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Body Mass Index Feedback

This page is feedback about the Body Mass Index or BMI, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell someone about BMI?

Subj: Thank you
Date: 3/30/2006
Thank you for this useful information. Now I know that I need to gain a little more weight.


AskDocWeb: You’re welcome.

Subj: Lean BMI calculator is more accurate
Date: 5/9/2006
This BMI calculator seems to be much more accurate. I have a muscular build from years of dancing and running, and on other indicators I show up as the high end of normal, when I know I’m extremely healthy and exercise regularly and have an active lifestyle. I’m glad I found this site, the other ones gave me pretty puzzling results. Thanks!


Subj: Artificial sweeteners
Date: 5/25/2006
You said in one of the other replies that it is bad to eat the artificial sweeteners and diet products. Why is that?


AskDocWeb: Many diet products contain aspartame, a product that was not allowed on the market for 16 years because of the tumors and cancer it caused.

Subj: BMI at 16
Date: 6/6/2006
How much should my bmi be at weighing 156 and a height of 5’6 and age 16. How much should I weigh?


AskDocWeb: Bone structure also has to be factored in but it sounds like you are just slightly overweight. Your weight should be somewhere between 140 and 150 lbs.

Subj: Adjusted BMI
Date: 6/23/2006
Adjusted BMI is close but totally correct. I’m 6′ 1.5″ and tip the scales at 228. I work out daily, alternating weights with days of swimming, biking and sometimes just walking (bad knees). I have a very large bone structure and very little body fat according to caliper.

I look good at 235, and start looking skeletal at 215. With a 48″ chest and 30″ waist I think I’m doing fine and my doctor agrees. He says it doesn’t hurt that I’m 52 years young, and that ideal weight must be adjusted for age. I’ve seen some charts on the web that take into account age. I’ll try to find them again and email you the URL’s.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Rich.

Subj: Thanks for LBMI
Date: 7/17/2006
Like your tool better. Started lifting weights and lost body fat but gained muscle mass. The normal BMI said I was overweight. My body fat is around 14% it was just measured. I feel so much better and run a lot faster. I play softball 10 games a week and work out 6 hours a week and feel great. I don’t feel I am over weight, I feel extremely healthy. Thanks for your LBMI.


AskDocWeb: You are welcome, and congratulations.

Subj: Wise up
Date: 8/23/2006
Thank you for this tool! I have always been a short woman (around 5’3) able to easily build and maintain muscle, and I enjoy being fit and strong. I’m sick and tired of the standard BMI calling me “Obese”. People don’t believe me when I admit my weight; I have to continually explain that muscle is denser than fat and therefore weighs more. Let’s hope the NIH wises up and begins to understand that one size does not fit all.


Subj: BMI tool for athletes
Date: 8/30/2006
Thank goodness for your BMI tool for athletes! I am a marathoner and an avid cyclist, and I’m getting sick and tired of having BMI calculators tell me I’m at a health risk because they don’t take into account muscle weight! However, maybe there should be a definition of “athlete” for folks? Many like to think of themselves as “muscular” despite having never worked-out.


Subj: Thank you!!!
Date: 9/7/2006
Finally, someone has not only realized that a muscular person is different than a normal person and has provided a BMI calculation for us! Thanks. I think your calculation is right on…although I have very muscular arms, legs, and chest/back – I do still have some padding around my mid-section (not much, but some) and at 6’1″, 210lbs, believe that the 23 your formula produces is much more in line with my overall health vice the 28 and overweight rating I get from the original BMI calculator. Again – thank you!


AskDocWeb: We’re glad you find it useful.

Subj: Feel better now
Date: 9/25/2006
I feel alot better now that I know that I’m not over weight. I am always afraid I’m too fat but most of my weight is in my chest but it still scares me. Thank you so much.


Subj: Accurate BMI
Date: 10/24/2006
I used your BMI index for athletic people and found it to be pretty accurate. I am 6ft. and weigh 170. I am tall and muscular with a 31″ waist. This index is alot more useful for muscular/athletes than the standard BMI.


Subj: Little gadget says she’s overweight
Date: 11/6/2006
A woman at the Y was measuring BMI. I am 30 years old 5’1″ and weigh 125 pounds. I held this little gadget and it said my bmi was 27. I just looked that up and realized it’s way overweight! On the charts at my height, it said that 145 pounds is 27 bmi and that 125 pounds is around 23 bmi. I know I’m not skinny, but can’t believe I’m that overweight! Why is my BMI that of a person who weighs 20 pounds more than me?

AskDocWeb: Your BMI is 24 and that is desirable according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Anyone can make a mistake but we have to ask, was that woman at the Y selling a weight loss product?

Subj: Not obese
Date: 11/16/2006
This is a very inaccurate solution to ind out if you are obese or not or at risk for diseases and overweight illnesses. I am not obese because I am the hottest girl on my block and I don’t think that boys could like a girl who is fine and sexy but obese. I am 16 and yes I have some meat on my bones but I am certainly not obese.


AskDocWeb: The BMI calculator is intended for adults. There are different standards for girls and boys.

Subj: BMI was 26
Date: 11/28/2006
Hi, my BMI was 26 on this calculations, can you please tell me if this is correct for body builders as well as I can clearly see my abdominal muscles.


AskDocWeb: Body builders and athletes have what is called a lean BMI, different from people who don’t exercise. Try our Lean BMI calculator but keep in mind that these BMI calculators are only a general indication of health. Don’t take them too seriously because there are a lot of exceptions they don’t cover.

Subj: Large bone structure
Date: 12/8/2006
I come from a family with very large bone structures. My great grandmother was full blooded Czech rep and stood at about 6’4″ and my great grand father was full blooded German and stood at about 6’2″. On the other side they also had very large frames. I am 6’2″ and way at 260 I know I’m over weight, however if I were to go by the bmi it would show that my ideal weight is 180 or less, I would look like a walking skeleton. My question is this, is there a simple solution to find out what my bmi is or is there a bmi calculator for people with large bone structures?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Joe, there is no simple BMI solution for those with large bone structure. You’ll have to visit your doctor for a professional opinion based on more than just your height and weight.

Subj: Help!
Date: 12/11/2006
I checked my husband’s BMI and it was not favorable! He is 5’8″ and 250 lbs. 54 years old and is very muscular. His waist size is 38″ but does have a big belly and is very active with physical work. Please help with a different calculation of BMI. Thanks!


AskDocWeb: Rather than using a different calculator to ease your concern, please use that concern as motivation to get him to a doctor for a complete physical. And let us know what his doctor says.

Subj: BMI for 15 year old?
Date: 12/16/2006
I just found this thing and asking, I’m 15 years old, my B-day is Dec. 27. I bench 235 once and weight 175-180 is that a good amount you’d say? like above average.


AskDocWeb: The BMI calculator here is for adults only. You can find the ideal weight (according to the American Child Health Association) for boys here and girls here.

Subj: Shame on you
Date: 1/8/2007
You people make me sick. I read every message to you and every response. You should be ashamed of yourselves. There are so many other ways of checking health and size and you are leading people down the wrong path. Explain how incorrect the bmi is, and please tell your readers about the important things, like pulse rate blood pressure and overall health. Human bodies are all different, and your over simplified body test (and your stupid, pathetic question responses scare the crap out of me. I envision a world of scrawny underfed mutants who follow your lifestyle. I am less offended by the bmi index as I am to your responses to the questions posed to you. Shame, shame, shame.


AskDocWeb: If you really read the feedback you would know that we do not promote any lifestyle here. We can only hope that you realize that you are taking this far too seriously. Like any generalization there are many exceptions to the BMI calculator. We have tried to address some of these exceptions with our Lean BMI calculator, Boys Chart, and Girls Chart. If you have any other suggestions please let us know. Read more Feedback. BMI Report2Page 3 45678910Last Page 16

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