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If you’ve used Bontril, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

How long does bontril stay in the system?
Date: 3/23/2012
Hi. Im a 23 year old female. I have been taking bontril for the last month. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder with psychotic features when I was 15. I have not been to a regular doctor other than 2 months ago and one other time in 2011 due to no health insurance. I have been afraid to advise my dr that prescribed me the bontril about my prior mental health because I do not want to be discontinued on the weight loss program he has me on. Do you think it would be possible that he could give me a medication that would help me with my nerves? Ideally something that would help me when I’m on edge. Or do you think it is not recommended to take medication such as xanax while I’m on a weight loss medication?

Also, the last time I took a dose of my bontril was yesterday at 8:00am and have not took one so far today because my husband has an evening planned with his boss and there could possibly be alcoholic beverages and I would like to drink alcohol tonight. I am not someone who drinks regularly. Just on occasion. When I do drink alcohol, I do not drink enough to be considered “drunk”. Do you think it is safe? How long does bontril stay in the system? I am 170 pounds, if that helps. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: We didn’t find any drug interactions listed for using Xanax (alprazolam) and Bontril together but there is a caution about alcohol. Patients are generally advised to avoid alcohol while using Xanax. Alcohol ingestion may increase the effects of Xanax on the central nervous system. It has also been suggested that the cognitive deficits induced by Xanax may be increased in patients who chronically consume large amounts of alcohol.

Bontril has a half-life that ranges from 19 to 24 hours. This is the amount of time that it takes for your body to rid itself of half of the drug so it could take 4 to 5 days to completely clear your system.

Endocrinologist counters doctors warnings
Date: 4/6/2012
I have been taking Bontril for long term use. I have been using it for about 8months. It was prescribed by an endroconologist who primarily treats patients for weight loss. I have my blood tested every visit- about every 4-8 weeks. Any other doctor I go to warns me that I should discontinue this drug and that I am asking for trouble. They strongly urge me to stop. The endroconologist admits there are no studies on the drug for long term use but counters the doctors warnings by saying obesity is a desease. And leads to other diseases, etc, What are your comments about this?


AskDocWeb: A disease used to be defined as an illness caused a virus or bacteria but now it seems to be any impairment of health or abnormal function of a living body. Saying that obesity is a disease does not address or counter the side effects of any drug. Leaving that debate aside, our focus here is on side effects. You should be aware that people can become both physically and psychologically addicted to this drug from long-term use. Suddenly stopping Bontril after using it for an extended period of time can lead to unpleasant symptoms of drug withdrawal. Some sources claim that long-term use can lead to psychosis, which is often clinically indistinguishable from schizophrenia.

Tired all the time
Date: 4/19/2012
I have taken phendimetrazine (bontril) for 2 weeks and I feel tired all the time. Is this a side effect? I also have body pain.


AskDocWeb: Fatigue is not listed as one of the possible side effects of Bontril however some patients have abnormal reactions to certain drugs so talk to your doctor about this.

Is it ok to take 2?
Date: 5/14/2012
I have been taking Bontril for the past 4 months and the only side effects i have is constipation. I still get hungry between meals and its an uneasy hunger feeling where nothing sounds good but im starving. Would it be ok to take 2 instead of my one?


AskDocWeb: That would depend on a number of factors:

  • The particular Bontril product you are taking: Bontril SR or Bontril PDM
  • Whether you develop bothersome or dangerous Bontril side effects
  • How you respond to the drug
  • Other medical conditions you may have
  • Other medications you may be currently taking

Do not increase the dose unless directed by your doctor.

No reduction in weight yet
Date: 5/18/2012
I have been taking Bontril 35 mg for one week now. I do notice that I do not want to eat as much during my meals…but I am hungry a little bit later. I seem to have more energy also. But I have not seen a reduction in my weight yet. Is this normal? I also take .5 Xanax each night to help me sleep – I have always had a sleep problem. I take a multi-vitamin, fish oil and magnesium supplements. Imitrex for migraines as needed. Am I taking anything that would interfere with my weight loss on Bontril. I really want this to work. I do exercise 30 min a day/ varies between walking, weight lifting, riding my bike. What are your thoughts?


AskDocWeb: Both weight gain and weight loss have been reported with Xanax and Imitrex. Your exercise routine sounds very good however, when combining exercise with dieting you may not see progress on the bathroom scale at first because you are building muscle while losing fat. You may want to keep track of your size measurements with a tape measure because you are more likely to see progress there.

Date: 5/22/2012
Is it safe to take bontil with lamictal?


AskDocWeb: Our database shows no drug interaction when using Bontril (phendimetrazine) with Lamictal (Lamotrigine). However, you need to check with your doctor to find out whether or not it is safe for your particular situation. Your medical history and current state of health are factors that also have to be considered. Read more feedback about Bontril.
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