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If you’ve used Celebrex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Celebrex review.

Subj: Metallic taste, headaches, and trouble sleeping
Date: 5/27/2009
Sister recently started Celebrex. Helping greatly with joint pain, however complaining of metallic taste in mouth, headache, and trouble sleeping although the med makes her tired. Any ideas? Thanks!


AskDocWeb: Celebrex is one of the medications that can cause a metallic taste. That is something that just has to be endured. The headaches are one of the possible side effects but insomnia is not. If it continues or becomes bothersome, check with your doctor.

Subj: I strongly recommend Celebrex
Date: 6/2/2009
I had a very sore left lower leg for about a month I thought it was a clot in my leg dropper machine proofed no clot the doctor put me on celebrex and a muscle relaxant before I had finished the course of 10 pills I had no pain and that was 18 months ago or more. I strongly recommend celebrex as presribed by the doctor it certainly worked for me.


P.S. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night.

Subj: Swelling and bloating
Date: 6/2/2009
I took celebrex for about 2 months. Prior to taking this medicine I had lost 25 pounds and kept it off. During the course of this medicine I began to hold fluid, lots of swelling and bloating in the abdomen. After 2 months of not using this, the swelling and bloating are still there. Can this be a side effect of having used this medicine. I’m also chronic fatigue.


AskDocWeb: Swelling and bloating are listed as possible side effects of Celebrex that should be reported to your health care provider.

Subj: Celebrex as needed?
Date: 6/3/2009
Can you take celebrex as needed?


AskDocWeb: Some people can take Celebrex as needed but you would have to check with your doctor to find out if it would be appropriate for you or not.

Subj: Severe stomach pains and gastrointestinal bleeding
Date: 6/8/2009
I recently had some foot surgery and Celebrex was recommended to me as an anti-inflammatory right before surgery and for a few days after. I suffer from arthritis, so after surgery I asked my primary care physician if he could continue my prescription of Celebrex and he did. About a month to two months after I started taking it I began having severe stomach pains, severe diziness, nausea then very black stools. It was determined that I was having gastrointestinal bleeding. NOW, my point is both my surgeon and my primary care physician KNEW that I had had gastic by-pass surgery three years ago, yet they put me on this medication. NOT A GOOD IDEA. I was the one that finally put two and two together when I had such severe stomach pains that woke me up in the night. After doing research on the web I was sure that all of the negative side effects I was having were attributed to the Celebrex. Needless to say, I AM NOT ON IT ANYMORE.


Subj: Deep depression
Date: 6/19/2009
I have been using Celebrex for about 1 week for pain in my knee which the doctor diagnosed as tendonitis. I began experiencing what I would say is deep depression within 24 hours of taking my first capsule. This is not my general personality and this feeling of hopelessness is very frightening. I will discontinue use of Celebrex.


AskDocWeb: Always consult with your doctor before discontinuing any prescription drug.

Subj: Dizziness
Date: 6/24/2009
I’ve been taking Celebrex for two weeks for arthritis in my hip. All of a sudden I’m experiencing extreme dizziness. I almost fell out of bed last night just from sitting up. Is this a common side effect? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Yes, dizziness is listed as one of the most common side effects along with diarrhea, indigestion, stomach pain, gas, nausea, and headache. If it continues or becomes bothersome, check with your doctor.

Subj: Celebrex works
Date: 6/24/2009
Celebrex is great. One dose took the pain away. It works right away. I went to bed in pain and woke without it. Now I’m only hoping I have no reaction to it.


Subj: Thickening of bile?
Date: 6/24/2009
Although I have not read all of the feedback on taking Celebrex, but I have been taking this for many many years, and I am wondering if there has been any report of Celebrex taken with other pain medications has been known to cause a thickening of the bile?


AskDocWeb: You can use the search box at the top of the page to search this whole website but we will save you some time. There are no reports of Celebrex having any affect on bile.

Subj: Celebrex and Yaz?
Date: 6/25/2009
Is it o.k. to take celebrex with yaz and accutane?


AskDocWeb: There is a drug interaction listed between Yaz and Celebrex. Taking Yaz with Celebrex can increase the risk of high potassium levels in your blood (hyperkalemia). Occasional use of Celebrex in healthy women who take Yaz should not typically cause a problem. However, check with your healthcare provider if you take Celebrex regularly or if you take a large dosage of Celebrex.

Subj: Trouble maintaining an erection
Date: 6/26/2009
I have been taking Celebrex for 2 weeks and have been experiencing trouble maintaining an erection in this time… is it related?


AskDocWeb: Erectile dysfunction is not listed as a side effect of Celebrex.

Subj: Bumps turn purple
Date: 6/29/2009
My husband is 72 years and has been on 200mg of Celebrex once a day for several years now. For the past 2 years while working “if” he barely bumps his arms, that area will turn purple in a very short period of time. He is very active and his arms are sad to look at. He looks as though he has been beat. Could it be the Celebrex he is taken? He takes hbp meds and Thyroids meds. Thank you in advance.


AskDocWeb: Although nose bleeds (epistaxis) are listed as a possible side effect of taking Celebrex, bruising is not. Make sure his doctor knows how easily he bruises.

Subj: Headache was constant for 21 days
Date: 7/2/2009
Celebrex is awful. Should be taken off the market. I started taking it for back pain. After a day or so I started with a headache in the left temple area. Headache was constant for 21 days, then I had vision problems, started out double vision and now only 1 eye has the double vision. I had the ringing in my ears on top of the headache. I thought I was going to lose mind. After visits to doctors and Catscans and MRI on the brain and blood test for everything such as MS, Lymes disease, Lupus and numerous other test. Doctors could not find what was causing all of this. Then I had constipation and heartburn. I finally went to a website to see what all of the side affects were. Well the answer was clear, Celebrex was the cause of all of my additional pain. I stopped taking it, headache is gone, still hoping the vision will adjust only been off of it for 2 days. NEVER AGAIN will I take this drug.


Subj: Weight gain
Date: 7/3/2009
I was put on celebrex for a torn miniscus about three weeks ago. The doctor told me it was ok to exercise and did two hours a day 5 days a week. During this time my weight went from 184 lbs to 191 lbs. Since I did not change my eating habits I say it is the celebrex. I have stopped taking it and waited on the exercise. No knee pain so I will start to exercise again. The thing I find curious is that the doctors do not seem respond to the weight gain. Not at the office or on this site. Can you tell us why this happens(the weight gain and the no response) I am sure many people would like to know.


AskDocWeb: To our knowledge, the reason for the weight gain is not yet known. We are responding to this issue by publishing reports like yours so that everyone has a chance to find out that weight gain is a possible side effect of Celebrex.

Subj: Blood pressure
Date: 7/4/2009
Can celebrex change blood pressure, mine is usually low, concerned that it may lower the pressure like some other meds used to treat pain.


AskDocWeb: Celebrex may change your blood pressure but it is most likely to raise it. All NSAIDs have the potential to increase blood pressure.

Subj: Itching
Date: 7/7/2009
I have used Celebrex ever since it came out, but I do have itching when I exercise. On my feet it is so bad that I have to stop and take off my shoes. Any rubbing results in terrible itching and redness no matter if I am wearing different shoes, socks or no socks, etc. I think the Celebrex might sensitize me to itching–or it could be another medicine. Who knows but others have reported itching.


Subj: I feel great!
Date: 7/27/2009
I have been taking this a week. I love it! I’m 27 and was depressed that I woke up every morning feeling 87. This week I feel great!


Subj: Hair loss?
Date: 7/28/2009
I have been taking Celebrex for 4 mths for back pain. They have been wonderful!! Over the last 4 weeks I have noticed my hair falling out! My doctor has now taken me off Celebrex and the pain has returned. Is this a symptom of Celebrex?


AskDocWeb: Hair loss is not listed as a side effect of Celebrex. Over the past 6 years there has only been 1 report of hair loss so that could be a coincidence.

Subj: Celebrex weight gain
Date: 7/28/2009
I find it interesting that AskDocWeb responds to most every subject regarding Celebrex EXCEPT those who suggest it could be the cause of their weight gain. I started taking 200mg. of Celebrex daily when Vioxx was taken off the market and have taken Celebrex for about 10 years(?), during which time I have gained almost 100lbs. Prior to Celebrex, I had always been thin. In spite of being active, I began retaining fluid and gaining weight. I have gained almost 100lbs. since beginning Celebrex. I have tried other arthritis medications, but have not found anything that works for the pain as well as Celebrex. I stopped taking it many times only to start it again after only 8-14 days of severe pain. Each time I stopped the Celebrex, I lost the water retention and began losing weight in the first week. Does the medical profession continue to deny that Celebrex causes weight gain?


AskDocWeb: Thank you for sharing Shirley, you give us an opportunity to explain something that may not be apparent at first glance. This website is not censored or controlled by any drug company. We are providing you a forum for sharing information about side effects that may not be listed by the drug companies. Weight gain is certainly a problem and people should know about it. Thanks for telling them.

Subj: Polyposis
Date: 7/31/2009
Have been taking 800mg of celebrex per day for about two years for a condition called polyposis and at the moment it is helping to keep it at bay.


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