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If you’ve used Curaderm, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: BCC cancer
Date: 2/20/2008
I am now on my ninth month using Curaderm. I have taken pictures all the way through this process. I find that is very helpful, because if I get disheartened, I just look back at the pictures. I must have had bcc cancer all over my face, I think my whole face was covered with Band-Aids. But now I’m down to just my nose, dealing with scc. That seems to take longer, goes deeper. But my mother has had half her lip cut off, and both she and my aunt have had skin flaps from forehead to nose. So I hope this Curaderm works.


Subj: Curacel Products
Date: 8/27/2008
Hi, I have a customer that has come into the pharmacy I work for, requesting Curacel Products, I was wondering if you know of where I can source these Curacel Products from? Your website talks about them in conjunction with Curaderm Skin Cancer Treatments? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It seems that the manufacturer is having a difficult time keeping this product on the market. We don’t have a current source for them but are still looking.

Subj: BCC
Date: 10/13/2008
I was diagnosised with BCC in March of this year. I used Curaderm for 90 days which I finished one week ago, and at this time I am waiting for the redness to go away. I am also considering having another shave biopsy to make sure.


Subj: Recurring BCC
Date: 1/6/2009
I’m using curaderm on a recurring BCC thats been operated on three times, used black salve, it’s about 8cm x 6cm, I’ve been applying curaderm for 56 days, two times a day. So far I’m very happy even tho’ I have no one to talk to about it. I think it is slowly starting to heal. I would like some info on the healing process. It is like a big hole on my posteria shoulder with no skin on it. Does new skin grow in from the edge or up from underneath in the centre? Do I keep applying curaderm until it is completely covered with new skin, and how can I identify new skin? Will the stinging get less as it heals, it’s fairly severe after each application, tho I don’t take any pain killers. I am so grateful for this product, I have worried about this Bcc for about 8yrs now it’s like a rodent ulcer and curaderm is stopping it and killing it and curing it and healing it. Please write back soon, I’m on my own.


AskDocWeb: What information we have is here. If would be helpful to know where you are getting your Curaderm so that we can contact them for updated information.

Subj: BCC on nose
Date: 2/17/2009
I have been using Curaderm since 01/20/09 on a BCC on the side of my right nostril on my nose and I am wondering how I can tell if the treatment is finished? I am taking pictures as it progresses and am treating 2 times a day! I would appreciate your response… Thank you,


AskDocWeb: The directions say that the area should be treated until it has re-grown with new skin. Dr Cham says that if in doubt it is better to treat the area for an extended period in order to prevent re-occurrence.

Subj: Curaderm
Date: 4/25/2009
Curaderm is working for me.


AskDocWeb: It would be helpful if you would describe your condition before taking it and how you are progressing now.

Subj: Where to get Curaderm
Date: 5/25/2009
Where in the U.S. can Curaderm be obtained? Or where outside the U.S. can I order it to be sent to the U.S.? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Sorry Marjorie, we don’t have a current source for Curaderm. Maybe future readers can help.

Subj: Where can I order?
Date: 6/9/2009
Where can I order this for $99.00. I have a very large place on my back basel cell. They wanted to operate and take it off but I do not want to do that. The size on my back is ( 1 and 3/8 inch ) long and 3/8 inch wide. So being that it that size should I treat it half at a time or do it all at once? Waiting for your reply. You can either call or e-mail.


AskDocWeb: We will contact you when we find a source.

Subj: Used Cureaderm
Date: 8/30/2009
I used cureaderm for 2 years without a break. The spots spread across my face. Some got as big as 2 quarters side by side. Those were the BCC’s. I had a scc on the side of my nostril that almost went all the way through. Then they just started healing while I was still using the cream. The bcc left a lighter color skin, but not scared. The scc left a huge whole but I can live with it. The cancer on the tip and bridge of my nose is still in progress. I couldnt take any more so I stopped before they were done and of course they have come back. But it has been a year and a half with no sign any where else on my face. It’s slow and painful.


Subj: Health care provider?
Date: 10/27/2009
Have two diagnosed basal cell cancers. Contemplating MOHS procedure. The cancers are not large. How do I find a health care provider that will guide me?


AskDocWeb: Your family doctor may have a few suggestions or, depending on which health plan you have, your health insurance might even have a list of recommended doctors.

Subj: Info about Curaderm BE C5?
Date: 11/12/2009
Hi, I have just been told to use the black salve, called canzema for the treatment of sundamage and I also have a bassal cell cancer on my temple. I have an appointment with a Dr. Wilson in Toowoomba, to have it removed via Mohs. I am ok with that, as it is close to the eye. I have been sailing around the world on a yacht for many years, and I think I will have more cancers to look forward to. Can you send me some info about curaderm BE C5, costs, etc. What I have read here, sounds very good so far. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Sorry, we are still researching this product. There will be no recommendation one way or the other until more is known about this product.

Update 11/13/2009: Thanks goes to Jim Cannon for the following two links. The first is a link to the product, (link remove because of the FDA ban on this product. The U.S. Customs Service now confiscates this product to prevent entry into the USA). The second link was to a book about this product, The Eggplant Cancer Cure: A Treatment for Skin Cancer and New Hope for Other Cancers from Nature’s Pharmacy.

Subj: Using Curaderm
Date: 11/17/2009
I have been using Curaderm for 2 wks. It is scary to not have Dr. to tell you how it is going. I have a place that was ten times smaller than this one I am treating now. The Dr. cut it out with 14 stitches and it was tiny. This one with Curaderm is a larger ulcer looking place on my nose. I bought it through Swanson Products on line.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Trish, we just added a link to the product. If you keep a diary of your experience, would you share it for others here?

Subj: Adverse info?
Date: 12/4/2009
How do I speak to a Medical representative who is well versed in using curaderm? Is Dr. Cham himself contactable? There is a lot of adverse info on the net re disappointed and angry users of curaderm who have been dealing with in vanuatu

Dr. Mark

AskDocWeb: In searching the net, we were only able to find 3 unhappy customers and even then it was not clear if they really were customers. Remember that they are not claiming that this product works for everyone. What they are claiming is that; “twice daily applications of BEC5 Curaderm produced complete remission of skin cancers in 78% of the patients within only 8-weeks.” … “skin cancers such as the non-melanoma basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).” We aren’t sure how much it costs to call a country in the South Pacific from your location but the phone number for Curaderm Global is +678 67850986.

Subj: Mole biopsy came back positive!
Date: 1/27/2010
I’m very upset My daughter 25 yrs just received a voice mail left on her cell phone from a ignorant doctor telling her that the mole biopsy came back positive!!! My daughter is not very emotional but was crying asking me what do I do now!!! Please help what is the proper treatment for a mole on her back that had come back positive …Please advise I’M Frantic…


AskDocWeb: It is important to remember that melanomas are highly curable when treated in the early stages. Typically upon confirmation of a malignancy, the entire mole including the surrounding skin tissue is excised or cut out to prevent the cancer from spreading. The wound would then be stitched up. Recovery time generally varies based on which removal procedure was carried out and the size of the mole. This may be further extended if complications arise. With optimal conditions, the recovery time could be as little as one or two weeks.

Subj: Slight scar
Date: 2/5/2010
I have used Curaderm over 18yrs ago on my leg and it was amazing no scar, I than used it on my face for a basil cell and it bleed and burned as before and healed incredibly without a scar. I recently used it for my arm for a very deep skin cancer, it swelled up, bleed, burned and healed quite well, however this one left behind a slight scar of shiny white skin. I wonder why?


Subj: Reputable place to purchase
Date: 2/20/2010
Where is a reputable place to purchase Curaderm?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Tom, the FDA decided that this product is no longer available to people living in the USA.

Subj: Curaderm BEC5
Date: 2/20/2010
Hi, I don’t understand why Curaderm BEC5 should not be applied to moles or melanomas. Please explain.


AskDocWeb: The instructions say that BEC5 should not be applied to moles or melanomas. Our best guess is that it was found to be ineffective on those skin conditions.

Subj: Cheapest cost
Date: 2/27/2010
hello i am inquiring for someone what the cheapest cost for BEC5 including cheapest n


AskDocWeb: Maybe readers can help out here, anyone?

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