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If you’ve used Chantix, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

After discontinuing Chantix
Date: 3/20/2014
2nd time taking Chantix (first time in 2010); discontinued both times after week 3 due to an uncomfortable foggy head and mild depression symptoms. I’m on week 6 off the drug and my brain is still acting very strangely. I had my first and worst panic attack ever a few days after I discontinued and I thought I was brain damaged. My head was stuck in a fog that stole my concentration and ability to function as a normal person for 3 weeks straight. I’ve been trialing smoking for the past couple weeks to see if that might normalize things. Doesn’t work.

The symptoms, although still persistent, are slightly more manageable at the moment since I know what to expect and how to deal with myself during a rough patch. My brain every other day will slip into a debilitating anxiety attack for no obvious reason and I still sometimes wake up in a pool of sweat. These head sensations are unbearable.

I’ve been reading a lot about people still feeling funny even years after discontinuing. Is there any good news on Chantix discontinuation symptoms or do people generally stop posting follow-ups when (if) everything goes back to normal? I have no idea what the statistics are for side effect duration or probability of permanent injury, and the official Chantix literature is really vague on this matter.


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately the statistics that you want do not seem to be available to the general public. That may have something to do with the thousands of lawsuits against Pfizer about the side effects of this drug. Have you considered seeking damages or joining one of the class action suits?

Bad reaction
Date: 5/19/2014
Well I have only use chantix for 6 days I had vomiting and tonight I have hit and cold flashes I was already depressed and I take medicine for that but now I don’t want to take after everything I have read.


Expired Chantix
Date: 8/20/2014
My chantix expiration date is Dec. 2013 will it still be effective?


AskDocWeb: Although it is likely to have some effect taking any medication that has passed its expiration date is not recommended.

Panic attacks and dizziness
Date: 9/2/2014
I would just like to agree with Mikes post. I have been off champix now for three weeks and I am feeling horrendous. I succeeded at stopping smoking and have never suffered from depression or anxiety but am currently so bad with anxiety and panic that I’ve been hysterical and looking for help. My Doctors don’t think it’s the champix but I’m sure it is as this all started with dizziness the day after I stopped the champix. My panic attacks are worse because I’m not seeing anyone posting that they recover from this.


Failed a drug test
Date: 1/20/2015
I started taking Chantix about 3 months ago to stop smoking. I jut went for a drug test for a job and, I failed! I had a heart attack 9/27/14 and, I’m on some other meds for my stents. I take Plavix, Lipitor Metoprolol,Lisinopril,Imdur, Zantac150 an Glucossamine Chondroitin MSM. Could any or all of that combined cause me to fail a drug test? I’m very confused as to why I’d fail one! Thank you!


AskDocWeb: We have compiled an extensive list of products that might cause people to fail a drug test. See our complete list here.

Swollen feet
Date: 4/10/2015
I started using Chantix on March 12th, 2015. Yesterday, April 9th, 2015 was the first day I didn’t use Chantix. My feet and ankles are so swollen. The left side of my body was numb. I never had swollen feet before except when I was 8 months pregnant. I am going to the Urgent Care after work today. This is freaking me out. Make sure you do your research before you use Chantix. I am grateful to be smoke free, but I want this edema to stop!!


Date: 5/11/2015
I started Chantix on March 11, 2015 and smoked my last cigarette on March 22. I smoked a little longer because I was such a heavy smoker, I wanted a little more in my system. I’m 7 weeks quit today and very happy. I had some goofy dreams but that’s about all.

We drove to Florida in April and drove back (from Pa) My feet swelled like balloons! I attributed this to sitting in the car so long. Since then, I’ve noticed that my feet also seem to be swollen, along with my hands and legs. One night, I slept with compression stockings on. When I woke up, my feet were ok but my face was all swollen. After I was up and about, it went away.

I painted my apartment last week, so I was on my feet and up and down the ladder a lot. My feet are swollen, as are my hands. Is this a side effect of Chantrix, or did I just over do? I am 64 and somewhat overweight. Oh, I saw my doctor early in March to get the prescription. Saw her last week and I’ve gained 8 lbs! I’m willing to deal with this until I finish my course of Chantix, but I’m wondering if it will go away.


AskDocWeb: Whether or not it goes away depends, of course, on the cause. If the swelling was caused by Chantix then it is likely to go away once the drug is discontinued. However, there are a number of possible causes for swelling in the hands and feet so check with your healthcare provider.

Had a herpes outbreak
Date: 7/1/2015
I took chantix 4 years ago and quit smoking on the first day. I took chantix for only 6 days then stopped because it just made me feel ill. While taking it I had a herpes out break which hadn’t happened for over 10 years.


AskDocWeb: Stress is one of the triggers for a herpes outbreak and quitting smoking is definitely a stressful thing to do. Of course some stress is beneficial in other ways. Congratulations on quitting smoking.

Hair loss with Chantix?
Date: 8/2/2015
I’ve been on Chantix for about 6 weeks, I quit after the first week of being on the drug. I am concerned because my hair is falling out. Have you heard of this happening before to anyone? Thank You,


AskDocWeb: Hair loss is not listed in the long list of officially recognized possible side effects of Chantix however, there are a few reports that suggest it may be a very rare side effect.

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