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If you’ve used Bontril, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Headache lasted all day
Date: 8/8/2005
I took my first Bontril capsule at 7AM and as expected, I had no hunger all day long and buzzed around the house doing all number of chores. I couldn’t really sit down and relax as my mind just kept coming up with more tasks. So, while I got a lot done, I slept fitfully that night and awoke with a headache that lasted all day. I’m now afraid to take another, for fear it may happen again. Is this typical? Do the initial side effects wear off after a few days?


AskDocWeb: Your side effects should go away after a few days. If not, you might consider discontinuing use. Headaches and loss of sleep are not worth it.

Subj: Nightmares and paranoia with Bontril
Date: 8/12/2005
Bontril has caused me to have horrific nightmares and paranoia, also very moody, and nervous…


AskDocWeb: This is something you need to tell your physician about – immediately!

Subj: Phentermine with bontril
Date: 8/18/2005
I took bontril along with phentermine for 2 months and lost 30 pounds. But as soon as I quit taking the pills I gained 40 lbs. (not good). Started taking it again 2 weeks ago and have only lost 6 lbs but went down 2 pants sizes. Hope it works.


Subj: Bontril
I love Bontril, it worked great for me. And I’ve kept the weight off. The only bad thing I’ve noticed negative about it, is when I stopped taking it, it took my body about 3 months to get back to normal. I felt depressed, no energy and sad. I did experience dry mouth while taking it. Also, I had the stomach cramping too, about once a month, I figured it was my stomach shrinking. When you come off of it, make sure you keep eating small portions and WORK OUT, I can’t stress that enough. I gained almost 8 pounds back at first. I went back on it for a couple of months, lost the 8 plus 5 more. Since I know now what can happen when you get comfortable, I know not to eat those doughnuts etc. I got 18 people at work to take these pills and 90% of them were successful in losing weight. People who take zoloft or prozac etc. have almost no results I’ve seen. Good luck,


Subj: Bontril
I took Bontril about a year ago and am currently on it again now. I noticed a few people say they have migraines or headaches, I noticed with Bontril your appetite is suppressed however while you are getting used to it even though you don’t feel like it, YOU ARE STILL HUNGRY and it is usually a hunger headache that can be cured by a balanced meal and aleeve. Just because you are not hungry you still need to eat three meals a day, your body has to fuel or it starts breaking down, you’ll be thin but you may have opened doors to health problems you could have avoided. With this go round with me on Bontril I have developed hives not bad but I can feel them on my back, didn’t have that ever before when I used it, any ideas if they go away after I am on the pills for while?


AskDocWeb: No, the hives will likely increase, and you could develop problems with breathing or swallowing. Talk to your doctor and he will likely tell you to discontinue use before this happens.

Subj: Bontril with xenical
Date: 10/13/2004
I am taking bontril 105mg and xenical to loose weight, but during the next year my husband and I planned to have a baby. I want to know how much time before I have to stop taking this drugs and if I have to stop them gradually? I am already taking one Bontril daily and one xenical after lunch and one after evening meal.


AskDocWeb: If you are planning a pregnancy then you need to discuss this with your doctor. And let him know that you are taking both drugs at the same time.

Subj: Blisters on lips
Date: 11/1/2004
My daughter has been taking Bontril for a few weeks. She has developed blisters on her lips that are very painful. Have you ever heard of Bontril producing this type of side effect?


AskDocWeb: It may cause dry mouth and overstimulation, which may possibly cause these blisters.

Subj: Bontril
Date: 11/3/2005
How long does Bontril stay in your system.


AskDocWeb: Peak concentrations are reached 3 to 4 hours after taking it and most of that leaves your system within a couple of days.

Subj: Neurological problems?
Date: 11/21/2005
I have been taking Bontril for about 3 weeks…this time. The last time was about a month ago and I took it for about 6 weeks and lost over 40#’s. I am having some odd things happen this time. My head constantly hurts…About a week ago I got a migraine and it lasted for about 5 days…4 days after it stopped. My right eye is dilated twice as big as my left eye…I’m a nurse and know the other reasons this could happen but it came on so suddenly and I am really worried. Can this med lead to any kind of temporary or permanent neurological problems?


AskDocWeb: Since you are a nurse, how about scheduling yourself a brain CT. There may be another problem going on here and you need to pay attention to the signs your body is giving you.

Subj: Too many side effects
Date: 12/3/2005
I noticed a great change in my body after taking bontril within the first 3 days, however, my vision became blurry, my chest was always pounding, I became moody and couldn’t sleep at night. I have stopped taking this product and gained back my extra 10 pounds that bother me. I wish this medication didn’t have so many side effects because I liked how I looked right away.


Subj: Severe headaches
Date: 12/3/2005
I have been using the medication for about a week now, I have been getting severe headaches and every day my eyes hurt really bad. My eyes are extremely dried out and feel like dry sockets. I stopped.


Subj: Difficulty catching breath
Date: 12/16/2005
I feel that I have difficulty catching my breath sometimes when I take it, and once in a while have to sort of yawn to get a good breath. It doesn’t happen all the time. What do you think?


AskDocWeb: Sounds like it could be something serious. Please contact your doctor about these symptoms. Ignoring this could put your health in danger.

Subj: Lost 10 pounds
Date: 1/6/2006
I’ve been taking bontril for about three months and have lost about 10 pounds. I’ve found that one pill a day in the morning does it for me. I’d be climbing the walls if I took it before each meal… and I have the metabolism of a slug. I’m post menopausal and find it give me the “monthly boost” I’ve missed having that helped me do things like wash baseboards and clean ceiling fans. Have to tell you I’ll miss it when I quit.


Subj: Severe mood swings
Date: 1/29/2006
I have been using Bontril for two weeks now and I am having severe mood swings and severe emotional breakdowns. It seems to work for a lot of people but not for me. I am trying to get off of them now.


AskDocWeb: Good for you

Subj: Bontril pain
Date: 2/2/2006
Each time I take Bontril I get pain in my ear. It’s a throbbing pain, really severe. I have discontinued taking it. Have you ever heard of such a side effect?


AskDocWeb: No we haven’t heard of this side effect.

Subj: Bontril Vs Adipex
Date: 2/24/2006
I have been taking Bontril for two weeks now. I take the one dose in the morning. I can’t tell if I have lost weight yet (I don’t weight myself because I get discouraged) but I have seen a HUGE reduction in my appetite. I have had some anxiety with it (heart pounding, mind racing, insomnia) but I have suffered from anxiety and insomnia before I started taking this (I am a very emotional person and have a stressful job). A coworker is taking it also and she has had no side effects. She doesn’t know if she has lost yet but we both are happy about our decreased appetite. Also I have wanted to get up and do more stuff around the house. Adipex always made me feel jittery and kept me awake all night–this doesn’t. But I have noticed that my eyes have become more dry and I wear contacts but it is not enough for me to stop wearing them. **I work for a doctor that I have been with for 6 years and she is aware of my anxiety, symptoms and other medications I take**


Subj: Thyroid pills
Date: 2/25/2006
My doctor has given me diet pills, Bontril with a water pill and a Thyroid pill but my thyroid is not mess up? I am getting worried about taking it, wondering if will make me sick? Also can the thyroid pill make you have a cold? I have had a cold ever sense I have been taking it.


AskDocWeb: If your doctor wants you to take a thyroid pill then you likely have a thyroid problem but it should not cause you to have a cold.

Subj: Chest pain
Date: 3/6/2006
Hello, I went to a diet doctor and he put me on Bontril and Phentermine. I take both every day. Ever since I started taking them (4days ago) I have pain in my left arm and upper left chest. Is it safe to mix these 2 pills?


AskDocWeb: Pains in your chest and left upper arm are not to be ignored, contact your doctor immediately.

Subj: skipped heart beat?
Date: 3/25/2006
I have been taking bontril for approximately 2 weeks. I have HBP (high blood pressure), but it is controlled with medication. I made the doctor aware before taking the medication. I have experienced a feeling like a skip in my heart beat. I am not sure if it is because of the bontril. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s an uncomfortable feeling.


AskDocWeb: Your heart can skip a beat once in a while and that is allowed, but if it happens all the time or feels irregular, talk to your doctor to make sure everything is okay.

Subj: Bontril feedback
Date: 4/3/2006
I’ve used Bontril in 2005 and I have lost 45lbs. I am 37 and the older I got the harder it was to lose weight until I started with Bontril. My worst side effect was constipation. Other than that I sleep well I have all the energy I need.


Subj: Bontril side effects
Date: 5/2/2006
I have been on Bontril (35mg) for about 4 1/2 months and have lost nearly 60 pounds. The main side effects I have had was difficulty falling asleep in the beginning in addition to a heightened sex drive. However that has stopped and now I notice increased irritability and significantly lowered sex drive. This has caused a strain on my marriage, but I have reassured my wife that it is only temporary and now I am making a stronger effort to control my emotions.


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