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Subj: Lost 28 lbs
Date: 8/14/2008
I have been taking bontril for about 3 weeks now an lost 28 lbs I am not playing. The reason why I did it was because I new someone else who took it and lost the weight dramatically. Its real people do it…but you must exercise an eat less calories.


Subj: Hair is falling out
Date: 8/15/2008
I started taking Bontril in April. I have lost 40 lbs. I have noticed in the last month my hair is falling out really bad. Has this happen to anyone else? Please don’t put my name.


AskDocWeb: The manufacturer does not list hair loss as a side effect of Bontril but several people have reported hair loss here.

Subj: Still have dizziness and nausea
Date: 8/16/2008
I took Bontril for 2 days. The first day everything was fine. The second day I was very dizzy with nausea and headache. I haven’t taken it today (3rd day) but still have dizziness and nausea. Any idea when this might go away?


AskDocWeb: Most of it should be out of your system in just a few days.

Subj: Metabolism booster?
Date: 8/18/2008
I started taking Bontril last Monday and have followed a strict 1150 calorie diet since then. I also exercise on elliptical trainer twice daily for 30 minutes and drink 2 liters of water per day. I have not lost one pound. My energy level is the same. I thought Bontril was supposed to give you more energy and boost your metobolism. Thanks in advance for your answer.


AskDocWeb: Bontril does increase the metabolism but then it is possible that your dosage may need to be adjusted.

Subj: I love this medicine but
Date: 8/20/2008
I love this medicine, and having same side effects- depression, sleep all day, and memory lost(?) I have hard time to remember things…, did any one having same problems? I been taking this med. on and off for 2 years.


Subj: Speedy and diarrhea
Date: 8/22/2008
Been using bontril for three days a little speedy and diarrhea not hungry at all.


Subj: Wellbutrin and Bontril?
Date: 8/22/2008
I am taking wellbutrin XL 300mg .1 a day will I be able to take Bontril? I need to loose 25 pounds.


AskDocWeb: We didn’t find any interaction postential between Wellbutrin and Bontril but there is a warning about drinking alcohol (or taking any product containing alcohol) while taking Wellbutrin. That may result in an increased risk of seizures. Using Wellbutrin and drinking alcohol should be avoided.

Subj: On and off for short durations
Date: 8/23/2008
I am 22 was 195 pounds and lost 35-40 pounds on bontril (the generic form) in about three months about 1 !/2 years ago. I now range from 155-160 pound. I have kept the weight off, but have had to use the drug on and off for short durations since. If I find my appetite is getting out of hand and I have gained a couple pounds I will start retaking the drug and I can usually lose a the couple of pounds in a week. It seems like this is very cyclical. About once a month I feel I need to take the pill for a week to stay on track.

When I first lost the weight with bontril I didn’t notice many side effects. Now when I take bontril the side effects are almost overwhelming. This is why I can’t take it much longer than a week, it’s all I can stand. I get dry mouth, and a very bad taste in my mouth. I worry I have bad breath while taking the product. I also get short tingling sensations in my legs and feet. My eyes seem to burn, and I find I am much more moody. I also find it hard to concentrate. Those effects in conjunction with not being able to sleep well while on the medication is very hard on me. I have also noticed when taking the medication I seem to get more mucous in my nose and throat, and it gets worse with each night I don’t sleep much. The mucous and lack of sleep seem to be the worst side effects. I haven’t read of many people having skin problems on the drug but about a year ago I also developed seborrheic dermatitis as well. I also have mild acne breakouts about a week after taking the medication. I am a very healthy and young (22 years old) individual. I do not know if the seborrheic dermatitis has been a separate issue or can be a result of the drug, but the other side effects I have listed I know come from Bontril.

If I stop taking the medication the side effects reside within one day. I am wondering if the effects I have listed that are above and beyond what is on the “precaution label” are common? Does anybody else that knows about this medication or has taken, have any thoughts on what I am said?


Subj: I love it
Date: 8/26/2008
I have been taking this product for the last 8 weeks and have already lost 27.5 pounds. I love it, I do believe I suffered from a little dizziness but that’s about it as far as side effects. I will be taking a break soon, probably a month but then I will be back on them considering I have another 75 pounds to go.


Subj: After taking it?
Date: 8/28/2008
I have been taking bontril off and on for 5 years, I never wanted to take it in the first place and now when I don’t I have no energy and my Dr. won’t give me more until I see her in 3 weeks and she may not then. Please email and tell me if I stop taking this suddenly if it will hurt me. When I take it, I haven’t gained any weight back, but I am afraid I will if I don’t take it. I am scared please advise.


AskDocWeb: Since Bontril is advised for use only in the short-term, using it for more than a few months may indicate a drug abuse problem. It might take a few days for your body to adjust back to your normal metabolism but if you put some extra effort into exercise you should come out okay.

Subj: Gained 80 pounds while on Seroquel
Date: 8/29/2008
Abt 3 years ago I had a uterine eblation, aft a year after that my MD put me on seroquel. The seroquel was great for it allowed me to sleep. I had only been sleeping 2-3 hours a night. Wasn’t tired but knew I needed to rest my body more. Over the course of these years I gained 80 lbs. No matter what I did, NOTHING…could not lose an ounce. The scale just kept climbing and climbing. Finally I went to see an Endocrinologist, the 1st thing he said was get off the seroquel, he told me some people (as myself) have tremendous weight gain, which I have also read on health sites. My thyroid checked out fine but my blood test showed a metabolic condition. My MD had me tried Bontril 105mg daily. At 1st I was worried because I have MVP, but I have had no problems and it has changed my life!!! I have been on it abt 10 weeks and have lost abt 18lbs and feel great!!! Do you agree with the wt gain from Seroquel? Also if I have no problems with taking the Bontril w/ the MVP should I be concerned? I do take over the counter sleep aids to sleep now and I am getting abt 5-6 hrs a night. Does this all sound OK? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: About 5% of people have a problem with weight gain while taking Seroquel. As long as your doctor is monitoring your progress, and you are making good progress, that sounds good.

Subj: Fibromyalgia?
Date: 9/5/2008
I have not tried bontril in any way. I am suffering with severe fibromyalgia and someone else I know with fibro is taking this medication. She suggested that I try this. Is there any medical research or information as to the helpfulness of bontril in this situation. I am stuck on pain pills and muscle relaxers, not to mention the anti-depressants prescribed by my psychiatrist. Help me! I am desperate!


AskDocWeb: Sorry, Bontril is a drug used to treat obesity, not fibromyalgia. A Pain Clinic may be able to help you cope with your condition.

Subj: Changed my life for the better
Date: 9/9/2008
I took bontril for 4 months and lost 65ib – I went from 222ib to 157ib. Going from a 38″ waist to a 30″. I did follow a strict diet and went to the gym and did 40 mins cardio 5 times a week. I just turned 40 and am in the best shape I have been in for 20 years. Only side effect I had was dry mouth and feeling a bit “wired” – Good luck to all those trying it, it changed my life for the better and my wife has a “new” fitter husband.


Subj: I love it
Date: 9/10/2008
I have been taking Bontril and I love it… I took it for 2 months and I lost 66 pounds without gym or exercise, and I would’ve gone on but I just found out that I’m pregnant so I stop… but ill start again when I’ll have the baby. Woman that have tryed everything and still can’t lose weight try Bontril it really helps…. Good luck


Subj: Embarrassed
Date: 9/22/2008
Hello, I am very interested in taking Bontril. I am 5’4 and weigh 175 lbs and know I need to do something – but diets are very hard however I am sticking to my exercise plan hard core and see no results. Anyway, I feel embarrassed walking in my dr’s appt next week and asking for the pills- what is the best way to go about asking?


AskDocWeb: Tell your doctor that you have been dieting and exercising but you need something extra to help get your weight under control. Then ask if Bontril would work for you.

Subj: Lost about 27 pounds
Date: 9/23/2008
I have been taking bontril and phentermine 37.5 now for 13 weeks and I have lost about 27 pounds, Along with this I get a B shot. I love the lost weight but I don’t feel it curbs my appetite or gives me any energy I actually feel like I have a lot less energy I stay tired. I don’t have an increased heart rate or anything and I sleep pretty good at night however I do get slight headaches, acne, emotional and a major increase in my libido. I thought maybe it was my birth control pill I take orthotryclen and had that changed to the low but still I have the increase in libido. Any suggestions? I am a diabetic 5’3 started at 255 now 230.


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you are making good progress despite the side effects, congratulations. It would be a good idea to work closely with your doctor as you make progress. Coping with an increase in libido is easier if you discuss this with your partner to see how much fun you can make it.

Subj: Hair thinning and falling
Date: 9/27/2008
I have been using bontril for weeks, 35 mg twice a day. My hair has been thining and falling. Could this be a side effect or caused by Bontril?


AskDocWeb: The manufacturer does not list hair loss as a side effect of Bontril but just because it is not listed doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Several people here have reported hair loss with Bontril.

Subj: Lithium and bontril?
Date: 10/1/2008
I take lithium for bi polar disorder and have just started generic bontril for weight loss. I feel fine after two days but have seen different things about concerns with bipolar patients. Am I safe to take this? I plan to take for only 6-8 weeks just to get a “jump start” on my weight loss goals.


AskDocWeb: We didn’t find any drug interactions between lithium and bontril but only your doctor can say if it would be safe for your condition.

Subj: Frequent and lasting periods
Date: 10/2/2008
I have been taking Bontril for a month and a half and have lost 15 lbs. My concern is that I have been having frequent and lasting periods. Right now I am on my period and I am on day 17. Could this be a side effect? Everything else is going well.


AskDocWeb: While it is not one of the listed side effects a few women have reported a differences in their menstrual cycle. Read more feedback about Bontril.
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