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Mariah’s story
Date: 9/22/2015
My name is Mariah. I am 59yrs old and have managed the osteoarthritis in my knees since 2006 with glucosamine and healthfood store supplements. It suddenly became painful and hard to walk in April 2015 so my doctor started me in May on Celebrex (Celecoxib 100mg twice a day with food). It really helps the pain so that I am able to get around some with a cane but mostly with a walker. Also, to protect from tummy bleeding, Pantoprazole 40mg once a day half an hour before a meal.

In May, my wrists suddenly became very painful and swollen from leaning on my canes and crutches so much. In June a rheumatologist started me on Teva-Chloroquine for rheumatoid arthritis in my wrists and it really helps the pain and swelling (together with wearing wrist stabilizers while sleeping and during the day). Now I can open lids again and turn the key in my car ignition. Well, after 3 months, I started getting painful extremely swollen feet and ankles. I have never in my life had swollen feet. Taking 200mg magnesium at bedtime helps some. Laying with my back on the floor and with my feet up on a chair brings the swelling down a bit. Am going to try compression stockings because snug socks help a little.

Now in the past 3weeks I suddenly gained a shocking 30lb in 3weeks and I had not changed my diet at all. And I started getting red itchy painful spots/welts that within a week grew bigger & spread from my eyelids and face to the rest of my body. Prescription Desonide cream (a cortisone?) is thankfully making the spots go away. Pharmacist has no answer. Rheumatologist said Chloroquine was not the cause of the above and to see my GP doctor, so am waiting for my appointment next week. The past few weeks have been a nightmare.


Generic itch
Date: 11/6/2015
I’ve taken Celebrex for over 10 years for stiffness and flexibility with a shoulder partial replacement. It has worked great but now insurance won’t cover the name brand and the generic is causing me to itch uncomfortably. If I discontinue taking it I won’t be able to use my shoulder and arm as well as I have been able to. Pain is not an issue just the mobility.


Celebrex and blood pressure
Date: 11/7/2015
Had been taking Celebrex for many years for RA and it was very effective. Rheumatologist changed me to Ultracet three days ago (because of fears of possible kidney damage from Celebrex) and my blood pressure has shot way up. Twice a day 37.5-325. Could this be causing blood pressure rise. Considering going back to Celebrex.


AskDocWeb: The product data available for Celebrex says that high blood pressure is a possible side effect of this medication. Patients who have high blood pressure should be especially cautious about using this drug. Please note that normal function may be restored when the patient stops taking Celebrex.

I’ve gained 10 pounds!
Date: 11/15/2015
I was prescribed 200 mg daily of Celebrex a month ago. Yesterday, I picked up a new prescription. In the month taking Celebrex, I’ve gained 10 pounds, RAPIDLY! I am stopping this medication today. Will deal with pain with OTC products. At least I’ll fit in my clothes, and not be disgusted with myself. I have degenerative spine, have had two cervical discs replaced twice. Also, a spinal stimulator in my back.


AskDocWeb: Be sure to let your doctor know and discuss alternatives for pain relief.

Kidney function testing?
Date: 12/6/2015
I took Celebrex (generic) for a few months for pain from a knee injury but started having sharp but intermittent pain in my kidney area, both sides. I stopped it after which pain diminished, although I still dull feel pain there after almost two months off it. Should I be concerned enough to ask my Dr. for kidney function testing?


AskDocWeb: Some health care providers periodically order blood tests or other tests (including a kidney function test) to determine the effectiveness of treatment and the presence of any harmful side effects. It’s something to discuss with your doctor.

I am furious!
Date: 12/9/2015
I have taken 200mg Celebrex daily since 2001, then in 2005 my insurance company said they wouldn’t cover the cost of Celebrex and that I had to take Vioxx. Vioxx almost killed me and ended up getting a heart cath. But I have had NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS from Celebrex. In spite of this, my doctor wants me to discontinue taking it. 2015 I am in agony with arthritis and spinal stenosis. At age 68 my quality of life is more important to me than dying from a heart attack or stroke! I am furious!


Reducing Celebrex
Date: 12/28/2015
Trying to reduce Celebrex as my creatine levels are affected and kidney functions are suffering. I am 69 yrs. young. Thought I would try to take Celebrex every three days. Hopefully this will help with weight gain and elevated creatine levels. Feet and hands immediately responded with shooting pains but I will try to take Celebrex every three days.


AskDocWeb: Have you explored the possibility that you might be sensitive or allergic to plants of the nightshade group? Some patients have found that they can eliminate much of the pain caused by inflammation by a simple change in diet (See Herbs for Inflammation).

Medication similar to Excedrin Migraine?
Date: 1/9/2016
I started taking Celecoxid (Celebrex) 200mg daily starting 12/13/2015. Occasionally I will get a severe headache that only Excedrin Migraine will help. I was under the understanding that I could take these 2 medications together but see that it is not safe due to possible chances of a bleeding ulcer. Is there another medication similar to Excedrin Migraine that I could take that would be safe?


AskDocWeb: The easiest thing to do is figure out what the active ingredients are and find something with the same dosage. Excedrin Migraine is a combination of acetaminophen (Tylenol), aspirin and caffeine. Ibuprofen, Motrin and Advil all work to some degree for migraines. For specific advice you need to consult with your doctor because there may be other health issues to consider.
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