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Lean Body Mass Index

If you use a Body Mass Index to find your general state of health, you may be making a mistake. Instead, you should be paying attention to the percentage of body fat you are carrying. For that you need an accurate body fat caliper. But just for fun, here’s an easy way to check your lean body mass. This BMI calculator is only for those who are of athletic or muscular build. Enter your weight and height then click on Calculate BMI.

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If your BMI is less than 20: This indicates a lean BMI, which means you have a low amount of body fat. This is desirable only if you are an athlete. If you are not an athlete, a lean BMI can indicate that your weight may be too low. This may lower your immunity. If your BMI and body weight are low, you should consider increasing your muscle mass with a good diet and exercise program.

If your BMI is between 20 and 22:
This indicates the ideal, healthy amount of body fat, which is associated with living longest, and the lowest incidence of serious illness and health problems. This ratio is what many individuals perceive to be the most attractive. Go for it.

If your BMI is between 22 and 25:This is still considered an acceptable range, and is associated with good health. Consider adding an “active” activity to your week.

If your BMI is between 25 and 30:
You are considered “Hefty” and should find ways to lower your weight, through diet and exercise. You are at increased risk for a variety of illnesses at your present weight. You should lose weight by changing your diet and exercising more.

If your BMI is over 30: This indicates an unhealthy condition. Your excess “Prosperity” is putting you at risk for a verity of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, gall bladder disease and some cancers. You will likely need a lifestyle change to get this under control. Get some help. Your first steps should be changing your diet and exercising more.


This adjusted body mass index is our first attempt to allow for the lean, athletic or muscular build. Please share your thoughts and feedback about how close to accurate you think we have come.

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BMI Feedback

Subj: Your tool is the best
Date: 2/17/2006
I have a muscular build and was quite ill a few years ago which caused me to lose about 55 lbs. in about 2.5 weeks. After leaving the hospital my health came back over a 2 month period of time. I was able to get a feel for my optimal body weight which shows as obese on other scales but is desirable with this scale. I have very broad shoulders and a good amount on muscle on my frame with a narrow waist. I have always been very athletic and would confirm that your tool is the best fit for the way I feel in comparison to my weight.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Tim, we appreciate your letting us know. Read more feedback about Body Mass Index.

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