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Curaderm Feedback

If you’ve used Curaderm, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Hello Curaderm users and investigators.
Date: 7/5/2013
I started using Curaderm on three spots on my face at the beginning of June. It is now July 4th. I found the treatment simple each morning and evening. I used bandaides to cover the spots after applying the Curaderm. There was considerable burning in those initial phases and that has continued in varying degrees over the month. I have had numerous levels of scab like tissue appear and then flake off in this process. Underlying this the skin has been raw and sensitive to touch. Yes, there were dramatic responses on each of the spots, some of which I have had for more than two years. A few years ago I had a basal cell removed from my should and it left a significant scar. I chose Curaderm to avoid that on my face.

Status: After five weeks I am still applying curaderm each morning and evening. The spots are finally starting to reduce in size to the point I am now hopeful for complete healing over in the next two weeks. It is a long process, but one I am committed to. When it burns I just say, “die you miserable cells.” I have every expectation this will have a happy conclusion.

Six weeks is a long time to have people asking about your face and the bandaides, but in the end, it will be worth being rid of these unrelenting spots continuing to grow. They won’t stop until they are stopped. Curaderm is their death sentence. I will check back in a couple of weeks.

AskDocWeb: Thanks Larry, people are looking for reports from those with first hand experience. We appreciate you sharing yours.

Important to use sparingly
Date: 7/18/2013
This is a good forum for discussion. I am on my 13th day with Curaderm for a sclerosing small, 3 year old Basal Cell. Everything seem to be going as planned. It is important to ONLY apply a small amount to the initial small area of tumour. Not the whole area. The pain for me lasts about 2 minutes and it is like a bee sting. I will continue to report my progress. I believe it will work and there are documented clinical trials. You can find them on the internet. Worth a try, but use sparingly and gently.

AskDocWeb: Thanks Liz, we appreciate hearing how well you do in your personal trial of Curaderm.

Experience with Curaderm
Date: 8/5/2013
I am a 49 y/o male living in Florida. I have Had a BCC on my face (right cheek) for probably 12+ years now, and one in my left bicep for about 6-7 years. I know, I let it go a long time, but I’m not very trusting in the dermatologists I’ve dealt with. Living in Florida it is very common to know people with skin cancer. Most I know have scars from letting the skin doctors cut on them. My Doctor told me it was nothing years ago, then changed his mind a couple of years later. It stayed fairly dormant until the last 2-3 years, so I figured I better get aggressive treating it.

I ordered a tube of Curaderm, and while I was waiting (about 2 weeks) for it to arrive, I read about people having good success with Ascorbic Acid (cheap vitamin C). I started using that while waiting for my Curaderm. I got a small bottle of pharm grade pure Ascorbic Acid at the health food store for about $5. I mixed with a small amount of water and fresh aloe gel (from my plant in my yard.) It seemed to be working similar to the results of Curaderm I had read about. I didn’t have the micropore tape yet either, so my face and arm began to breakout with the reaction to latex Band-Aids I was using. I never had a problem before, but I have never kept Band-Aids on for over a week straight.

As soon as my Curaderm arrived I switched over, and it proved to be a bit stronger in removing the damaged cells. I am on now on day 11 with a 2 week vitamin C pre-treatment, so about 3.5 weeks total. The tan micropore tape works very well, and doesn’t give me a reaction rash. The spot on my cheek is close to dime-sized now and maybe 1/8 inch+ deep in the center. It doesn’t sound deep, but it looks deep on your face. The arm area is almost the same size.

Most of the old scar tissue on my face and arm has been eaten away by the cream and my body working together I believe. It seems like I have turned the corner where I am starting to heal now. The wounds still look ugly, but cleaner, if that makes sense. Less red and more pink. There seems to be some widely differing opinions on the sites selling Curaderm, as to how to use it. I found a great blog with a link to a great site that gives good information on Curaderm and how to use it, as well as other related sites and links to inform of more dangerous choices of treatments. In case links aren’t allowed on here, just search “my curaderm journey”.

I also plan on putting up my info with progress photos when I finish. So far, so good. Just remember, no scrubbing the sore area. I was being a bit aggressive with the wash cloth and soap, and causing them to bleed (my arm and face). Both spots look better since I am being gentle. You don’t need the expensive soap some Curaderm sites tell you to get. They could irritate the skin, as some people I read about did experience.

Keep Curaderm in the fridge, which I just found out about today from reading the site that the blog links to. Use micropore tape. It is thinner and won’t make you break out like Band-Aids, and sticks well if you keep the area shaved. My lower bicep has a little hair which doesn’t affect the tape sticking, but my face I have to shave or the whiskers keep the tape from sticking. The tape won’t stick to the sore because it stays wet and gel-like. I think I will order a second tube of Curaderm so I don’t run out. If I have leftover, I have a few small areas of pre-cancerous spots I want to treat when I finish these 2 large areas anyway. I hope to update in 2-3 weeks. I hope this helps, and I will try to answer questions if I can. Best regards to all who are on this journey.


Will this really grow new skin?
Date: 8/7/2013
l purchased curaderm several years ago and used it successfully on 2 different skin cancers on my hand. I recently developed a scale spot 1/2 inch in diameter. Have used curaderm for several days now and it looks very red and hard around the area. Will this really grow new skin while using curaderm.

AskDocWeb: That is one of the questions this forum is would like to answer by getting first hand reports from those using Curaderm. We recommend having a dermatologist evaluate your condition before using this product. Read more feedback about Curaderm

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