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Curaderm Feedback

If you’ve used Curaderm, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Curaderm review
Date: 11/13/2013
I used curaderm bec from June 1 2013 until the end of Labor Day. I had two very small spots on my face, one on my nose and one on my chin. They grew to be nickel and quarter size with the curaderm….I was very scared. It worked just like they said it would. I followed the directions exactly and never missed applying. It has completely healed with a slight pink to only the chin. I am so thrilled! I had a mole removed on my back and it left an ugly scar so going the doctor route was not an option. Yes it was a long summer but so worth it. I have already purchased a new tube of curaderm in case of a future problem.


Yellow coating?
Date: 11/13/2013
I have had a Mohs procedure prior on my nose in 2007 for a single BCC. I now have three nodular BCC lesions near the same area. I am very reluctant to go for surgery again and am on my 4th day with the Curaderm treatment. Upon changing my dressings I am finding a yellowish discharge which I understand to be a good sign. However when I clean the area with water and Hibiclens I can’t remove a yellow coating that adheres to my nose – is that normal ? I am afraid to scrub harder as the site is very tender and the discharge and stinging have not stopped at all after applying over it. Any thoughts? Thank you


Actinic cheilitis
Date: 11/30/2013
Can curaderm be used on actinic chellitis? The regular treatment is horrifying.


AskDocWeb: Actinic cheilitis is a type of actinic keratosis occurring on the lips. It’s also known as “actinic cheilosis” or “sailor’s lip”. According to The Eggplant Cancer Cure(PDF file), Dr. Cham’s treatment also eliminates actinic keratosis.

Curaderm in the UK
Date: 12/8/2013
Hello I live in the UK, I’ve been using Curaderm now for a year treating various skin lesions. So far i’ve had good success with it and my Dr’s and Dermatologists think that i’m crazy and do not recommend it. It has however worked for me. I’m guessing that my lesions are quite early ones and would love to find a Dermatologist in the UK who is aware of Curaderm and thinks it’s a good product. Thanks


Treating with Curaderm
Date: 12/28/2013
I have been treating a BCC on the back of my thigh with Curaderm for 102 days. When I started treating it with Curaderm, I had been trying home remedies to get rid of it. I had tried apple cider vinegar, which had caused it to ulcerate and it grew to the size of a quarter and was also very irritated. On the advice of a Naturapath, I left it alone for about six weeks so that the irritation would subside, covering it with a bandage.

I decided to use Curaderm. I have been following the instructions, twice a day. After I apply the cream and the paper tape, I have to cover the whole thing with a gauze bandage secured with paper tape. If I don’t, it will seep onto my clothing. The lesion is now bigger, but almost completely open and deep. It still seeps and has yellow gunk still attached to the inside of the lesion. However. there seems to be less every day.

My biggest complaint is how excruciatingly painful this process is!!! The pain is actually worse now that when I first started using it! It is almost unbearable! The worst of the pain lasts an hour and then it aches all day without sometimes very sharp pain. I am also having trouble walking, sitting or driving because it is located on the back of my thigh. Also, I am wondering how deep Curaderm will go. I’m certainly no expert, but it looks to me like it has eaten away the epidermis and is down to the dermis. Is that possible. Another question I wonder about is how will new skin grow in the presence of salicylic acid? Won’t it eat into the new skin?

I am planning to continue Curaderm as long as I can stand it. The pain is intense, though. . . and I have given birth to four children without pain meds!!! I know that this is not suggested, but I am not under a doctors care because I have no health insurance and limited income. I’m hoping that Curaderm works!


SCC on penis
Date: 1/5/2014
I was diagnosed with scc on my penis. You can imagine the shock I felt when I heard this from my dr after a biopsy. I saw a Mohs surgeon who said he could do the surgery but would need an urologist and I’d be lucky to save my penis. I went into a weeklong depression and then came upon curaderm. Must have researched everything about it online and decided to do it. You can only imagine the pain I have been going thru and do my best to treat it 3-4 times a day. Since removing the tape is difficult I take a shower before each use. The size of the lesion doubled in size in the first week and started oozing yellow which was a good sign from what I’ve read. I also had a tumor in the middle of the scc that looked like a wart and it disappeared in 14 days.

I’m currently at day 21 and the skin is healing from the outside in and the burning is not that bad in the middle where it’s still has yellow ooze I am amazed who well this stuff is working and can’t wait to finish my treatment. From reading and researching I realize I have another 4-5 weeks left but knowing that it’s getting smaller I am thrilled. Will keep updating.


Curaderm on face
Date: 1/15/2014
If you use curaderm on your face do you have to keep it covered and can you wash your face?


AskDocWeb: Please see How to use Curaderm BEC5. According to Dr. Cham, the area must be kept covered, except when cleaning and treating, in order to prevent it from drying out.

4 months after treatment
Date: 1/18/2014
I have written previously, suggesting that people have a biopsy after treating with Curaderm. I myself was very skeptical after using the cream on a 6 year old sclerotic basal cell between my nose and lips. I applied the cream for 11 weeks and everything went along as Curaderm said it would. However, I was still skeptical. I recently had a biopsy of the area, 4 months after completion of an 11 week treatment. To my utter amazement, the biopsy came back negative. I will have another one in 9 months. Needless to say, I am thrilled. It is not for me to tell other people how to handle their skin cancers. It is not an easy procedure. However, I will keep testing the area, and if I should have another basal cell carcinoma on my face, I will use Curaderm again.


Crusty looking center
Date: 1/21/2014
Hi I have used curaderm for eight weeks on a lesion near my eye. It seemed to follow the pattern in many of the video’s. I was unsure of when to quit using it. So I stopped about a month ago. It is still very pink with a small center that is kind of crusty looking. Did I quit to soon??


AskDocWeb: If there is a crusty looking scab then the healing process is not complete. Liz (see post above) treated hers for 11 weeks.

Yellow spongy substance
Date: 2/14/2014
I do have a question for anyone who has any experience with using Curaderm and the yellow spongy substance that forms in the deep lesion. My lesion in on the back of my thigh, is about the size of a half dollar and has quite a bit of the yellow spongy substance throughout it. The Curaderm seems to liquefy it and it seeps off. Sometimes small bits of it comes off when I’m cleaning it. I am always careful to clean it gently because it is so painful and I don’t want to cause a problem by being too aggressive. So, would it by alright to be more aggressive in rubbing off some of the spongy yellow substance to get this process to move a little faster? I’m on my 150th day of treatment and I don’t see any end in sight. The lesion is still producing quite a bit of this yellow stuff and seems to be growing in width, but shrinking in height.


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