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Body Mass Index Feedback

This page is feedback about the Body Mass Index or BMI, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell someone about BMI or these calculators?

I’m about medium muscle
Date: 9/27/2016
Im curious about what kind of muscle level this is calculating at. I know its an estimate, but is it designed for highly muscular people? So if you were just athletic (but not heavily muscled), would you be aomewhere between the normal BMI amd this calculator? Im asking because the numbers are very far apart. I’m 25 on this scale, and 29.5 on the original scale. I’m about medium muscle. So my thought is, if this wear designed for people with a lot of muscle, then I may consider myself around halfway between 25, and 29.5…around 27.5 maybe? Its just nice to have an accurate idea Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Sorry Ian, the calculator for lean body mass is not intended for use by those with medium muscle. If you want a more accurate assesment then talk to your doctor.

With or without clothing?
Date: 1/12/2017
just answer the questions is bmi weight calculated with or without clothing and shoes. it can make a 7 lbs difference, which can change me from overweight to desirable. I already exercise 4x a week for 60, in addition to walking me dog.


AskDocWeb: If you measure it at home then it is measured in the morning without clothes after going to the toilet and before drinking or eating anything.

BMI for athletes formula
Date: 4/10/2017
I wanted to know the formula you guys used to get the BMI for athletes. I am familiar with the new adjusted BMI which is 1.3*weight(kg)/height(m)^2.5


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