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Subj: Unmanageable high blood pressure and heart challenges
Date: 10/23/2007
I have been using Celebrex for nearly a year and have recently been plagued by uncontrollable high blood pressure, chest pain and cardiac arrhythmias. I’ve also gained 40 pounds, which I attributed to lack of activity due to continuing joint pain. I’ve tried to stop using celebrex but simply can’t function without it. Now my unmanageable high blood pressure and heart challenges are forcing me to quit cold turkey. It definitely has been a God send in terms of relieving post surgical and joint pain but I’m now very seriously concerned about its long term consequences.


Subj: Intense low back, hip, groin and thigh pain
Date: 11/3/2007
I have been on Celebrex for about 5 years for arthritis, but for the past six months I have had intense low back, hip, groin and thigh pain. No sleep, no sitting comfortable – as we travel a lot. Artificial hip has been x-rayed and is fine, nothing wrong there. Doctor said arthritis. But to me it is NOT arthritis pain type. So he took me off Celebrex and will try Vytorin. How long does it take to get the Celbrex out of your system? I also have had the serious weight gain, fluid buildup.


AskDocWeb: The effective half-life of Celebrex is 11 hours so it can take a couple of days to completely clear your system. You may want to talk this over with your doctor because Vytorin is a cholesterol medication and it will not help with your arthritis.

Subj: Gained weight immediately
Date: 11/3/2007
I, too, have gained weight immediately after starting to take Celebrex…now I can’t seem to lose it, but I will NEVER take that drug again. When one is my age, 75, it’s hard enough to maintain one’s weight without taking a drug that puts on more pounds!


Subj: Worried about weight gain
Date: 11/8/2007
I have been taking celebrex for a month and gained half a stone. I could not work out why as I had been eating well and taking regular exercise. I went to my GP who could not say for sure that my weight would return to normal. I am worried by this as I am only 5ft tall. Will my weight go back down now that I have stopped taking it?


AskDocWeb: You may have to watch your diet and go into a daily exercise program but you should be able to do it. Putting it on is easier than taking it off but it is possible.

Subj: Celebrex chest pains and tinnitus
Date: 11/9/2007
Celebrex has worked great for me, but I stopped taking it on DR’s advice after I experienced chest pains. I also have a history of duodenal ulcer. Now I’m having severe tinnitus and I now know it can be caused by taking vardenifil. A site also mentions it as a side effect of celebrex, so I’m wondering, if I have taken both medications at the same time in the past, could this be the cause?


AskDocWeb: It may be just because of the Celebrex. We did not find tinnitus listed as a side effect of vardenifil.

Subj: Celebrex and alcohol
Date: 11/10/2007
If I take Celebrex only when needed. Is it safe to drink alcohol when I’m not taking it? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: As long as there are no digestive problems, moderate use of alcohol should be okay.

Subj: Bad rashes
Date: 11/13/2007
I took celebrex last week and had bad rashes all over my body but specially more from abdomen down. I even felt the rashes inside my throat and even with bowl movement. It was very scary. I stopped it right away after taking only 2 days.


Subj: Alzheimer’s disease
Date: 11/16/2007
Mum was put on celebrex in 2002 for arthritis. She lived by herself and the family accepted mum’s diagnosis. she had a lot of what we now know to be side effects. She developed asthma and was prescribed an inhaler. When we tried to advise her to ask doctor questions she said she had and that things were ok and she continued to take celebrex. Obviously she had not asked and we believed her. We thought her lack of mobility was down to the arthritis. Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Nov 2006 and now lives with me, her old doctors notes have her down as having arthritis, so I thought I could maybe get something done for her VERY PAINFUL KNEES. Mum saw an orthodedic and it now transpires she has not got arthritis and it is now obvious that the swollen knees and asthma are side effects of celebrex. Could the long term use of this drug, which she didn’t need, have caused other problems, she has had other related symptoms that over the years could have been side effects. June 2006 she was really ill and ended up in hospital, and an underactive thyroid was diagnosed, after a couple of days and no celebrex she was walking unaided, be it slowly, round the ward. We were worried as she was confused and we were told that was due to the thyroid, we are also concerned that she might have had a minor stroke. Though we are told now that her confusion and now rapid decline are all down to ALZHEIMERS, Mum is now 82 she was 76 when celebrex was prescribed.


AskDocWeb: Too little is known about the long-term use of all pain medication. That is part of the purpose of this website, to make these long-term effects known. We know that dealing with Alzheimer’s disease is very frustrating. With your Mum’s complex medical condition we can say that there is hope. A new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease is being tested by British researchers. It’s a helmet they say may be able to reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease in weeks. Low levels of infrared light are aimed at the patient’s brain that may stimulate the growth of brain cells when exposed for as little as ten minutes a day. Human trails are set for this summer and it may be on the market as soon as a year from now. Dr. Gordon Dougal developed the helmet; director of medical research at a medical research company called Virulite.

Subj: Itching sensation
Date: 11/17/2007
Has anyone ever reported an itching sensation during use of celebrex?


AskDocWeb: If you have itching, you may be having an allergic reaction and should contact your doctor.

Subj: Give-a-sh*t is broken
Date: 11/26/2007
I have only been on Celebrex for about 2 months. I have degenerative arthritis…advanced for my age. I am also diagnosed with bipolar, ultra rapid cycle with bouts of major depression along with Post Traumatic and basically a memory that got up and left! I take Gabapentin, Wellbutrin, Rmeron and 2 BP meds. Supposedly none of these have adverse interactions. I have been having a problem with Depression for the last 2 weeks (since starting celebrex)…No energy; some crying; give-a-sh*t is broken; want to sleep, but can’t. My problem is that I do not know if it is the celebrex or just another episode. Anyone else with mental illness, taking celebrex having problems?


AskDocWeb: There are alternatives, talk to your doctor about discontinuing the use of Celebrex to see if your symptoms improve.

Subj: Diverticulitis
Date: 11/27/2007
I take 200 mg of celebrex daily since June 2007. I had a severe attach of diverticulosis in July, then in September and again in November. I’ve also gained weight. Never had any type of intestinal problems prior and I’m under the age of 50. Should I stop the Celebrex?


AskDocWeb: Please consult with your gastroenterologist because Celebrex may cause GI bleeding.

Subj: Is celebrex habit forming?
Date: 11/28/2007
I have a torn miniscus (I think that’s how its spelled) in both knees, left more severe than the right and the orthopedic surgeon told me that either I wait for it to tear all the way before they do the surgery or hope it heals itself. This is extremely painful and to date I have found very few types of pain relief from creams to pain meds. I would rather it tear all the way and have the surgery, but without insurance this is not going to be an option. Will celebrex work on severe knee pain? The only pain reliever I have found to work is oxycodone but I have an addictive personality. Is celebrex habit forming?


AskDocWeb: No, that is not a problem with Celebrex.

Subj: Something different for pain
Date: 12/1/2007
I have been on Celebrex since 1996. I also have experienced weight gain. I am now having surgery and the docs want me to go off Celebrex for 10 days prior to surgery. What can I take for the arthritis pain instead of Celebrex? I would like to try to stay off of it but I have tried a trial period of being off it two other times & the pain is pretty severe. Then I go back on it & poof, the pain is almost gone. At least it is bearable. Something different? I’ve tried Naprosyn, Viiox, Predisone, and Relafen. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: We suggest you leave the choice up to your doctor as to what might work best for you. A few of the possibilities are Tramadol (Generic Ultram), Butalbital (Generic Fioricet), Ultracet (Analgesic Combo), Carisoprodol (Generic Soma and Watson Brand), and Cyclobenzaprine (Generic Flexeril). There are too many alternatives to list them all here.

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