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If you’ve used Curaderm, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Pustular psorasis?
Date: 2/23/2012
Would Curaderm be good for pustular psorasis on my feet?


AskDocWeb: It appears that Curaderm is intended for use only on primary and secondary non-melanoma skin cancer. There is no mention of other uses for Curaderm in the literature.

Decided to try Curaderm
Date: 3/26/2012
I was recently diagnosed with scc on the my shin of my right leg; about the size of a dime. My dermatologist recommended I do the MOHS treatment to remove. Since it is on an area where the skin is tight it makes the recovery more difficult (because it is a weight bearing are and the skin can break open if I don’t stay off my feet as much as possible the first two-three weeks …and they he can’t promise me it won’t leave a huge dent and scar). It showed up in November 2011, I had it biopsied in late January. I cancelled my surgery appointment and decided to try Curaderm.

I’ve been on it for exactly one week. I felt almost nothing the first two days but the skin began to get red after only 24 hrs. By the third day I felt the tingling of heat for the first time and by night fall it was toting a white looking haze like a soft scab and the area is bigger (almost quarter-size) than when I first started but hasn’t continued to enlarge. Each day the scab gets thicker and though I wash it very well with alcohol, it remains, only sloughing off a small amount each time with the cleaning. It is too painful to scrub off so I assume it will come off as it continues to fight the cancer and heal. The skin surrounding the scc is very red and somewhat painful when I redress it. The Curaderm is very painful after each new application for the first 30-60 min and sometimes aches off and on but mostly becomes tolerable and even goes away after a while. I think it’s doing what it’s supposed to do.

I will be taking pictures of the progress on a weekly basis. I plan to return to my dermatologist when it’s completely healed to have him access the area. Actually he thought Curaderm was no better than putting asprin on it when I mentioned I wanted to try it. Even though Dr Marcola and Dr Rozz thought it had merit. I’m not looking to face off with my doctor, I just would like to have it confirmed that the scc is gone.


AskDocWeb: Thanks LaDawn and welcome to the forum. Whatever the results, let us know if you would like those pictures published.

Bad reaction
Date: 3/28/2012
I used the cream two time and have had a very bad reaction. I placed a tiny amount on a spot on my cheek, I now have a raw open sore covering my entire cheek. I stopped using the product for fear of terrible scaring on my entire face.


AskDocWeb: It is possible to be allergic to this product so be careful.

Where do you get Micropore or medicated tape?
Date: 4/16/2012
I cannot find micropore or medicated tape in US drug stores. I am doing ten spots with Curaderm and it is very time consuming to open a little bandaid for each one twice a day. On day five-my spots are hifi red and something is working! Burns a first, but I can stand it. I hope it works!


AskDocWeb: If you contact a medical supply store they would likely be able to help you find what you want. In the phone book they are listed in the yellow pages under Medical Equipment & Supplies.

Curaderm price increase
Date: 4/23/2012
I have recently used an old forgotten bottle of bec5 on some roseacia spots that would not heal. In three days they were gone. I just wonder how good a new bottle would work. I wish it weren’t so pricey. I thought it would have gotten cheaper over the years. Nope, now $150 instead of $99. The dermatologists here in Alabama act like they have never heard of it. PLEASE!


Curaderm is expensive
Date: 5/9/2012
I am interested in trying this product Pity it is so expensive as medicare wont cover it.


Date: 5/18/2012
Can curaderm be used to treat acne?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Carrie, there is no evidence that Curaderm has any effect on acne.

Using Curaderm
Date: 5/21/2012
Hi, I’m so thrilled you have done this site on Curaderm, with your experiences and advice. Thank you! …still, however, feeling worried that I’m going to be left with a big ugly hole/scar right on my left cheek. I’m on day 5 and had an already scheduled derm appt. yesterday during which he said, “Stop what you’re doing…you’re too pretty,” and gave me some cream to put on it to heal the “ulcerated hole from Glycosides”. (A cream full of mineral oil and vasaline-YUCK!) He said, “let it heal and then come back in 4-5 weeks, and we’ll do a biopsy….” Now I’m worried…can you please take a look at my Day 5 picture and: 1) Let me know if this looks “normal” 2) I’m only putting a small dab on the hole and then covering with tan tape. Should I put on all the extended (and seems to be extending a little more after each application) redness? Worried my hole will just keep getting bigger?? “If this was on your back or shoulder”, says Dermatologist, “no problem trying this, but not on your pretty face…I’ve seen so many problems with Glycosides.” 3) I’m using hydrogen peroxide as the antiseptic…Is that okay? It makes a bubbly whiteness that stings a little, then I dab it with tissue to dry off and then apply small dab with a Q-Tip right on the hole. 4) Should I put any healing ointments, such as the Tahitian oil on it……I’d love to chat via phone if you hate typing as much as I do :)? 5) My spot is oozing a light yellow/whitish pus. Is that normal? Thanks so much for all your help! Appreciate,


AskDocWeb: It is important to state specifically exactly what you are using this product to treat. Dr. Cham claims that Curaderm Cream works only for non-melanoma skin cancers. One must be absolutely certain that the skin cancer is not a melanoma because more aggressive treatment is needed for that. Melanoma cells can spread to distant areas of the body and the cream will not work as it must be in direct contact with the lesion.

We are researching this product and neither approve nor disapprove of Curaderm. The data published here is for informational purposes only and should not be used for medical advice. The purpose of this forum is for consumers to share their Curaderm reviews so that others can learn about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) and side effects of this product. Always consult with your local health care provider for medical advice.

Determined user
Date: 5/26/2012
I am very anxious to learn the answers to Dan’s questions of 5/31/2010. I have only just begun using this product share many of his concerns. I’m a determined user, just need more encouragement.


AskDocWeb: Welcome Melody. Let’s start at the beginning with the first two steps. Are you consulting with a local doctor for support and guidance? Have you confirmed that the skin cancer is not a melanoma?

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