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Body Mass Index Feedback

This page is feedback about the Body Mass Index or BMI, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell someone about BMI or these calculators?

Age related BMI?
Date: 7/24/2015
My healthcare provider is insisting I do these weigh ins. My BMI for a 5 foot 10 225 pound person is 32. I am athletic, my athletic build BMI is 27. I wear a Fitbit to prove it. but I am told I cannot use the athletic build option because I am over 60 years old. Is this a valid point? Does exercising mean nothing to me anymore because I fit the 60 year old?


AskDocWeb: There is an ongoing debate about the ideal range of BMI for elderly people. Part of the controversy stems from recent evidence that suggests a BMI between 25 and 30 may be protective against mortality in older adults. It is possible that those with higher BMIs are at less risk for hip fractures with falls and therefore at less risk for surgical and post-operative complications. Having a BMI between 25 and 27 may help protect you from thinning of the bones (osteoporosis). BMI cut-off values also vary between ethnic groups.

You may be able to get out of this controversy by having your doctor use body fat percentage instead of BMI in determining your over-all health.

Muscular build
Date: 9/18/2015
I used this to messuare my BMI seeing how i am a muscular build. it still told me i am at 28. I know this isnt perfected but i am 5’10 230 and very muscular. i work out 3-5 times a week and eat a very lean and balanced diet. i have been dedicated to this for a few years and really don’t have much more than 10-15 pounds i could drop if i went to more extreme dieting and work out and stayed healthy. Is there a adjustment for larger muscle builds? I monitor my vitals and know i am considered healthy but everything online tells me my height to weight is obese. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: If you are familiar with the “bell curve” you will know that there are people on each end of the curve that may be outside of the norm and still be healthy. As mentioned before the percentage of body fat is much more accurate in determining overall health.

More accurate BMI
Date: 9/18/2015
Traditional BMI calculators say that at 6 feet, 0 inches I should weigh between 136 and 184. In college I was 186 pounds with 6% body fat as measured by water displacement test. This is much more accurate! For me to weigh 136 at 6 feet tall, I would be skeletal! Lol


AskDocWeb: We agree, that’s why we made the Lean BMI Calculator.

Date: 11/5/2015
Thank you for giving those of us with muscular builds the “proper” guideline in determining BMI. Everyone tells me I’m overweight bordering on obese, using the BMI for the average individual. Using the adjusted formula for those of us who are active, the BMi drops from around 29-24. Just another example of forcing all into a general category. To satisfy my curiosity, how is the formula for BMI adjusted for those of us who are muscular in nature?


AskDocWeb: It’s a little complicated but if you right click on the page you can view the “source code” to see the formula.

Date: 11/16/2015
Thank you for providing this calculator. It’s the first I’ve seen for a muscular build. It gets depressing to be calculated as in the overweight category, which every other chart puts me in. I’m carrying a few more pounds than I want (or was used to when I was competing) but my build is still very solid, if not more muscular due to the amount of physical work and exercise I do. Kudos for helping athletes get a more accurate picture!


AskDocWeb: You are welcome Dawn, glad you appreciate it.

Accurate BMI
Date: 1/15/2016
I was just professionally measured by a weight loss dr, who took multiple measurements and calculated my fat % at 30. according to regular BMI charts I am at 29 (which equates to about 36-37% body fat) but using this athletic one I got a 25, which calculates to 30.5% body fat. WAY TO GO! Thanks for making a calculator that is accurate.


AskDocWeb: You are welcome Michelle. Feel free to share the link.

The BMI for Lean Builds
Date: 2/19/2016
It’s a better tool than the standard BMI but still puts me high at 28. I’m only 5’7″ and weigh 210. I have 18 inch arms and lean enough in most area to see every vein. I would have to drop a significant amount of lean muscle mass to be in the healthy range.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Charles, you are proof that a tool designed to give a general indication of health does not work for everyone.

Date: 4/28/2016
I’ve been heavier and lighter at the same height and I can confirm that the limits in this calculator are set correctly.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Stefan, we appreciate you letting us know.

This is great!
Date: 5/26/2016
I am on the shorter side, but am a runner, weightlifter and team sport player (football, basketball, soccer). While I’m only 5’3, most BMIs put me at 22-24 – and recommendations of living my life – how I already live it (eat healthy, exercise, increase water intake, reduce to no alcohol, etc). I was given a 19, which is likely pretty close. Thank you for the general idea without clamping around on my arms and legs.


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you are doing a good job. Keep it up!

Another suggestion
Date: 9/2/2016
Nice. The original bmi chart is a foolish and irresponsible tool! Another suggestion for the perfect calculator: make a couple options for how much muscle (athlete vs powerlift vs cover model), and add an age element that allows more weight with age (a 25 yr old at 200 would be slightly overweight, but a 45 yr old of same weight and build would be in,shape). THAT would be a perfect calculator!!!


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