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Subj: Weight Gain
Date: 7/31/2009
I have been on Celebrex now for about two months. I have been active for many years, exercising 3-5 times a week so when I herniated a disk in my neck and my doctor perscribed me 200 mg twice a day. I noticed I was getting bloated in my stomach area quickly and my face seemed like was retaining water. Low and behold when I stepped on the scale the numbers had jumped up. I cut my calories to 1,200 – 1,800 per day and began doing and hour of cardio three times a week and the numbers still crept up. Celebrex is the culprit!!!


Subj: Heartburn?
Date: 8/9/2009
I have taken celebrex for 5 days now and have noticed I get hartburn which I never get I also take percocet twice a day celebrex only 1 a day I have taking percocet for about 2 years with no trouble, could it be the celebrex, thank you,


AskDocWeb: While not listed as a side effect, a few people have complained of chest pains when taking Celebrex. This should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Swollen face, puffy eyes, vertigo and weight gain
Date: 8/10/2009
I was given Celebrex for inflamation in my tendon in my root, the hope was to reduce the pain and allow me to be more mobile. My face is swollen, eyes are puffy, serious vertico, already started the weight gain and I am off of it now. The pain in my foot went from 8 to 2 on the pain scale.


Subj: Allergy reaction
Date: 8/11/2009
I took celebrex and had the worse allergy reaction, my hand started to itch, my feet, than my entire body. The first time this happen, I though it was the engergy drink, but today I took another pill for my shoulder and again the itching and dizziness. I’m throwing them in the toilet, and never take the trash again, this time I have some bendryl to take, this med. should be taken off the market.


Subj: Gain weight?
Date: 8/12/2009
Does celebrex make you gain weight if so what can be done? I cannot go without it.


AskDocWeb: According to the Physician’s Desk Reference, weight gain is reported to occur in less than 2% of those using Celebrex. If this becomes a problem then talk to your doctor about alternatives.

Subj: Birth control pills?
Date: 8/18/2009
Is Celebrex safe to take with birth control pills? (Alesse)


AskDocWeb: We found no reference to any problems with using Celebrex with birth control.

Subj: Severe itching
Date: 8/21/2009
I would rather die than experience an attach of severe itching. celebrex seems to be the culprit. I stopped taking it yesterday and do not have the horrible stinging assults I had, especially at night. Has anyone else commented as I have? please let me know.


AskDocWeb: Several people have commented about itching and although it is not listed as a side effect, it is listed as an adverse reaction. The patient information says to check with your doctor as soon as possible if you experience itching.

Subj: Unusual weight gain
Date: 8/22/2009
I am a 64 yr. old woman with severe osteo-arthritis. I am also a survivor of both breast and colon cancer. I have always been slender with no tendency to unusual weight gain until I began to take Celebrex for my OA pain. With no changes in eating habits, I gained 20 lbs. after starting celebrex. I am relieved to hear other testimonials, but would like to know whether there is documented evidence that a percentage of people respond to this drug with weight gain. Thank you


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer you should check with your doctor as soon as possible if you experience unexplained weight gain. So far they have not supplied data on what percentage of patients experience weight gain.

Subj: Weight gain
Date: 8/22/2009
I am on celebrex and gain weight.


Subj: Sick to my stomach
Date: 8/23/2009
I feel sick to my stomach. I stopped taking Celebrex which I was tolerating very well and was making a difference in my trauma induced arthritis. I just can not get over this sick feeling. I find it is better if I eat crackers and bits of bread with milk. With it being flu season …I can’t tell if this is the flu (swine flu) or a post-reaction to celebrex. I have to admit I took it a few times in the weeks before without food. Could I have done something to my stomach? Keeping going but feeling pretty rotten.


AskDocWeb: Celebrex has a lower incidence of stomach side effects than other anti inflammatory drugs but upset stomachs do sometimes occur. Indigestion, stomach pain and nausea are possible side effect.

Subj: Swelling in my hands
Date: 8/23/2009
I have been on Celebrex for OA for over a year with some relief (despite previously being allergic to sulfa drugs). Two months ago I started Cymbalta for myalgia, and depression and now have significant swelling in my hands, especially in the morning on awakening. But it lasts all day and my finger joints are very sore. I feel increasingly disabled.


AskDocWeb: Significant swelling can indicate a significant problem and should be reported to your doctor.

Subj: Palpitations and jump in blood pressure
Date: 9/2/2009
Took Celebrex 200mg for 10 days. By day six started terrible palpitations, by morning of day seven blood pressure was up to 169/93. Had to be put on blood pressure meds which was new for me. Stopped Celebrex one week ago. Since then blood pressure has been hard to control, flushing and heart palpitations have continued. Pressure jumped to 190/93 and ended up in ER. Have had to up my new blood prssure medication three times in one week with very little improvement. If this is Celebrex related and there is no other explanation for this problem my question is how long will it take for this to be totally out of my system and also will these symptoms go away when it does get out of my system. This has been a very scary time and all totally new symptoms for me.


AskDocWeb: The effective half-life of Celebrex is 11 hours but it can take a couple of days to completely clear your system. As with all NSAIDS, Celebrex can lead to the onset of hypertension where none existed before or the worsening of an existing hypertensive condition. Palpitations are not listed among the side effects for Celebrex.

Subj: Abnormal bleeding?
Date: 9/2/2009
I have been taking celerex 200mg for two years for osteoarthritis. I am 42 years old and happy with the result of pain relive but eight months a go my periods have between 16 to 28 days very painful with clots. I went to the gynocoligist about this and he has taken blood tests to see what the problem is but he advised me to stop using celebrex as it can make you bleed abnormaly. Is this true? I’m scared to stop taking celebrex because I don’t want the pain to start again is there any other medication I can take to relive my osteoathritis?


AskDocWeb: It is true that Celebrex may increase your bleeding. It can also cause stomach bleeding, intestinal bleeding, and may increase bleeding during surgery. We suggest you leave the choice up to your doctor as to what might work best for you. A few of the possibilities are Tramadol (Generic Ultram), Butalbital (Generic Fioricet), Ultracet (Analgesic Combo), Carisoprodol (Generic Soma and Watson Brand), and Cyclobenzaprine (Generic Flexeril). There are too many alternatives to list them all here.

Subj: Is this normal?
Date: 9/3/2009
I have started to take Celebrex for a shoulder issue. I have not started to have muscle pain and cramping in my calves. Is this normal?


AskDocWeb: Yes, NOT having pain and cramping is normal.

Subj: Sleepless
Date: 9/6/2009
Hi, I have taken Celebrex for only 2 days, but have the heebee jeebees already and cannot stand another sleepless night. It’s not worth the pain relief for me if I can’t sleep. I am going to ask my doctor for something else.


Subj: Second one made me extremely sick
Date: 9/7/2009
I was prescribed Celebrex for Sciatica, I have 3 herniated discs. The first 200mg tablet went down ok…no side effects. The second one made me extremely sick, I was up all night vomiting. Today also, I will never take that drug again. Can someone tell me how to get it out of my system…I feel awful.


AskDocWeb: The effective half-life of Celebrex is about 11 hours so it can take a couple of days to completely clear your system.

Subj: When considering stopping
Date: 9/8/2009
I had been on Celebrex for the past 4 years. I decided to stop after asking my Dr. if that was ok. Have had depression, fatigue and overall feeling of sadness since stopping the medication. I agree this is a symptom of “cold turkey” discontinuing the med’s and should be addressed to the Doctor and subsequently to the patient when considering stopping.


Subj: Severe skin problems and hair loss
Date: 9/11/2009
I have taken 200 mg of Celebrex every day for at least the past five years for joint pain and osteoarthritis. I stopped taking it about a month ago and suddenly felt pain I didn’t know the medicine was covering up. My most disturbing problems while taking Celebrex have developed without knowing why these things were happening. I have experienced constant swollen feet and legs to the point that I could hardly stand. I have gained weight (a lot–with no success in losing it), MY HAIR HAS FALLEN OUT! , leaving only a few patches with no sign that it is going to come back in. I have had severe skin problems with my legs and hands. My hands continually have cracked and dry skin, sometimes causing small cuts all over them. No matter what medications were prescribed the condition continues. It has improved now though after 4 weeks of being off of Celebrex. My doctor told me to stop taking it because I had severely low potassium levels. The symptoms associated with just the potassium alone were awful. I felt weak, had constant muscle pain, especially in my calves and thighs. I have a lots of steps in my home and it hurt to lift my legs or to sit down. I was told it was causing kidney failure. I didn’t want to stop taking it because it did help with the pain, but I had no idea that all of the symptoms I have described were caused by this medicine. What seems more profound to me is that I have seen several doctors over the course of four years and none of them have associated the symptoms to the medicine. I hope this helps someone. I hope my hair comes back soon!


Subj: My Dr. didn’t warn me
Date: 9/11/2009
I just decided to do a little research on Celebrex and lucked onto this site. I’ve been on the highest dosage of Methotrexate for more than a year, but the Dr. added Celebrex to my treatment 2 days ago. My RA feels better but now I fear the weight gain! I had already gained 30 lbs. from lack of exercise due to the very painful onset of RA. Now I have to worry about gaining even more weight? This just seems so unfair! I can either be in horrible pain, or be suicidal due to the depression of being obese! I was already deeply depressed over the weight gain. My Dr. didn’t warn me of this side effect.


Subj: Celebrex Side Effects
Date: 9/14/2009
If a person is experiencing side effects from taking Celebrex, will they go away when a person stops taking it? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Yes, we have yet to hear of any side effect that didn’t go away once the drug was discontinued.

Subj: Bumps almost like blisters
Date: 9/15/2009
My son started taking Celebrex & now has bumps, almost like blisters, but hard around his knee area. Is this a reaction to Celebrex & should he stop taking it?


AskDocWeb: You will need to have his doctor examine the area to find out if the problem is related to taking Celebrex or something else that might need attention.

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