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Subj: Celebrex and running
Date: 11/22/2008
I injured my hip a year a go from running and took a year off from running to heal. I now feel like I am able to run again but I still have pain in my knees and hip. I find that if I take the celebrex my Dr gave me from the time of the injury (I didn’t take all of it) an hour before my run, I have no pain and can run a lot further. My question is, is it bad to take celebrex this sporadically? And also, is celebrex as hard on the liver as other OTC pain relievers like tylenol?

AskDocWeb: It seems that all pain relievers are hard on either the liver, kidneys, or both. Patients who experience flu-like symptoms should seek immediate medical attention because this is a sign of liver damage. We suggest you talk to your doctor about the sporadic use of Celebrex for running. Remember that pain is your body’s way of warning you about damage. Our concern is that if you supress that warning in order to continue running, it may result in additional damage.

Subj: Losing sensation in fingertips
Date: 11/27/2008
I started taking celebrex for my back my doctor perscribed me celebrex and felexeril, I am only 22 but in constant pain my back I think was hurt in my car accident in 02. but since I started taking celebrex I am losing sensation in my fingertips and they are redish and really cold also whenever I get up quickly I almost lose my vision coming from a blurry state back to normal???


AskDocWeb: Those are not listed as side effects of Celebrex so you will need to consult with your doctor to find out what is going on.

Subj: Adverse reaction to Celebrex
Date: 11/27/2008
Am 65 years old. Had severe adverse reactions to Celebrex: Heart racing/palpitations, occasional twitching of hands, feelings of worms crawling in my brain, and severe insomnia or nighmares when I did finally fall asleep. The joint pain wasn’t as bad as this. I stopped taking it immediately.


Subj: NSAID swelling
Date: 11/27/2008
I’m a 56 year old female that has taken Ibuprofen on and off for hip busitis. I recently related the swelling I was having in my hands and nose with the use of Ibuprofen. I also noticed that I get the hot flashes when I take the medication also. Unfortunately, I realized that I get these same side effects from other NSAID’s that I’ve taken. What causes the swelling? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Swelling is one of the warning signs that something is wrong and you need to tell your doctor immediately. Swelling may also be caused by fluid retention or circulation problems.

Subj: Alcohol
Date: 12/6/2008
I do not drink alcohol on a daily basis. Occasionally I will have a party to attend where there would be excessive drinking. Could I skip the dose of Celebrex for that day and go and enjoy the party? Or is the Celebrex already in the bodies system? not sure how that all works.


AskDocWeb: The concern is that drinking alcohol while on Celebrex may increase your risk for stomach bleeding. As long as there are no digestive problems, moderate use of alcohol should be okay.

Subj: What else is there
Date: 12/8/2008
Have just started celebrex and looked into this site – where statements of weight gain and fluid retention seem to be the order of the day…how prevelent is this, and would the fact that I take blood pressure pills prevent this from happening? What else is there for pain like this? Help.


AskDocWeb: A few of the possibilities may be Tramadol (Generic Ultram), Butalbital (Generic Fioricet), Ultracet (Analgesic Combo), Carisoprodol (Generic Soma and Watson Brand), and Cyclobenzaprine (Generic Flexeril). There are too many alternatives to list them all here. We suggest you leave the choice up to your doctor as to what might work best for you.

Subj: Anal fissure pain
Date: 12/7/2008
I have used ibuprofen medicine when I have strong anal fissure pain, and it reduce alot. So please tell me is it good to reduce the fissure pain or not?


AskDocWeb: Currently there is no approved medical treatment in the United States for chronic anal fissure, a tear in the mucosal lining of the terminal anal canal. For those not familiar with this condition, patients often describe the condition as being “like passing broken glass when they defecate.” The condition affects about 765,000 people in the United States. You might ask your doctor about 0.4% Nitroglycerin ointment. This is an intra-anal formulation of nitroglycerin (glyceryl trinitrate) that shows promise in the treatment of chronic anal fissure pain. It has been approved in the European Union since 2005, and a 0.2% version is licensed in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea, all under Cellegy’s brand name Rectogesic. The most often reported side effect is headache, reported in 20% to 35% of those using the nitroglycerin ointment. Spending 15 to 20 minutes in a sitz bath may also provide some relief.

Subj: Celebrex has worked very well
Date: 12/21/2008
I had been taking Vioxx for osteoarthritis of the mid foot joint in both feet. When Vioxx was taken off the market I was very disappointed as it worked extremely well for my pain. My family physician prescribed Celebrex and I have been taking 200mg once a day for 3+ years. In addition to my feet, I now have osteoarthritis in my right knee and in both hands. Celebrex has worked very well for me with no side effects.
A week ago my family physician said I had to discontinue Celebrex due to the reported risks to the liver and heart. I was not happy about that but I decided to comply with her instructions. She prescribed Ultraset at 37.5mg twice a day. I took the Ultraset for a week and it had absolutely no effect on my pain. I had no idea how much pain the Celebrex was handling until I stopped taking it. I was totally miserable and could barely walk. Using my hands for my every day activities was equally painful. After a week of this misery I went back to Celebrex and it is like night and day! I will meet with my physician this week to let her know I want to stay on Celebrex. If she feels she can no longer prescribe it for me I will seek another physician who will.


Subj: Rash on neck
Date: 12/22/2008
I took a celebrex about 3 hours ago and developed a rash on my neck up to my scalp that is warm to the touch. The pharmacist said to stop as I am probably allergic. I took Benedryl to relieve the itching. Is this okay?


AskDocWeb: Benadryl does a good job of relieving itching. Be sure to report this itching to your doctor.

Subj: Celebrex works great
Date: 12/28/2008
I take 200 mg. Celebrex every 4- 5 days. It works well for me, and I have had no side effects. I realize we all react differently to meds. It works great for my joint and lower back pain, and like others who stop taking it, the pain comes back worse than ever. For those on a lower dosage, it might be prudent to take it more often than every 4-5 days.


Subj: Fluid retention, swelling and bleeding
Date: 1/5/2009
My spouse suffers from a malignant tumor that is inoperable and in addition to drip morphine for the pain he was recently prescribed Celebrex by his oncologist. Within days he was experiencing blood in his urine and within the last two weeks his feet began to swell and he found himself unable to focus. Today (01/05/09), he was admitted to the hospital with severe swelling that now encompasses the entire body mass below the waist and continual blood in the urine. The oncologist now believes that Celebrex is the culprit and has pulled the drug! After reading the comments of others about fluid retention and bleeding, it would appear that these side effects are far more common than Celebrex leads one to believe and are NOT in fact rare. I would urge people to avoid this drug if at all possible and seek another prescription pain killer. Personally, having seen what this drug can do in the space of three short weeks I believe it should be withdrawn from the market by the FDA.


Subj: Experiencing aggressive behavior
Date: 1/6/2009
I started taking Cellebrex and noticed that I’m experiencing aggressive behavior, similar to the effect I seem to have with Sudafed are they chemically related?


AskDocWeb: They do not have to be chemically related in order to have some of the same side effects. Although it is not listed as a side effect, others have reported problems with controlling temper while on Celebrex.

Subj: OK take Celebrex?
Date: 1/8/2009
Hello, I had a stroke in 2001..I’m OK, but I take Plavix, Antara, Papverine, Aspirin 81mg, Lasix 40MG., Toprol, Cardizem & Centrum Vitamin.. Would it OK take Celebrex? Was Celebrex for depression when it come out? THANK YOU


AskDocWeb: Only your doctor can say if it would be okay or not to take a prescription drug.

Subj: Celebrex worked wonderfully
Date: 1/10/2009
I’ve been using celebrex for the last seven years. It has worked wonderfully and I have not experienced any of the side effects mentioned in this site. In fact, when I began taking it, I noticed that I started to lose weight. I am saddened because my insurance company will no longer cover the cost of this medicine. I’ve tried not taking it in the past, but my quality of life is just not the same as when I am on it. My doctor has recently prescribed naproxen. Hopefully, I will see the same kind of results.


Subj: Celebrex withdrawal?
Date: 1/19/2009
I am currently awaiting to see a neurologist re a tremor in my left hand and other Parkinson’s symptoms (I am 66). I also have two new “Oxfords” (knees) and had been taking 200 mg of Celebrex once a day for about 5 years on and off (when the swelling got too bad). It occurred to me that my current problems may be associated with Celebrex withdrawal as they appeared about the same time I stopped 6 months ago so I have begun taking it again. I know it’s a shot in the dark but if there is any connection I will certainly post it here.


AskDocWeb: Thank you Peter, that is why we are here.

Subj: Celebrex really helps my osteoarthritis
Date: 2/7/2009
How do I discontinue use of Celebrex (200mg). I’ve been taking it for 5-7 years with no problems and it really helps my osteoarthritis but I want to quit it while I’m ahead. I tried cold turkey and I felt like I’m moving through mud. Every other day, what do you advise?


AskDocWeb: Please talk to your doctor about what alternatives might work better for you.

Subj: Swelling
Date: 2/8/2009
I was given celebrex on a friday night for inflamation in my knees. the next morning my hands and feet were extremely swollen. I didn’t connect it with the medicine and took my dose for saturday morning. I didn’t take it saturday night. It is now sunday evening and my hands and feet are still extremely swollen. When can I expect the medicine to get out of my system so that I won’t have the swelling I have?


AskDocWeb: Please contact your doctor as soon as possible about any swelling that occurs after taking a new medication. The effective half-life of Celebrex is 11 hours but it can take a couple of days to completely clear your system.

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