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Curaderm Feedback

If you’ve used Curaderm, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Curaderm experience
At age 68, I began using the Curaderm cream for almost two years now to get rid of skin cancer almost all over my head (it looked like a red raw moonscape with craters and deep valleys, eroded areas etc., while I was extensively working on it). I am still working on my belly and forearms. From all of this experience I have learned some things worth sharing for some advice in extensive cases, using this product.

First is that a lesion that one is working on may ‘migrate.’ That is, it may gradually shift or move from its original location obviously because there are cancer cells immediately nearby which are not visible on the surface. The cream will attack nearby cancerous areas other than the one that you can see that you think you are treating. Also, I have seen it attack areas 1-1/2″ or more distant from the obvious cancer area. On my head I would get a little red dot on clear white skin nearby. When I put some cream on it, the dot would produce a crater, the size of a dime or a nickle, or maybe a valley, one inch or two or more in length. If cancer that’s been growing for many years, the lesions can be deep, extensive, and require many months to eradicate, necessitating many tubes of the cream to finish the job.

Second is that lesions on the head can cause a lot of pain when the cream is applied. I’ve read that the scalp has lots of nerves, compared to other parts of the body. The pain can be really intense like when you were a child and fell down and skinned your knee, your mother put antiseptic on it, and your knee ‘lit up like fire’ for a few minutes. To help with that, after I had put the micropore tape on the lesion, I applied a hot damp wash cloth. The moist heat helped to settle the pain down some. Then I would move on to treat the next lesion. On the belly and ribs, the cream can sting and burn for a few minutes, but more like bee stings.

Third, regards raised scarring. My head is looking rather good. But I have some raised scarring on my chest and belly that may turn out to be permanent. Dr. Cham’s office told me that if I keep the cream application in the open lesions there will be less, tendencies to scar. To be honest that doesn’t seem to make much difference. That skin on different parts of the body is more ‘sensitive’ and has different tendencies to scar, is what I was told. My observation however is that a deep lesion will scar, about as much as any similar cut or lesion would, if left to heal without being stitched. Also, the new skin that grows back is somewhat un pigmented. I’ll have to see if the new skin is gradually affected by sunlight to have a more normal color.

Fourth is, if one gets too many lesions or too much total lesion area going at once, it can take a long time out of one’s day to treat it all at least twice per day, as recommended per the instructions. That can be unavoidable if the lesions are migrating as I explain above. Having a lot of total lesion area puts strain on the body to heal, and the time required to treat a lot of little lesions twice per day, for an extended period, may be unavoidable due to lesions migrating, new one’s opening up etc. For more than year, on my head, I was spending about five hours per day on my regimen. That is, in the shower removing tape, cleaning the lesions, drying off, shaving my head, applying cream and tape, etc.


AskDocWeb: Thank you Howard. We appreciate that kind of in-depth report, good contribution.

Swelling around the wound
You can buy Curaderm on I’m using it right now for the second time, on my arm. There is a lot more swelling than last time; the area all around the treated wound is swollen. Has anyone else experienced this?


Cancer spot is pus filled and inflamed
After using cream for 4 days on side of my nose my entire eye is now very swollen also underneath.. with big red line under eye.. cancer spot is pus filled and surrounding is very very red and inflamed I did not really expect such a severe reaction since there is no “go to” person to ask is this normal ?and will it subside soon or will i have to look like this for 2 months..? also the tube says use up to 10 times a day is twice really enough? and lastly the white tape is hideous will a bandaid work ok? i am in the public eye daily and this is making it very difficult to be out and about ..or work.


AskDocWeb: Your “go to” person should be your local healthcare provider. In our opinion, Curaderm is NOT something to try on your own. You need an “in person” medical evaluation to assess your condition and give you professional medical advice. The directions list purulent drainage or pus as one of the Adverse Reactions. Please seek your healthcare professional’s advice.

Totally satisfied
I’ve used Curaderm twice to cure two large bccs on my forehead. Currently working on a third, smaller one. I’ve posted a picture-history/commentary on my blog at which may help people. I’m totally satisfied with Curaderm.


AskDocWeb: Hello Harry, welcome. We usually don’t post links to other websites but will make an exception in your case. It is helpful to see your progress in photos along with your commentary. Your photo skill seems to be making progress too – good job.

How much does it take?
I am on day 10 of treatment. Like everyone else I have read good and bad so it is a little scary. I am treating two areas one on my shoulder about the size of a half dollar and one on my chest much smaller. The one on my shoulder is not deep but completely raw and oozing. Yes the burning is awful but only lasts a minute or two. The other area seems to be reaching for underlying cancer cells because the skin beyond the wound has gotten red and spread down to what I though was a small eczema patch. The chest area being treated is covered in white and not as raw as the shoulder. Both still drain daily. Both are very tender. I am very anxious for some healing to start to take place. I will let you know my progress. Also I am curious if one tube is sufficient or if I will need to order a second to not have a break in treatment? Can anyone comment on how much they used?


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