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Date: 6/28/2012
Taking Celebrex since Nov. 2010 for Hemicrania Continum. I have had these headaches since 2004 and they were getting more and more frequent and lasting longer and longer. A neurologist diagnosed Hemicrania Continum and said that indomethesin works for this. I had a bad reaction to indomethesin so I began Celebrex with no obvious bad side effects until recently. I’ve had foot swelling along with slightly swollen fingers in the morning. Just saw my Internal medicine doctor. I have no heart, liver or kidney problems. I had an ultrasound today for the blood vessels in my legs and they were normal. Now the Internal Medicine doctor believes this is a side effect of Celebrex. What do I do? I don’t want to have to dealwith the headaches. The doctor gave me some pills to reduce fluid. I’m not sure I want to continue Celebrex. I also began to gain a little weight since Janurary of this year. I took the celebrex for about a year before I had swelling or weight gain. Seems odd that this wasn’t a problem for a year. I’m taking 1/2 of my 100 mg capsule to see if the swelling goes down while keeping my headaches from starting again. Any suggestions?


AskDocWeb: You might ask your primary care physician for a referral to a headache clinic. Specialists at headache clinics evaluate the “whole you” and take a multi-disciplinary approach to headache diagnosis and treatment. Its comprehensive team may include physicians (internists and neurologists), psychologists, physical and behavioral therapists, and nurses – all of whom specialize in headache care.

Blood pressure
Date: 6/29/2012
I was taking Celebrex from January to June about 6 months. I was in a car accident having unmanagable pain! I have had to come off because my blood pressure is extremely high!!! How long should it take for my blood pressure to come back down? If that is the cause of my problem? Thanks


AskDocWeb: The elimination half life of Celebrex is 8-12 hours so it may take from one and a half to two and a half days to completely clear your body of the drug.

It appears that about one percent (1.1%-1.5%) of those taking Celebrex experience an increase in blood pressure. All NSAIDs, including Celebrex, may cause high blood pressure or make it worse in people who already have it.

Hot flashes
At first every joint hurt but that went away after 5 or 6 days bur now My hot flashes returned like crazy.


AskDocWeb: Hot flashes have been reported in less than 0.1% and is considered an adverse reaction. Please consult with your healthcare provider.

Can Celebrex lose its potency?
Celebrex has been a life saver for over 6 years. Taking it almost every day for knees and back pain/inflammation. Can Celebrex lose its potency after 90 days? And if added to daily vitamins in a ziplock, can Celebrex lose its effectiveness? Thanks AskDocWeb for an answer.


AskDocWeb: Celebrex capsules have a 3 year shelf-life when stored in PVC/Aluminum blisters in a cardboard carton below 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). Removing them from their original container introduces temperature variables but they are not likely to lose effectiveness over a 24 hour period unless exposed to extreme heat.

Rectal bleeding
I have been taking Celebrex for a month now. I was suffering with neck, shoulder & arm pain from a pinched nerve between C6 & C7. The pain is much better since taking the Celebrex, but I have been having rectal bleeding for about two weeks now. Thought it was from hemorrhoid at first but now I’m thinking it’s from the Celebrex. Is this a side effect? And should I stop taking it?


AskDocWeb: Rectal bleeding is one of the possible side effects of Celebrex that needs to be evaluated by your doctor. Intestinal bleeding is seen more often in older adults and the use of alcohol increases this risk.

Hair loss and bloody nose
I started taking Celebrex 5 days ago and I’m noticing some hair loss as well as a bloody nose. Are these symptoms likely to get worse if I keep taking it?


AskDocWeb: About 5% of Celebrex users suffer some form of inflammation of the sinuses. However, a bloody nose, or any unusual bleeding, is listed as one of the warning signs that should be reported to your doctor as soon as possible.

Hair loss?
Does Celebrex cause hair loss?????


AskDocWeb: It is not common but hair loss (alopecia) is listed among the dermatologic side effects of Celebrex (less than 2% of patients).

Dizziness and vision problems
I have just started on a Celebrex prescription and although the prescription would allow me to take 200 mg twice a day, I am not a big believer in taking medications unless they are absolutely needed. I do have generalized pain at times that OTC medications such as motrin, aspirin and naproxen sodium can lessen but don’t always completely dispel. When this happens, I may take one of my 200 mg Celebrex which seems to completely dispel the pain. I have had this prescription for only a couple of weeks and it seems that the tw times I have taken it during the day, I have become a little dizzy and it has effected my vision with what I would call ripples in the upper left area of the vision in my left eye. While this concerns me, on the three occasions when I have taken the Celebrex at night, I have had the benefit of feeling no pain the next day with the dizzyness or vision problems. Should I nevertheless be concerned about the issues that I believe have been brouht on by the daytime doses and any long-term effect on my vision, even though I plan now to take Celebrex only at night?


AskDocWeb: Problems with vision or balance are listed as serious adverse reactions that should be reported to your doctor immediately.

Miracle drug
I have been taking Celebrex 200 mg twice per day since May 2010 for Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I developed after delivering my son in November 2009. I’m 5’5 and weigh 120 lbs and am 28 years old. It has caused no weight gain or adverse reactions for me (and I have a very sensitive stomach). It truly was a miracle drug for me. It gave me back the ability to lift things with my hands! I have been able to cut my dosage in half since starting an exercise program (6 days per week, 1-2 hours per day) and am currently considering stopping the drug completely.


Feet and ankles swell
I have been taking Celebrex for 3 days I take one (200mg) a day in the morning with food Semms to take about 20min before I feel relief from pain in my knee and hip on left side. The only thing I notice so far is my feet and ankles swell. and a little dizzy for a little while soon after taking the drug.


AskDocWeb: The product safety data for Celebrex says to check with your doctor as soon as possible if you experience swelling in your ankles or feet.

Abdominal hernia
I have taken Celebrex for 10 years now and just discovered I have a small abdominal hernia. Could this be related to taking Celebrex? I took 200mg dose, 1 pill daily.


AskDocWeb: It may or may not be related to Celebrex. Although rare, Celebrex has been reported to cause hiatal hernia in less than 2% of patients. Hiatal hernias are different from abdominal hernias in that it is not visible on the outside of the body.

Chest pain in children
MY 11 year old Daughter is taking 100mg once a day for the past 4 weeks for Juvenile arthiritis. She has been complaining the past couple of days about pain in the middle of her chest is this a side effect even for children?


AskDocWeb: Chest pain is considered a SEVERE side effect that may require immediate medical attention. The patient information for Celebrex says that, “Caution is advised when using Celebrex in CHILDREN who have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis; they may be more sensitive to its effects, especially blood clotting problems.”

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