies give you run around just long enough for their guarantee to expire and then you no longer qualify for a refund. It sounds like you are out of luck. The lawsuit took place five years ago and is now history.

Subj: Worse than worthless
Date: 8/16/2008
I tried Avacor for 6 months. Zero regrowth. Totally worthless product. Actually worse than worthless, strangely enough, I lost my sense of smell almost totally while using the product. Luckily my sense of smell returned completely when I stopped using it. These people should be hung by the privates.


Subj: Avacor did nothing for my hairloss
Date: 1/8/2009
I purchased Avacor, and it did nothing for my hairloss. Please let me know if you need anything from me, and let me know how this proceeds. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Update: It appears that the company, Global Vision Products, Inc has gone out of business, maybe bankrupt. There assets were sold to a newly formed investor group, Avacor Products LLC. We will have to wait a while to see what the new owners do.

Subj: Are you “YOUR PLAYIN your SELF!”
Date: 3/16/2009
I have been using Avacor or a number of years. I will say that the products works well on maintaining what ever hair is left on your scalp. The end result for me is that it promotes a head of healthy hair. But for guys who think that there gonna REgrow a hair line better than a chimpanzee? YOUR PLAYIN your SELF!


AskDocWeb: You might want to find out what the active ingredient in Avacor is (hint: minoxidil) and then read what the FDA says about it. Read more Avacor Feedback.
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