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If you’ve used Celebrex, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history. You can use the form below to add your comments, feedback or Celebrex review.

Heart racing
Date: 1/30/2016
I am taking it twice a day for knee pain and inflammation resulting from a meniscectomy. I am suspicious Celebrex has led to my heart rate increasing dramatically after having a few glasses of wine. The first time I noticed it was New Year’s Eve, and I woke up at 3am, with heart racing and it lasted for more than an hour. It’s happened twice since then with less alcohol consumption. Is this possibly related to Celebrex? My heart is normally perfectly healthy and BP it’s always 110/70. Is this possible side effect dangerous?


AskDocWeb: There is evidence that it may be related. A pooled analysis of data from six studies shows that people who take 400 milligrams of Celebrex twice a day have three times the risk of having heart attacks, other heart problems, strokes, or cardiovascular disease death, compared with people who don’t take the drug.

People who take 200 milligrams twice a day have nearly double the risk, and those who take 400 milligrams once a day have a 10% higher risk of a cardiovascular event.

Taste buds?
Date: 2/17/2016
Will Celebrex affect the taste buds in a person’s mouth? My doctor prescribed it right after surgery which has been less than a week ago but nothing I eat tastes right.


AskDocWeb: It’s possible as there are a number of drugs that have that possible side effect and Celebrex is on that list. There is also a forum for those who experience this side effect.

Terrible itching
Date: 3/17/2016
how long will I have this terrible itching from cekebrex? Feet head hands. Been on three months and all of a sudden I get this? Went off yesterday


AskDocWeb: That depends on the cause of the itching. Your doctor may be able to answer that as well as suggest alternatives to this medication.

Consumer complaint
Date: 4/24/2016
Made me sick, always felt weird, ill, chest pains too!


Joint pain
Date: 5/8/2016
I have been on Celebrex for the last 3 months and have attempted twice to get off of it. I now hurt all over. It’s as if every joint in my body is crying out in pain. Places that never hurt before taking Celebrex. I’m am miserable. Wish I would have never started it in the first place


Celebrex review
Date: 5/22/2016
I have taken Celebrex 200mg daily for 5 years with much relief of joint and back pain. It did not make me gain weight. Absolutely no adverse effects.


Food and drink taste odd
Date: 6/1/2016
Hi. 5 weeks ago I started taking 200mg of Celebrex a day for osteoarthritis. I stopped taking it after 3 weeks as my throat became quite raw and my food and drink had an odd taste to it. 2 weeks later and my throat is marginally better but food and drink still taste odd. Is this a normal side effect of Celebrex that will improve? (Unforunatley I didn’t get any pain relief at all from this med after 3 straight weeks.) Thanks Sandie


AskDocWeb: Changes in the sense of taste are referred to as ?taste perversion? and yes, that is one of the possible side effects of Celebrex, which is on that list.

I can’t wait
Date: 6/15/2016
I took celebrex as part of my pain management when I had two cervical discs hemorrhage. It helped quite a bit. Unfortunately, the cost of Celebrex kept increasing, seeming like every time I renewed it, I was plunking down an extra $5 for it. I finally went off of it and went to a 1st generation NSAID, Meloxicam, which doesn’t work nearly as well. Now that there’s a generic for Celebrex, I’ll see about getting back on it. I’d rather use a 2nd generation NSAID. I can’t wait until the 3rd generation medicines come out. Supposedly, they’ll target the exact mechanism that causes inflammation, and will have little to no GI side effects.


Homeopathic pill Arnica forte?
Date: 6/17/2016
Have used Celebrex for more years than I can remember. Primary care doctor suggested it may be Celebrex causing bruising. She as well as dermatologist thought I should stop it to see if bruising subsides. I was diagnosed with senile purpera several years ago as I am 74 with fair skinned. Dermatologist suggested and I bought from him Arnica forte. Is that homeopathic pill safe! Did not realize Celebrex causes weight gain as many people have related. I have had weight gain I’ve past ten years. Is it Celebrex or age? Great web site for comparisons and info!


AskDocWeb: It appears that Arnica forte has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration for safety or efficacy. In addition, the FDA is not aware of scientific evidence to support this homeopathy product as effective. That doesn’t mean that it will not be effective, just that it is unproven.

Celebrex bruising
Date: 6/27/2016
I’ve been in Celebrex for about a month. I’ve noticed increased bruising and I constantly have a bitter, metallic taste no matter what type of food or drink it is.


AskDocWeb: Unusual bruising is one of the possible side effects of Celebrex that should be reported to your doctor. Alterations in the sense of taste is referred to as taste perversion. See Bad Taste for more information.

Gained a little weight
Date: 7/17/2016
I have been taking Celebrex 200mg for 25yrs. it has always helped me, since i have had 2 total hip replacements for over 15yrs. I gained alittle weight; but at least no pain & I’m 74yrs old.


After a month on Celebrex
Date: 8/16/2016
Hi, I have been on Celebrex for a month now and it does ease the pain and on some days I am pain free. A good diet is also essential avoid foods that will aggravate an inflammation. Also do not take capsules when going to sleep big mistake it does keep you awake, if so try a mild sleeping tablet. And I walk on a daily basis it does help for overall well-being.


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