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Body Mass Index Feedback

This page is feedback about the Body Mass Index or BMI, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell someone about BMI?

Subj: BMI calculators
Date: 6/24/2009
I run cross country on my high school team. I’ve tried multiple BMI calculators, but am rated as obese. My legs have built up quite a bit of muscle mass since I started running long distances a few years ago. This BMI calculator gives me the closest assessment results to what my doctor has confirmed. Thank you for posting this tool.


Subj: The most beneficial weight?
Date: 6/29/2009
Hi! I have a question about my health. I weigh 190 pounds and I am approx. 6’1″. I am 16 years old, and I have been on a crew team for about 3 years. (In case you don’t know, crew is a group or team of rowers) Anyways, rowing is probably the most physically enduring and most punishing sports out there, considering that it uses almost every muscle in the body, mainly legs, back, abs, and arms. I am probably the most muscular rower on the team (I am a next year junior) but last year, when I was a sophmore, I was rowing as fast as the seniors on the team who had been on the team for 4 years. During this summer I have been to the gym EVERYDAY for at least an hour ea/time since the rowing season finished (the season for rowing starts in early august and ends in late may, we have rowing practice 5 days out of the week for 2 hours ea/day)

Now for the question, Should I lose more weight or am I good were I am right now? And would it be beneficial/ or detrimental to my body to come down to 175 pounds? If so, what would be the most beneficial weight to weigh for me?


AskDocWeb: For those with an athletic build like yours we have set up a Lean BMI calculator. You can check it yourself but it looks like you are good right where you are. Unless your doctor finds a medical reason to lose weight, dieting would be a waste of time.

Subj: It was close
Date: 7/3/2009
It was close. I had my bmi measured and I came in at 15 and this site put me in at 19 I’m 142 lbs. and 5’6″ athletic.


Subj: Still improving
Date: 7/24/2009
Thank you for this calculator. I wear a size 8/10 and work out hard almost every day, yet could never be at a weight that was acceptable to a traditional BMI calculator. I feel much better now, and I am still improving.


Subj: Am I really obese?
Date: 7/31/2009
I’m 5’10”, 49 years old, 215lbs and work out every day I work for 45 minutes for the last 1.5 years. I have a 44″ chest, 36.5″ waist and stand 5’10”. I have what I call a defated inter-tube around my waist but very little fat content any where else on my body. Am I really ‘obese’ (as your calculator suggests)? Seriously!?!?


AskDocWeb: The calculator is a “general” indicator of physical condition for average people. If your BMI is over 30 then we suggest you check with your doctor to find out if there are any health issues that may need attention.

Subj: Active/athletic person
Date: 10/10/2009
This seems to be so much more accurate for my body type. I have been a very active/athletic person all my life. In high school at 5’4″ and a size 6 I was always told (by my doctors) I was overweight according to the BMI. Oiy! I was playing soccer 6 days a week and eating well. Even now… I realize I’m not a size 6 anymore (unfortunately. But kids do that to ya), but I’m NOT obese (as according to BMI). I still work out and have an athletic frame. Your scale notes that I’m on the border of “higher normal” and “hefty”… Which I would totally agree with. I have some weight to loose but not 50lbs! Thank you for this scale!!!


AskDocWeb: You are welcome Becky.

Subj: 5 triathlons a year!
Date: 10/13/2009
This recalculation is great! I just had my body fat measured by caliper and it came to 18% body fat. I’m 5’10” and weight 210lbs which put my BMI at 30.1. that was very frustrating. for 5 years now I’ve been doing 5 triathlons a year; swimming 3 miles a week, running 15 miles a week; cycling 40 miles a week to stay in shape for my races. It’s frustrating to know that I’m considered overweight by some calculator. I’d like to see an overweight person run 13 miles (1/2 marathon) in less than 2 hrs.


Subj: Thanks for the tool
Date: 10/27/2009
According to my body fat precentage, it would be unhealthy for me to drop below 155lbs.. which is still 5 lbs over the average for my height (165cm) Although I am currently overweight and considered “hefty”, it is great to know that at 170lbs, my goal weight, I will not have increased risks associated with obesity. Thanks for the tool – it has given me peace of mind!


AskDocWeb: You are welcome Shannon. It is important to remember that this tool is only a general indicator of overall health and should not replace discussions with your health care provider.

Subj: Athletic?
Date: 11/19/2009
Please include the details of your assumption. Specifically, what constitutes “athletic”?


AskDocWeb: This is a general term covering those who have a heavy frame, large chest, and/or powerful muscular development. The Lean BMI Calculator is a general tool. If you want your exact BMI you will have to consult with your doctor.

Subj: Great tool
Date: 12/7/2009
What a great tool. It is so discouraging using the traditional BMI tool when I know that I am strong and fit, and that I am NOT marginally overweight!!! I teach Zumba Fitness 4+ times a week and I am sharing this tool with my Zumba friends on Facebook!!!!


Subj: Thank you
Date: 12/10/2009
My goodness, thank you so much for your work on this. I dance at a pre-professional studio about 30 hours a week, so you can understand how frustrating a normal BMI can be. I have so much muscle! Great guys, keep it up!


AskDocWeb: Thanks Steph, and keep on dancing. The physical expression of music is a beautiful thing.

Subj: Right on
Date: 12/10/2009
I’m just over 5′-9″ and I weigh 177. “Normal” BMI calculators say I’m overweight…which is ridiculous. I lift weights, run 20 miles per week, and have visible ab muscles. I would say this calculator is right on for fairly muscular people. Thanks.


Subj: Getting in better shape
Date: 12/14/2009
This calculator seems closer. Still, I am not a body builder and this seems high. I do have more muscular than standard legs, broad shoulders, etc. I am 5’10” tall. My lean body mass is 168- that’s at 0% fat. Your calculator shows that this is within the ideal range. Obviously, 0% body fat is very much not ideal- it is dangerous. BMI seems like it can set up unhealthy goals for people like myself. I am currently in the process of getting in better shape. I run 10 miles a week and am just starting to lift weights. If I gain muscle mass, this will really skew the calculator. I am glad that you made an adjusted bmi for ‘muscular’ people, but it still seems to be wrong for me.


AskDocWeb: Rember that BMI is only a general indicator of weight-related health risks. For a healthy goal that is appropriate for you, other factors have to be considered. Only your doctor can combine an evaluation of your family health history, personal risk factors, percentage of body fat, and BMI, etc., to come up with a healthy goal for your specific situation.

Subj: A BMI calculator for not so average folks
Date: 12/22/2009
I too had an episode of extreme weight loss for the better part of four months, during which I lost almost 35 pounds. Leaving me weighing in at 176 lbs on a 5’10” frame with a 32 waist. I have always been muscular, and I have always had trouble with the standard BMI calculators. I’m now back up to 210 lbs, due to a sedentary lifestyle, but I’m not extremely overweight looking. In my humble opinion my ideal weight is between 180 and 185, but according to the regular charts I should be somewhere between 140 and 160. Which is impossible for someone with my build. Thanks for finally creating a BMI calculator for the not so average folks.


Subj: No way I’m obese
Date: 12/22/2009
I am 6’6″ and weigh 275, and I am no where near obese or hefty. Chest is 54 inches and waist 40, there is no way I’m obese. People guess my weight at about 230.


Subj: Logical BMI
Date: 12/26/2009
I have been very athletic since I was little, when I see those other girls with smaller rib cages and bone structures I could never imagine how there could be a BMI calculation that is for everyone, because we are all so different. Thank you for putting this up, the other BMI scales always put me more in the over weight, when really I am 5″ 6′ 150 lbs and I am fit, I do have a slight pouch on my tummy, but most females have that naturally. I feel the answer I got from this was much more logical for my body size, and such.


Subj: Great tool
Date: 12/29/2009
This is a great tool. (BMI for Athletes) My weight is higher due to muscle and the usual bmi shows me as being close to overweight.

Athletic Girl

Subj: bodybuilding type
Date: 12/30/2009
So apparently my BMI is “Hefty”. That’s a little funny, considering I almost have a 6-pack. I know I’m not the norm, being a sort of bodybuilding type. Anyway, good calculator. All those other BMI calcs told me I was morbidly obese.


Subj: BMI for athletic or muscular build
Date: 1/5/2010
The BMI for athletic or muscular build calculator is slightly off. It told me that my BMI is 32 which would me that I am obese (which I most defiantly am not) I am not thin by any stretch of the imagination however I am not Obese. I think this calculator is great for more muscular men but not for heavily muscled men like myself.

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